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The birthstone for the month of November is the yellow Citrine gem, and the birth flower is the Chrysanthemum.

November birthstone birthday card

November birthstone birthday card

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Holidays and special celebrations in the month of November.

What are some observances this month?

  • 01 All Saints’ Day
  • 02 All Souls’ Day
  • 03 Culture Day (Japan)
  • 03 Sandwich Day
  • 04 King Tut Day
  • 05 Guy Fawkes Day
  • 05 Firewood Day
  • 06 Saxophone Day
  • 06 Young Readers Day
  • 08 Punster Day
  • 11 Remembrance Day (Canada)
  • 11 Veteran’s Day
  • 13 World Kindness Day
  • 13 Sandwich Day
  • 15 I Love to Write Day
  • 15 America Recycles Day
  • 15 Fast for World Harvest Day
  • 15 Shichi-Go-San
  • 17 World Peace Day
  • 18 National Apple Cider Day
  • 20 Children’s Day & Universal
  • 21 Great American Smokeout
  • 21 National Gingerbread Cookie Day 
  • 21 World Hello Day
  • 22 Stop the Violence Day
  • 23 Fibonacci Day
  • 26 World Olive Tree Day
  • 28 Red Planet Day
  • 28 Thanksgiving Day
  • 29 Electronic Greetings Day
  • 29 Sinkie Day
  • 29 You’re Welcome Day
  • 30 Call in Well Day
  • 30 Full Moon Day


The highlight holiday of November in the USA is Thanksgiving Day, a holiday where we remember to give thanks to God. And, for most of us, to eat turkey and all the trimmings!

Look for National Bible Week starting the 19th, and National Game & Puzzle Week, at the same time. Bible Quiz!

  • Childrens Book Week
  • Other fun observances: Red Lipstick Day on the 11th,
  • American Indian Heritage Month
  • Georgia Pecan Month

 It is also known as a time to celebrate foods like figs, cider, cinnamon chestnuts, and pasta.

The Full Moon this month is named Beaver moon, Frost Moon and the Mourning Moon . To learn more about the names for full moons by different tribes and people see the page, Ancient Moon Month Names.

National Gingerbread Cookie Day 11/21


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Feel Like Sketching November Scenes?

November Birthday Notebook National Love Your Red Hair Day: November 5th This is a month for transitioning from fall to winter. Buy the Notebook, here.