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There are some fabulous products that really rev up the shine that is so vital for great looking silver hair.

Having gray hair was once, and for many still is, a dreaded sign of age. This was a change to be denied with frequent trips to the Salon or Drug store so that  “only her hairdresser” knew for sure whether there were streaks of gray growing in that crown of glory.

Times have changed and with many women accepting,  even reveling, in their gray tresses, lots of beauty products have come on to the market to make the best of the silver color.

Silky Gray HairThere are three main things for great looking hair that has lost its pigments (the things that make strands black to blonde and everything in between)

  1. Healthy habits that give strength and vitality ( the hair has to start out in good condition)
  2. Keeping the hair clean and moisturized, which removes dulling buildup and prevents dry frizzies)
  3. Using hair products that cancel yellowing, product to give shine and polish, gentle care when styling.

Let’s Look At Shampoo And Conditioner

Look for something gentle:

Keeping hair moisturized and healthy-looking is a matter of being gentle with it: no harsh products that strip away the oils and out er layer of the hair shaft. No overuse of heat from dryers and flatirons, or chemical treatments (permanents or straighteners).

Personally I have been using Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde, which tones and shines up my silvery hair.

If you’d like to try an intro pack of full size bottles in a case, I think you might be pleased with this combo sold on Amazon. The formuas are sulfate-free, gentle and moisturizing , and I love the toning color effect on my hair.

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What about parabens?

Parabens are preservatives. The worry was that, as xenoestrogens, they would contribute to cancers- especially breast cancer.Commonly used in shampoos and other cosmetic formulations, if you have concerns seek out a Paraben-free product.

What about sulfates?

Sulfates are more potentially dangerous, and connected with a number of health issues, including hair loss.

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The most popular of all the shampoos/conditioners that are used by women who frequent my pages on Silver hair is Pravana. It is free of the offending additives,

Full length review is found here

These two choices are the top two brands I would personally recommend, on all counts.

Styling And Shine

Finally we come to the main topic, which is how to add some real wattage to your hair, bringing out all the beauty of silvery hair. (And that includes, the salt and pepper and steel variety of grays, too),

I Love Serums

The first must have is serum. There is more than one, but again I am partial to Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil. No, I’m not paid to recommend these products. This brand has just worked out very well for me.

I love this stuff and not just for the gorgeous scent (which is one of the selling points that I would certainly gush on about).

Most any serum is going to give you the sleek look you are looking for, and I have used many types, Garnier, L’Oreal, John Frieda-and more. But the Wild Ginger Treatment Oil  has natural extracts along with the silicone that produces the shininess. It is very lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Apply it right after washing your hair, while it is still quite damp.

Buy Two, because you will love the way it makes your hair feel, small, and look. Actually I use this entire line of products. From the shampp through the sea-spray, to the hair styling mousse and more. What can I say? I fell in love with the fragrance and the way my hair looked.

(For shampoo and conditioner I switch off between the Forever Blonde and the Wild Ginger…with occasional use of Bumble and Bumble) I happen to be a big believer in rotating through different formulations for hair products.


The Gray Hair Pep Talk

For More Information

I started out writing about gray hair after deciding to grow it out, and doing some research and experimentation with what products worked best for me. Getting older meant lots of beauty choices changes and this was one of them. I collected lots of info and hairstyles which I included in an article posted on Squidoo.

Then I included an article showcasing hairstyles just for my type of hair: gray, medium texture, wavy, and shoulder length.

If you haven’t seen this yet, or trying to decide whether to grow out your gray hair, listen to my opinion on the topic.