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I started making garden video, even though this is probably a harder learning curve for me than taking photos has been. Both endeavors require some investment in equipment and both seem to be important additions to your blog writing.

This post is to share some of my research.

First of all, even though I tried out podcasting briefly some years ago, but didn’t pursue it. The thing is, if you make video you can also convert that to a podcast, so the sound equipment you buy is important for both.

My First Efforts

Right now, all my videos are either iPhone videos that are imported and edited in iMovie (yes, I work on a Mac), or camera videos which are edited and converted in the same software. Oh yes, some of the first ones were recorded directly from the laptop. Lugging the laptop out to the garden, either walking around with it or setting it on an out door table.

What was the drawback of those early videos? That should be plural: there were many drawbacks, primarily in sound, but also in video quality.

I started looking online for help to improve my video results. Plus I need to move and speak more quickly or smoothly


There are scads of “How to make Video” videos! But I quickly latched onto some tutorials that I liked much better than others.

One person I learned from is James Wedmore. When I say that- I don’t  mean I’ve had time to implement what he teaches, but that he packs so much information inside his tutorials that I have many leads on what to change and how to change it for better videos.

If you would like to see my garden videos or simply track my progress in making video, subscribe to my youtube channel.