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Having a Beach Wedding With a Boho Theme

I really hope that this sample of ideas will help pull off a plan for the most perfect wedding ever. If a beach theme or destination is in the plans, a Boho Beach theme can set the stage for you and your guests to have a memorable, relaxing day of celebration. Nothing is more wonderful than witnessing a happy bride on her special day.

What Makes It Boho?

Short for the word “Bohemian”, this style is dreamlike, and romantic. In keeping with outdoor venues, Boho Chic borrows from nature and is filled with elements that flow and harmonize with the environment, whether it be woodland, or, in this case, the seaside.

Bring everything into the decor that delights you about coastal living: shells, driftwood, soft colors, and loose, casual clothing. Flowers and foliage native to the area, string lights, and flickering candles. A bit quirky, quite unique, bohemian style is artistic with hippy overtones.

A loose, natural feeling pervades the entire venue and details.

A Day On The Beach

It isn’t anything new to plan a beach wedding- the romantic draw of the ocean waves, the sun, sand, and sky above are what dreams are made of. Walks on the beach, relaxing on vacation, and the sheer beauty of the seaside create the kind of vibes we wish for this most important day.
Events incorporating the destination of a favorite beach allow for lots of style leeway, and this theme of Boho natural and free feeling and elements is one of the most romantic.

It practically invites the bird feathers, driftwood, and shells of nature… and all that is beautiful in a coastal place to be part of the joy of the day.

Spectacular and Special

bride at the beachIt isn’t just another day on the beach when a beach wedding has been planned. The blue ocean scene, the beautiful sand, and summer skies create an unforgettable frame for the perfect day to start your lives together. Excitement and joy are in the very air.

It doesn’t matter what continent you are on, the ocean and the outdoors, the beach and the sunshine all conspire to give everyone a good feeling that something wonderful is going to happen. And with all the details planned, that is just what happens. Even if the bride stumbles, it is all part of a wonderful day at the beach together. It is all part of the easy atmosphere that the seashore imparts.


Stickers and labels can be used to seal envelopes, label guest favors, mark seating, all sorts of ingenious ways to customize your wedding day

Zazzle-ing Beach Wedding

Using Zazzle’s wide range of quality products allow you to create wedding details that are personalized and have the look of bespoke accessories, invitations, and coordinate the look of everything from the save the dates through the thank-yous.

With favors, decor, and gifts for the wedding party all available for your colors and theme customizations.

Driftwood Arbor Beach Wedding Invitation

Driftwood Arbor Beach Wedding Invitation

Driftwood Arbor Beach Wedding Invitation[/caption]

Tip: Use Zazzle for Stationary Needs

To personalize your stationary, and many of your wedding accessories.

From Invitations to Favors

Zazzle has many products that will outfit your wedding, your way. Whether you choose something from an artist or make your own design, the products are great and can be customized. That means you could be planning the perfect beach wedding right now!

Take a look at their Wedding Center to make it even easier to take care of all your needs.
Totes are really popular for the bridal party. Make sure everyone can easily carry all their essentials in an organized way. Do your bridesmaids need to keep their lipstick, special wedding jewelry or any other important items together? Or do the bride and groom need to carry purchases during the honeymoon…AND have coordinated carry-all bags to proudly proclaim their newlywed status? Try designing your own if there aren’t any among the many that you could customize.

Shirts Match Up for the Bridal Party

Don’t forget to outfit the wedding party with custom tshirts, etc.
for a truly casual and comfortable look during any of the events surround your ceremony, you might just want Tees that are tailored around your day and its theme.

Need matching shirts? Great idea for all the wedding party. Especially fun for bachelorette parties or destination wedding groups. His and hers available.


Water Bottle Favors

Personalized Water Bottle Labels – With a Beach Themed Label:

Here is a great idea for favors, especially for beach weddings where you can get quite hot and thirsty. And who doesn’t appreciate a bottle of refreshing water? The labels personalize the bottles and are easy to apply, and customized to match the wedding colors and theme.

beach theme water bottle labels

Beach theme water bottle labels


Apply your own labels to handy water bottles as wedding favors.


Invitation Info

There is no need to settle for unoriginal run of the mill details when you have all these products and artists available. If you were to go to a custom stationer, who knows what it could cost? But ordering from this reputable company with their many ways of providing a satisfied customer with just the thing they want is economical.

Great Stationary

If you wondered about what the papers are like, and what an expert thinks of how the designs turn otu best, you will want to check on the extremely well illustrated guide, Zazzle Papers.

Getting the entire set is possible: the invitations and envelops, the RSVP’s, the menu and table cards, and so much more.

On this page are some very cool ideas for using labels to personalize your own favors, instead of buying something that isn’t quite what you envisioned.

And I love the idea of the custom totes- totes are so useful long after the event is over, which keeps the happy event fresh in everyone’s memory.

The Perfect Dress

Smooth, strapless dress has the right casual elegance to feel just right for enjoying the kiss of the sea.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

If you think the weather might be a bit cool or you want a more covered look- there is a selection chosen for you, as well.

Drapey, romantic fabric detailing, this has enough elegance to make a beautiful bridal gown, but enough simplicity to create just the right look for a beach wedding. The loose and simple style has a boho vibe with voluminous skirt and lovely arm treatment.

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Boho Wedding dress

Simple off shoulder dress with big wildflower bouquet

Location, Location

The location for your marriage ceremony and reception will be one of your most important decisions. Available shelter for weather changes is most welcome. Consider having the reception in a more sheltered situation.

Quote Me:

If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves.

Plan Perfect Details for a Destination

If you are planning to travel to a destination to get married -and it involves anything coastal- there are lots of great designs for your accessories. Coordinate everything with your colors and theme.

beach scene save the date

Beach scene save the date card

Your Big Beautiful Seaside Wedding – Consider these points

Follow these tips for a less stress, and easy ways to create a pretty celebration that you and your guest recall with happy memories.

  1. Get info on the area, try to choose a less frequented beach for more privacy.
  2. Lei’s are not for Hawaii only- why not make these your wedding flowers? Leis can be ordered online and shipped to you, or you might try to make your own with volunteers.
  3. Use seashells or big tropical drink glasses to hold centerpiece flowers.

Beachside wedding

Casual can be beautiful and perfectly fits a wedding by the sea.

Tips For A Sunny Bride – Light and Beautiful

  1. Search for a beach worthy dress that is comfortable and made of lighter fabrics. Lace, silk, chiffon.
  2. Your hair is classic in a chignon with a beautiful hairpin, comb or tiara. Loose hair or a bun pinned with tropical flowers is also stunning.
  3. Veil? Light netting is fabulous. Try a “fascinator”.
  4. Freshwater Pearls are seaside classics.
  5. Makeup: matte lipstick, light-textured base (Shu Uemura UV under base mousse), and a bronzer.

Outdoor Bridal Makeup

Beautiful Bride Tiara – Elegant Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are modern, yet elegant. They have a casual look that makes the famous sheen of the pearls show off your beauty, not upstage it. Nothing is more natural at the beach than pearls with their soft glow in the sunshine.

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Try These Tips


Pearls, Shells, White Feathers – Lace, Flowers, And Pretty Seashore Netting

Leslie Li Women's Rhinestone Pearl Fascinator and Bridal Birdcage Veil One Size Ivory 21-F31
Leslie Li Women’s Rhinestone Pearl Fascinator & Bridal Birdcage Veil One Size Ivory 21-F31

 A Cute Wedding Cake Topper

Weddingstar Romantic Wedding Couple Lounging on the Beach Figurine
Weddingstar Romantic Wedding Couple Lounging on the Beach Figurine
Bridal couple, Relaxed and Happy, like you!
Darling bridal couple strikes just the right pose for a casual and relaxed beach wedding. Makes an adorable wedding cake topper.

Life is Good, Especially Today

Life is good at the beach!

Create your own Bridal Outfits with Lace Shirts – What to wear to a wedding at the seaside?

Light layering over a strapless top or camisole. This is an idea for the ultra casual bride or an outfit for bridesmaids and wedding guests. Pair with a gauzy skirt or loose slacks or whatever length you like.

For The Wedding Day – A beautiful destination wedding

Themed Decorations

The fruit of the sea, nets, and seashells, all give an underline to the ocean and beach theme of the bride and grooms celebration of their vows.

20x8 Fish Net Great for Wedding Decor
Fish Net Great for Wedding Decor– this one is made from cotton (some types are made from plastic). A natural feel and great draping qualities for a reasonable price.

Finishing Touches For Your Special Day

Fun Beach Wedding details at a coastal venue may take more imagination than money. It is because of the informal and relaxed vibe that borrows heavily from the beauty of nature.

There are so many ways to express your theme for your guests and to coordinate all the details that go into the wedding day. From the ritual of a special toast to the table decorations, there are so many choices to make! I hope that this selection starts off your own imaginative planning to create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. That is what beaches always say and your wedding celebration should be no different.

Some of the accessories say “Hawaiian luau”, some say beachcombing in Florida, but each one creates a feeling that tells your guests to relax and celebrate a wonderful beginning with the blessing of the sun, the sand, and the sea.

Turquoise and White

The tints of turquoise and intense sapphire blue, with white and sand of the water’s edge are repeated in the invitations and many of the stationary needs. The simple touches of shells and driftwood bring the beauty of nature into. many of the Zazzle designs. Whenever the bride chooses these colors, an easy and relaxed atmosphere is part of the message.

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