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Flower waters can be so refreshing especially on a hot summer day. I love to use them as skin toners, or as a light perfume, when summer heat means many perfumes are too heavy. Rose water is one of my favorites, and the most all-around useful.

Types and uses of rose water:
Since rosewater can lend a subtle flavor to foods, there is a culinary type, but the most popular use for it is as a beauty aid. Bulgarian Rose Water is some of the most famous that is commercially available, and it can be used for a hydrating skin toner straight from the bottle on a cotton ball.

“The different species used for oil production yield different compositions of oils and thus different scents. Moroccan Rose Oil (Rosa centifolia) is rich in Phenylethanol (63%), but contains less Citronellol (10-15%), Geraniol and Nerol (8%). The Bulgarian type (Rosa damascena) is naturally rich in Citronellol (35-55%), Geraniol and Nerol (40%) but only 2% Phenylethanol. Although traditionally Rosa gallica supplied the demand for Rose petals used for medicinal purposes, it is no longer possible to ascertain the exact species of red roses in circulation in the trade today. Rose petals used medicinally should be of a healthy, deep crimson colour and have a strongly aromatic scent.” –about rose water

I recently bought a spray on from the Wild Oats store and that has been an easy way to spritz a little on when the day is hot and I want something cool on my face and neck. Redolent of the beautiful Eastern custom of sprinkling rosewater on the hands and faces of guests.

Physically, rose water applied to the skin is supposed to not only hydrate but be anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat acne and skin irritation, and calm sunburn. Rose petals have tannin, which is an astringent. The 30-petal damask rose (Rosa x Damascena trigintipetala) has been cultivated since ancient times for the precious attar (rose oil) and rose water. Its aromatherapy reputation is that it aids strength and vitality while enhancing harmony and balance.

rose water skin care recipe
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Rose water is used a great deal in the Middle East, used for anything from adding flavor to their cooking to freshening bedroom linens and, of course, in perfumes.