Every once in awhile I make time to indulge myself with a beauty day. It is just something that women like to do to totally change their outlook on their lives. Surrounded with scent I enjoy, taking time to relax in a bath, applying one of those mud masks and sometimes even lighting a scented candle. No matter how busy you are, you can steal a couple hours on occasion.

A relaxed and pampered woman is a happier person.

Here is a site that has some home spa experience tips for a d-i-y timeout.
spa tips: “Spa Tips”

I like to try different sorts of products, but I almost always prefer natural ingredients. Bath salts, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, shower gels, glycerine soaps, even an Arizona rock soap my husband brought back from a trip ( Sedona Spa brand -very nice:)

When there is no time for the full regimen, a shower and cotton balls with real flower essences to give a soft scent and feel to your face and neck can do almost as well as a soak. Cornflower waters, rose waters, and orange blossom are my favorites. Essence mixed with oils and dumped in the bath are good, but essences are very powerful and can give burns if not mixed with oils, so sometimes it is best to get the ready-made products.

Only one favorite bath oil from my childhood has evaded my adult search: my grandparents always had a pine-scented oil that I loved. I don’t know the name, but I still recall the wafts of steam with that pine scent.

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