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I love going shopping for baby things now that I am a grandma. When my own children were coming along our budget was too strapped to do the kind of shopping I do now: whimsical love-that-for-baby type shopping. While I don’t think we should depend on shopping to lift our mood, there is just something wonderfully synergistic about shopping for someone you love, and grandbabies in particular.

I have a new grandchild coming – so soon there will be two in our family, both boys. My daughter is newly moved to a location far from here and she won’t get to have the usual baby showers that come with being close to friends and family; all the more reason to have grandma shop for cute baby things!

I went to a Pottery Barn Outlet and there were some nice things including a bear-head bath towel. I stopped at Baby Gap for some all-cotton sleepers. I am sort of picky when it comes to natural fabric clothing for babies. Too many polyester misshapen outfits for my own babies made me decide that cotton was the way to go, if it feels nice to me, it feels nice for the baby.

I think much of what makes this so fun is the fact that babies… and the children they grow into are just discovering the world and as an adult you relive the joy of discovery with them. There is a vicarious involvement with all things bright and colorful, with things that squeak and are squeezable. There are so many ingenious toys, and darling outfits…it is just fun!