I am like you, trying to puzzle out what in the world will get my page read, found in search…even listed in search. And that all boils down to learning about SEO.
I am writing this for people like me. We don’t really get the complex, insider details about how to optimize our site or posts. But I work very hard to read and implement the advice of those who do understand. I try to get cues from the way large sites are changing to become friendlier to Google. Especially post Panda and its other Google update personas.

What Are Some Big Changes On The Horizon?

Some that make me hopeful that it will become more about the writer and the reader, and less about those who game the system.

Here is a short list of what may be changing:

  • Optimizing for mobile will be more important
  • Localizing will add value
  • Author authority and Google authorship
  • Detailed and data rich articles
  • Fresh and well-researched
  • Or mature and reliable

Now, the question will be how the search engines define some of those qualities, but some of what we bloggers can improve are:

-Connect our work with Google authorship.

-Connect with Google Local.

And, of course, improve how we write posts and articles. This is probably going to mean changes for those of us who picked up bad habits in the meantime.  I have always written carefully for my garden site, Ilona’s Garden, but some of my other work has suffered from sloppiness. The garden site has always been the mother ship since the early days of Geocities, so it sees the improvements first, like switching to responsive design,  working on keywrods, etc.

Oh, About Keywords


Apparently they won’t figure in as much, or maybe at all in the switch to well researched and relative content. That is something that some of us will appreciate. Yet, all of the information is rather arcane in the light of the fact that Google doesn’t reveal its secrets and SEO experts work at guessing what the next step will be. But what I’m giving you is the insights they have been building over time.

These are pieces of advice that I am going to actively follow, some which I have already been implementing.

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