Musings On Art

Artful living is what I could call it. I tend to like the marriage of good design and utility. Much can be said for the idea that real utility is the result of good design- the better something works the more it has been shaped and refined. That is one form of design, isn’t it?

In a way, too, I could define “Art” in its entirety as mindfulness. We apply our desire to arrange our spaces and decorate them and it is the beginning of the design process. It isn’t until it reaches some recognized point that we call it Art.

Until that point is achieved, it is embarrassing, or maybe just no thought is given one way or another to call something “ART” ( at least my training compels me in that direction). So I have this phrase, “pragmatic art”, to describe everyday things that bring something aesthetic into my life. Not fine art paintings, but pillows, or a special mug, that I like the design of… the closer it comes to “fine art” sometimes the better I like it, so the lines are blurred.

In the spirit of the pragmatic, focusing on things that are mundane in use, there might be some curations or perhaps an entire post feature to display something that appeals to me, and I hope will appeal to others.

Training Exercise ?

In a way it reminds me of the daily exercise that I noticed an online friend engaged in…

She took a photo each day of something that caught her eye. She must have a very good eye, or maybe the practice is training it, because almost invariably the photos are quite artistic. They are not jumbled in the way most of my photos are. That focus creates a story.


Up until this post, where I try to explain my thoughts, I didn’t know how to categorize the collections I tend to make. I’ve always had collections. Sometimes they get away from me, and that is where this tale ends and the one on de-cluttering begins, but art is a process of prioritizing which is like the declutterng process.

Leonardo da Vinci : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Learning what to keep, what to discard.

Online curation of art and design I like is the safest way to collect, I reckon.

I started giving time to another art site, That is added to my continuing efforts with Zazzle. Both have an element of curation and joining the applications of art to items of utility: mugs, household goods, clothing, etc.

Being too broad in topic is always a downfall of my mode, in just about anything, but especially in art.

Coco Chanel : “Elegance is refusal.”

Should I aim for elegance?

A Few Things I Like Today
artistic mug

Map Mug on Society6


I have been into the watercolor look and like the map of the world done in this effect.


spring color pillow

Inspiring Spring color pillow

I like the spring colors- they are similar to the watercolor map design. So there might be a light,bright Spring color theme here.

I love the saying. It reminds me to be optimistic.


From Zazzle is a new product- craft fabric. Sometimes I love elephants, sometimes I am non commital, but I very much like the way a soft tribal look is combined with the patterned elephant image.

These are three examples of pragmatic inclusions of art into a daily environment, through two items (pillows and mugs). Those are favorite things to bring some color and beauty into my day. I hope it brought some into yours and inspires you to look at daily life with appreciation and joy.

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