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I have burst out in topics, pages (called lenses), participation in a fun a community called “Squidoo” Hubpages – read about it all here.
Here are some collections of pages I’ve made:
Delicious recipes
Belly Dance
Beauty Lenses

Update: It is sad that a community as fun and thriving, as Squidoo was, should go belly-up. That is what happened. The pages are not lost, however, simply moved to another site, Hubpages.

Because of style changes and a different emphasis of content on the two sites, the pages need much editing and updating. I have only a few more to work on, but the collection pages were a little more challenging to customize for Hubpages. Expect for these to change a great deal over time.

Hubpages is facing the same challenges from Google, and ad income as Squidoo once did. I think they are valiantly trying to create a valuable, respectable site that Google will cease to penalize, if not love.

Moving things Here, There , And Elsewhere

One issue that Google is going against are sites where there are sales, and a spammy look.  I understand and appreciate that. While at the same time, as the web is more and more business oriented,  sites survive by using affiliate links, etc.


Consumers, and just plain old readers (like us) enjoy product recommendations and reviews, too. So, the pages which Hubpages will no longer feature, like gift suggestions for avid yoga practitioners will become part of this site, where I already have the original pages I made for fitness and wellbeing.

I am trying out the idea of adding more Amazon features here, that look like this one, or similar:

I hope it helps me support my website, which used to be  financed through my work on Squidoo.

My sincere desire is to benefit the readers, too. Trying to be as considerate as possible about sharing socially, offering products, and using programs such as Adsense.

If there are opinions about any of this, Facebook is my favorite place to join in these conversation, although twitter is a possibility and even some comments here. Though I don’t find people engaging on the blogs very much anymore.