It has been almost exactly a year since I last posted anything in this blog. One year and two days, if you want the precise amount of time.

No apologies, just a note to say LOTS has been going on and there are significant things that pertain to the topic of this blog. Some will get posts that will appear in time, some won’t.

So what are some of the things I’m learning and doing that you might benefit from?

  1. I am experimenting with a free CDN on my most important site (in terms of what I created there and the amount of people that use it). It is working out well so far, increasing the pagespeeds for my site, delaying the time when I have to change hosts so I can do things right when I transfer that site to a new host.
  2. Improving my wordpress blogs with new plugins. I have replaced old favorites, deleted many, and trying out new, recommended plugins. One of them helps me customize pages with different themes. One is a new SEO plugin.
  3. Branching out into forms of making money from writing online. Lots to learn there, and some avenues are actually paying off. Learning lots along the way about marketing.
  4. Improved my Amazon affiliate income by multiples… I used to only make pennies, but I’ve seen a steady increase in this part of my work.
  5. Not all is success- my google adsense income dropped to almost nothing after I was so hopeful last year. Although I am working on trying to resume the levels of last year, not much dependable increase is apparent.
  6. Much could be said about Squidoo, which is one of my most satisfying and successful endeavors this past year. I started a blog dedicated to my work on Squidoo,
  7. Increased efforts on Facebook, decreased activity on twitter, stopped ignoring Linkedin, figuring out what each social media outlet is used best for, and finding that one person can’t reasonably keep up with it all (hence the hiatus on this and other blog writing).
  8. Worked hard updating all wordpress blogs (including this one) AND all the joomla installations which gave me no end of trouble since my host was absorbed into the EIG webhosting octopus. Not sure if they are trying to improve or not at this point- but it is better than earlier this year. They are definitely on probation with me as a customer.

Those are the topics in a nutshell. I also have many thoughts on how to work with social media and branding.

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