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I completely left off renewing this site ( back in 200y) after I ventured forth with developing the garden site, Ilona’s Garden.

Once geocities closed, I had been working hardest to continue my garden writing. Yet, this ‘Reflecting Pool’ is the oldest part of what I wanted to share with the world. There were always quotations pages, and the garden roses topic had two pages of poems attached. Those are now the most visited part of the site, The Rose Poems Page. I love all the types of pages that I had begun, and will be bringing them all back together in this one place.

Part of that goal reults from the fact that it makes good sense, and part is because I am just one person. With the burst of new media: facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc et al ad infinitum…. the many blogs that were started are too much for one person, now. It is all the way life works: gardens change, family life changes, we change, and the way that once worked well or held promise is not the way that is practicable now.

Innovation or revision, or reversion – these are all ways that we adapt and that is what these blogs are in the midst of doing. The one thing that remains is the vision of producing things that are beautiful and uplifting, and sharing life experience. The hope that we can impart something to each other over the means of the internet is the overriding intention.

If you are starting a blog or want to begin writing in one of the communities like Squidoo, or Hubpages, tips and opinions are forthcoming on the blog, WebHelp. That is also part of this site and one of the original topics of “Ilona’s Reflecting Pool”.

The Childbirth Pages are here, though it is true that they haven’t been added to in awhile, but the basic information is perennial.

I look forward to creating a body of pages here that will reflect more of the beauty of life and add some of that beauty to your experience.