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The birthstone for the month of October is the beautiful Opal, and the birth flower is the Calendula, or alternatively the ‘Snapdragon’.

October birthstone birthday card
October Birthstone and Flower greeting card

Holidays and special celebrations in the month of October.


  • 01 World Vegetarian Day
  • 01 International Coffee Day
  • 01 International Music Day
  • 03 Techies’ Day
  • 05 Bring Your Bible To School Day
  • 06 Intergeneration Day
  • 06 Mad Hatter Day 
  • 07 World Habitat Day
  • 08 Children’s Day & Nat. Global Learn Day
  • 08 Sports Day & Taiku-no-hi
  • 08 World Octopus Day
  • 10 Tuxedo Day
  • 11 Emergency Nurses Day
  • 11 Pulaski Memorial Day
  • 12 Oktoberfest
  • 12 National Farmer’s Day
  • 13 National Chess Day
  • 13 Train Your Brain Day
  • 14 Be Bald and Be Free Day
  • 14 Columbus Day
  • 14 Thanksgiving (Canada)
  • 16 Boss Day & National
  • 18 Boost Your Brain Day
  • 19 Sweetest Day
  • 21 Full Moon Day
  • 23 National Mole Day
  • 24 Forgiveness Day
  • 25 International Artists Day
  • 26 Make Difference day
  • 27 Mother-in-Law Day
  • 30 National Candy Corn Day
  • 31 Beggars’ Night

I never knew anything about “Sweetest Day” until one of my friends celebrated it with her husband. This is a holiday to get to know if you have a sweet tooth.

Look for ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Pizza Month, Stamp Collecting Month‘ and ‘Dinosaur Month’ celebrations. Fun observances: Bat Appreciation, National Caramel Month, and National Cookbook Month.

The highlight holidays are Sweetest Day and Halloween. it is also known as a time to celebrate  foods like pumpkins, apple butter, coffee, chestnuts, and pasta.

The Full Moon is named Seed-fall and Hunter’s Moon. To learn more about the names for full moons by different tribes and people see the page, Ancient Moon Month Names.

October Birthday Notebook

October birthday Notebook
This is a month for tree leaves turning color and falling. Do you call the season “fall” or “autumn”? Buy the Notebook, here.