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Beauty 101: Nail Prep!

Illustrated how-to From directions to remove nail polish to full instructions on how to polish!

You can shell out your hard earned money for a pro manicure or pedicure, or you can get real luxury results at home by learning how, yourself .

Pretty Hands and Pretty Feet for Dancing

Giving yourself a home pedicure or manicure is easy and saves time and money that you might not have to spare at this time of year! This guide was written for those who like to perform belly dancing, but anyone who wants to show off pretty hands and feet are welcome to all the tips here…

Get ready to shine for the holidays.

Most bellydancers use a barefoot look, and all of them use expressive hand movements, so a good grooming regimen with pedicures and manicures are actually part of the costume. You can get it done professionally or save money by doing your own manicures and pedicures at home.

Why not try to care for as much of your foot grooming and manicures at home? Follow the links, get some luxurious products and make your graceful hands and feet beautifully cared for.

Nothing softens like a paraffin foot bath

Pretty Feet poster

Pretty Feet

Ancient Romans and later the French and British utilized the benefits of a paraffin for skin.

Gena Ultimate Spa Paraffin Bath With Wax

Gena Ultimate Spa Paraffin Bath With Wax

Paraffin Benefits

Paraffin wax is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis- relaxes, relives pain, and moisturizes.

Paraffin increases the permeability of molecules into the skin. It is one way to drive beneficial ingredients into the stratum corneum skin layer.

Benefits of warm paraffin treatments include: an increase in extension of soft tissues; removal of toxins from cells; enhanced blood flow; increased function of tissue cells; relaxation of sore, stiff muscles; and relief of painful arthritic joints.

Gena Tropical Paraffin Wax 1 lb.
Gena Tropical Paraffin Wax 1 lb.

OPI Manicure Pedicure Green Tea Scrub 8.5oz
OPI Manicure Pedicure Green Tea Scrub 8.5oz

How To Give Yourself A Pedicure

Have your polish picked out, and all the supplies on hand. Carve out at least an hour so that you can benefit from a relaxing foot soak, too.

OPI Pedicure - Pedicure by OPI Trial Kit
OPI Pedicure – Pedicure by OPI Trial Kit

Ooooh, how fun to get a kit with so many fabulous products. Opi fine quality. Half the fun is a long lasting polish in a fun fashion color. This brand is one of my favorites, and I usually pick it from the selection at the salons, too.

These two videos make it easy to assemble your supplies and follow along in the steps needed to pamper your own feet. While we all love a trip to the salon, it isn’t always possible time wise or within the budget.

Finishing Touch

Opi Axxium Gel System- Intro Kit

Opi is the premiere name in nail care- they have such high quality products! They give your nails a professional look, and in fact I have had pro nail services that use Opi products and polishes. Love them.

Source: via Kiki on Pinterest

A Dancer’s Feet

Few things are more important to a dancer than the condition of their feet- something that we can all take notes from. Our feet are often neglected and even abused by our modern lives. We stuff them into shoes that squeeze them and leave them hurting. We forget them until they give us a problem- but taking care of our feet can give a sense of well being and will prove surprisingly refreshing.

Take Time For Your Feet!

Dead Sea Spa Products: Nail Kit

Dead Sea Spa Products: Nail Kit

Dead Sea Spa Products: Nail Kit — Buy 1 Get 1 Free

I love the mineral treatments that come from the Dead Sea. I use a nail kit to buff out my nails and make them shine.

photo by beglig

photo by beglig

Give Yourself a Pedicure

Easy when you know how

Remove Old Polish

Cotton balls and mild polish remover are all you need.

Cut & File Nails

Use high quality clippers made for clipping toenails

Soak Your Feet

Add a quarter cup of milk to a warm foot bath with epsom salts

Care for Cuticles

Cuticle remover and an orange stick to push back the nail cutices

Exfoliate with foot scrub

Use a foot file to smooth feet


Cuticle cream and a good foot cream.

Polish Toes

Acetone remover to get rid of excess oil on the nails.

Basics: A good quality polish by a name like OPI, apply 2 coats;and a topcoat.

Dry for at least 40 minutes

Spray with a moisturizing oil

California Mango Mist Moisture Spray


Recommended products:

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