The Prettiest Nail Polish Trends

Who doesn’t like pretty nails?

A woman’s love for shoes is well known, but what about the beauty of those feet inside the shoes? The finishing touch for a pedicure, the toes peeking out from sandals, and otherwise unadorned feet on the beach all deserve a little attention that comes from pretty polish.

Top Trends for Spring

In spring and summer those sandals shod or otherwise bare feet are on full display.

FOR fall/winter 2017

During the winter season, hands take center stage with bling, deep color, contrasts, and matte looks..

What colors are trendy? Which ones are classic? Nothing is easier to change and experiment with than nail polish.

So I thought I’d gather together a few of the thousands of choices available.

Whether you give yourself a home pedicure, or book a professional salon, these are the colors and looks to get for this year.


My Favorite Nail Polish Color

What is your favorite manicure style?

photo by lloria
photo by lloria

Trendy Colors

What’s The Newest Fashion?

For 2016, gray and metal have gone to chrome. Ombre is taking the Pantone duo of Serenity blue and Rose quartz and mixed them one into the other. Yellow appears for spring.

Going into fall, matte looks and geometrics with bling are on trend. Take the ombre idea and make it matte with your fav wardrobe colors.



There are always seasonal changes, deeper colors for fall/winter and lighter ones for spring/summer, but what about fashion forward trends?

The buzz: BLUES are big. For 2015, it was cobalt, specifically. Freshen up your blues with this strong color that fairly sings (like a bluebird?). It will make you feel happy.

Autumnal shades are also a beautiful look. Try them in sheers or marbled looks.

Then there is the true gray color that has the same effect as the Gothic black (which is still popular), but looking newer.

For Spring?

Look for pinks, gray and neutrals, pastels on a sheer base for an almost nude look.

found on
found on

Lots Of Matte Look

Some say adding eye shadow or cornstarch to polish gives you the effect. For 2016, it is back to black


These were the Top Ten looks for 2016:

  1. Navy with sparkles
  2. Milky white, Creamy Beige opaques
  3. Unusual French Nail Colors
  4. Nail art.
  5. Silver Metallics
  6. Apple Red
  7. Seafoam Green
  8. Glitter
  9. Gloss finishes
  10. Geometric and Abstract designs

For 2017: Keep the Navy, Get Edgier With the Art

Found on this deep blue was popular for 2015. Update the design with vintage or geometric asymmetry.
Found on this deep blue was popular for 2015. Update the design with vintage or geometric asymmetry.

Past Looks, Which Will Stay?

How it looks in 2016:

Gorgeous Red takes on a pure red apple look.

Nail Art goes to the art museums for abstracts, 3D, and geometrics.

Nudes with flat beige.

Marbled went to “Oil Slick”.

Compare this years spring looks with the slightly weird stuff of 2014

For 2015: Gorgeous Red…. Dreamy Creamsicle Orange…. Super Natural…. Ballet Pink….

Get the picture? Classic reds, chic corals, soft pastels, and nudes are 2012’s colors. For 2013, the reds are tempered with art effects: half moon, racing stripes, and blood dripping art.

Get with 2015 and use sheer colors, tribal or marbled painted look. Or sophisticated gold stripe across every nail.

Nudes which are strongly blush pink and milk white, nail art.

Black is still strong …Pearl effects …Skin matching …Racing Stripes … the verdict is IN.

New Looks

Pantone’s color of the year: Rose Quartz

Blues are navy.

Grays are charcoal.

Greens are seafoam.

Reds are apple.

Matte is Strong for 2016/17

DKNY matte nails
DKNY matte nails

Green Tips

green nail tips
Monique Lhuillier, IMAXTREE

French Manicure – Is Back! But Different

The look of a French Manicure is classic and elegant. A natural colored nail with a white tip that is given a satin glaze.

The History of the French Manicure

Some stories tell it that Max Factor invented today’s “French Manicure” in the 1930s for Hollywood stars. It is one of the most requested nail designs.

This polish style had fallen out of favor with fashionistas, and the natural nail or black nail replaced it. The variation of the “American nail” with an off-white tip is considered more fashionable than stark white tips, today. And this is the basic way it has re-emerged.

For some, it was always be the favorite choice, and they will be happy this year.

The newest way to use a French nail look is with the edge stripe in pastels of green, blue, or pink. Fantastic art effects can also be found.

In 2016

It takes a new tack: tips are done in color. Emerald green made an appearance…

Give yourself a manicure?

The Frugal Way To Be Fashionable

Gather together:

  • Pack of cotton balls
  • Paper towels / Makeup removal pads
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail polish
  • Emery board
  • Nail trimmer
  • Cuticle remover

LUSH has some of the most delicious products that are good for you and smell heavenly.

  1. Soak hands in warm soapy water
  2. Remove Nail Polish
  3. Trim your nails
  4. File your Nails
  5. Remove Cuticles
  6. Apply 2 Coats Nail Polish
  7. Apply Lotion

A paraben-free formula with 14 natural oils including Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Evening Primrose oil and now Argan oil and Borage oil. Zeva creates this luxurious emollient in a convenient pen applicator.

Keep your cuticles cared for – These are the best beauty buys for nails

Reading the advice of top manicure experts, you will no doubt come across recommendations for the best nail care products. The implements and time saving ways to keep your nails in top form. Take some time to look over these selected nail care products for gift ideas or to give your own nails the care they deserve.

Best way to Accessorize?

Cute manicures and pedicures!

Sanitation Is Important

At home, but especially when using a salon, remember to keep implements clean and sanitized for good foot health.

When was the last time you had your nails done?

Maybe its time to get a pretty pedicure

Maybe you are like me and tend to forget about your nails until there is a special event… like a wedding or a vacation where you will wear sandals, and you think, “Oh no, I need to do something for my nails!” Now, with all the pretty nail polish colors available, and the relaxing experience of a pedicure or a manicure, maybe it is time to put an appointment with a salon on your schedule a little more often. It isn’t a big thing, or an expensive thing, but the time spent grooming and painting your nails can add a little good feeling into your day.

photo by Multiple fragments of tissue
photo by “Multiple fragments of tissue”

More than just a chance to pamper yourself, it can be a part of your health regimen. Cleaning with proper cutting and clipping of the nails can prevent ingrown toenails and infections. This is doubly important if you suffer from a condition like diabetes. If you opt for the professional pedicure or manicure, a massage is often included which improves the blood circulation.

Probably the most important concern is not the choice of a pretty polish color, but of the sanitation practices of the salon. You can always bring your own polish color, but the conditions of the facility is far more important for the health of your feet.

Body Toolz Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure Kit

Blue – Can still be found, but the newest trend is Navy

Pretty Colors From OPI

Love their colors, their quality, but admitting that their whimsical color names have something to do with it,too!

Look for blushy pinks, matte neutrals, and bold metallics

Try their “local” color collections: Hawaii, San francisco, New Orleans…

Best Colors in a Mini Collection

No need for a big bite out of your budget when you want to experiment with the trends in nail color.

Small sizes of polish give clear opportunity to try out a look before spending money.

Prettiest summer colors including trends of the right red and the new green.

Vintage Trends through the Years

Polished with Color or Natural? – Which manicure would you opt for?

Which do you think is better? Polished or natural nails?

How to Manicure Your Nails

When Only Sexy Deep Red Will Do – A dark red nail may be the classic sultry look

Oxblood is still IN. You might want to step up the brightness to an Apple red for summer and in keeping with the latest fashion looks.

What if you want to go lighter, but still give your nails a rich color? The color of the year is “Rose Quartz”, which is a dusty pink. Consider giving it some glitter or opal effect.

A color that will take you far this summer is the new beige or a charcoal gray.

Take a look at your wardrobe colors and pick a trend that is a versatile harmony with the colors you will be wearing this summer.

Flattering Fall Fashions For Women Over Fifty


Great Looks For Fall

When I passed the fifty year mark, did I lose all fashion sense? Sometimes it appeared so, but the actual fact was that I had changed and the style that once was becoming no longer fit the person I was now.

What looks good with my gray hair, my less than svelte figure, my need for comfort? It was time to investigate fashion from a different perspective. As I waded through my wardrobe -weeding out those pieces that were ill fitting, I realized that it was time to start sprucing up my rusty wardrobe!

I wasn’t ready to be an old lady (even though it felt like it), so I started looking at role models. Women who knew how to look vibrant and attractive into their senior years.

Some of my favorites are Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis, but there are now plenty of examples of aging gracefully and dressing with panache.

Hopefully, the tips and trends gathered here make dressing attractively and in style a cinch.

It’s All About Denim This Year

It’s All American and it’s big for fall. Even Paris is saying so

The darker denims are slimming and very wearable. All denim gives a long line which is so friendly to the more mature figure.

I like to match denim with either stripes or lace, stripes for more of a sporty look and lace for those times when in the mood for something girly.

Fall Denim And Stripes

Combining two of 2016's top trends.The longer length blazer is flattering, with wider leg jeans and low heeled boots. A great looking scarf to keep your neck warm!

Combining two of 2016’s top trends.The longer length blazer is flattering, with wider leg jeans and low heeled boots. A great looking scarf to keep your neck warm!

Stripes Are Everywhere This Season


Pin stripes are always a sharp look for the city, and make the transition from office to dinner date.

With such a wide variety of fashion cues, choose one or two that strike a chord for you. Investigate the style that presently personifies you at this stage of your life. If you were once comfortable in an Artsy-Bohemian style, revisit whether that is best for you now. Maybe the Southwestern style is an updated look that still incorporates the elements of the Boho look.

Or maybe you were once strictly Classic, and now you could use some dramatic color and stronger details to give the look some “kick”. Scan the trends for updates that fit your basic fashion style.

Classic Always Works, But What Are The Trends?

For 2016, a few things to look for this coming fall:

  • New Animal Prints… this has been a story for quite a long season, but now it looks like prints of lynx or fox. Try something new and unusual.
  • Urban and sleek. You know how to do this!
  • The hoodie. Yes! I’m ready.
  • More print, more color.

Highlights for the Coming Seasons


Some fall fashion trends I can see women my age wearing….

This year the fashions are flattering for women of a certain age.

The long lines of an urban pantsuit, silky animal print dresses with highlights of strong dramatic stone jewelry (from Calvin Klein) and casual wear with comfy, but great looking hoodies are easy to incorporate into a wardrobe.

Be sure to update some of those animal prints, a surefire way to add some style.

My Gray

Gray is one of my favorite colors now that my hair is silver. It is flattering to my silver hair, and much less harsh than black for daytime wear. A neutral that mixes quite well with bright colors (OR pastels, if that is the color tone best for you), it automatically creates a versatile wardrobe piece.

My favorite way to wear gray? As a monotone, lengthening and slimming, outline.

I also like to wear Charcoal rather than black. For those “seasonal” color complexions, the Autumns (I was one) and Summers, it is a better choice than stark black.

Gray still goes with your black accessories, so it is a win-win addition to an over-fifty wardrobe.


Fall Fashions

Great Shade For Gray Hair

Electric Blue is very flattering for a more mature complexion and especially as a foil for gray hair.
Electric Blue is very flattering for a more mature complexion and especially as a foil for gray hair.

Electric Blue NY

Electric Blue

The Electrifyingly Attractive Color


This is one of best colors for me since the hair color turned to silver, electric blue has so much vibrancy and always gets compliments.

It has been a popular color for several seasons running, and looks to have legs for a number in the future. One good bet with a striking color such as this on is to invest in accessories that will work with other colors should the tides change (as they inevitably do in the fashion world.

This is one of those shades that belong to certain “season” color groups. If you have been typed as one who has “Autumn” or “Winter” coloring, the electric blues will work very well for you no matter what the trends may be.

It brings skin tones alive, unlike some of the drab navy blues that are common in clothing fabrics.

Navaho Print Inspired Infinity Scarf
Navaho Print Inspired Infinity Scarf

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this scarf. It would be one of those wear everywhere accessories. Truly flattering.

  • Look for leather in unusual places : as loose skirts, shorts, even shirts.
  • Elongated silhouette with soft monotone color. Neck to toe color.
  • Blue- denim blue and deeper blues.
  • Blazers are back. Pant legs are wider.

What’s Your Style?

Boots and Booties

Tall, tall, tall… over the knee, and Granny boots that lace.

There are still lots of tall boots and booties everywhere. I find this style of footwear both comfortable and good looking. PLUS It looks fresh, young, and fashionable.

Is Southwestern Still A Trend In 2016?


If you live in the Southwestern states, it is a classic which never goes out of style. Elsewhere it has been paired down to the “All Denim” look.


If you have long dangly earrings or large hoops in silver, turquiose, or other Southwestern favorites these will definitely work with fashions now. Add them to any off the shoulder tops or striped shirts you are now wearing.

Instead of the blanket pattern jacket, go for a blazer instead, since blazers are making a comeback.


Nature colors or theme, or a spiced up version that swings with Southwestern accents and style. Go for an entire outfit or simply update with jewelry and some accessories like a handbag or scarf.

Turquoise color and gems are a few of my favorite pairings with Gray hair. Silver mirrors mature coloring in a beautiful way, so the trending Southwestern fashion style is ideal for maturing skin and hair. The clothes are often tailored for comfort, too. I love the casual look of it all because my personal style tends towards the more casual types with a dash of classics.


This is the classic look for casual weekends, for Sporty and Casual personalities. It is one of my favorites for most of my lifestyle situations. Especially useful when I travel out West, of course, but it has become a classic look just about anywhere.

Natural Leather and Southwestern Detail

Women's Handbag: Western Elegance Faux Leather Handbag by The Bradford Exchange

Women’s Handbag: Western Elegance Faux Leather Handbag by The Bradford Exchange

This is one really good looking handbag- it makes a statement with the silver embellishments. This is the type of bag that dresses up denim.

Add A Southwestern Accent

Keep the denim shirt, purse, and wear with blue jeans. The booties are still in fashion, as well as the jewelry.
Keep the denim shirt, purse, and wear with blue jeans. The booties are still in fashion, as well as the jewelry.

Take Notes From Parisian Women

They have a basic black wardrobe, adding color and high fashion accessories. They also keep everything well groomed, a good beauty hint for more mature women.

Taking Trends And Making Them Our Own


Luckily this fall has an unusual infusion of pastel colors, lighter shades of colors are kinder for mature complexions.


Combine the pastel trend with head to toe line of all the same color and it is very attractive look.

Black And White Is Still Big

Look also for cypress green, winter white, and aurora red. Radiant orchid (Pantone’s color of the year) makes a showing, as well.

How To Wear The Black And White Trend

Add One Really Versatile Accessory – Put color in your handbag

Fossil Pink Leather Turn Lock Crossover Purse Handbag

Fossil Pink Leather Turn Lock Crossover Purse Handbag

Fossil- one of the best handbags I’ve ever owned. This pink color matches one of the pretty looks for fall. Pastels for Autumn!

Colors For Fall


You can go pale pink like Ralph Lauren does or with this luscious raspberry. Monotone makes it happen for you!

Rose Quartz is one of the pair chosen for this year. A cool, pale pink that was matched up with a Periwinkle blue called “Serenity”.


Color is arriving for fall, but black and white remains strong, as does a neutral palette. Go both ways by getting some color included in the new prints.

Neutral With A Bold Touch

"Comfy Tribal" Daytime Look, featuring a silver bracelet bangle.

“Comfy Tribal” Daytime Look, featuring a silver bracelet bangle.

Natural and Earthtones

Always a refined look for older women, Classics, business, and warm climates. If you love the look it is easy to expand your wardrobe, if you only need it for business wear, the pieces are useful mixed into other wardrobe themes of color.

Tribal is usually thought of as patterned and colorful… and hard to match up with anything else. This neutral color combo ( which is classic by nature) simply borrows the pattern in the form of textures. Bold jewelry, strong texture will help give a tribal feel to an outfit.

Making It Boho

One way to make good use of trends is to tweak them to become fashion forward. This tribal look could as easily become Boho. Add patterned scarf and change out the white blouse for a tunic. Use an artsy necklace that harmonizes with the bracelet… you get the idea.

Buy Quality and Fit

No matter what the trends are make sure the garment fits well and has quality materials. Some trends are classics, like the Southwestern accents. Even if you aren’t sure about wearing a blanket pattern jacket, give it a try. Silver and turquoise jewelry never go out of style. Use a scarf to try out the new colors and patterns in your wardrobe, before you commit.

Former Color Of The Year: Marsala

"Creamy Wine hue" warms up autumn sweaters and slacks outfit. I prefer it to the 2016 "Rose Quartz"
“Creamy Wine hue” warms up autumn sweaters and slacks outfit. I prefer it to the 2016 “Rose Quartz”<


This warm wine tone is fabulous with pink. It was the 2015 color of the year, and you can bet it will be a favorite for the seasons to come, especially the cooler seasons.

More Fashion Tips For Older Women

What trends are in your future

I Will Wear…

My 2016 “No-no”s

High heels are making a comeback, but not for me. Sheer skits are being seen, but not in my closet.

Trends I Will Avoid


  • Tiers of material- adding ridiculous bulk to my silhouette? No thank you.
  • Too much wild pattern.
  • Sheer skirting. An awkward look that can seem top heavy with a jacket-covered upper body. Plus you need perfect legs that are showcased beneath the filmy cloud of skirting material.
  • Bulky leather and big boxy shapes. Personally, I think this would make my more matronly figure look like a small tank.
  • Ditto for heavy layering.
  • Futurist. Even though this trend showed a mature model displaying the clothes, it is a harsh look for many older women to carry off well. You can try it, I’ll pass. Anything with overdrawn angles can accentuate the years, instead of the woman.

Gorgeous Gray Hair: How To Maintain Silver Locks

More women are finding that their gray and silver locks can be stunning. No need to color their hair and struggle with roots that need touch-ups. Stay gray and love your healthy hair.

Maintain Your Silver Locks

I Say Silver is the New Blonde

Gorgeous White

You are seeing more of us everywhere: women who flaunt their silver locks. Gray hair is no longer a source of shame. Embracing our age gracefully, we have stopped coloring our hair and now revel in the healthy feeling of our own hair color, accentuating and not covering it up.

Of course, it helps that the likes of Lady Gaga and Emmylou Harris are photographed with their beautiful gray hairstyles.

But what about those of us who will remain gray after the momentary fads of fashion fade away? There is an art to dealing with the changes that aging makes in our skin and hair, and we are in no less need of beauty tips and great products to help us look our best. Growing older is no longer something women need to keep a secret, and it isn’t trying to look younger that needs to concern us, so much as looking and being as healthy and strong as possible.

That has always been the top beaut secret at any age, it just hasn’t been as aggressively marketed.

Maybe it is time to change that oversight.

My Story, the Evolution of Gray

My Twenties

I had dark, shiny brunette hair, and it being the seventies I wore it quite long. I didn’t color my mid-back length hair, but used coconut infused shampoos and gave it olive oil treatments. I cut it myself every once in a while. Being young, my main concern was shine and keeping split ends at bay.

My Thirties

Gray began to appear… I blame my kids ( just kidding). So, off to the hairdresser I went and blonde or caramel highlights began to become part of my “cover story”. It was a subtle way to blend the gray and disguise it .

As the years progressed through the decade, t e highlights grew chunkier and took up more brunette hair real estate, until it was obvious that this was not going to be sufficient to color the amount of gray that was replacing my originally very dark brown.

My Forties

In my fortieth decade I started coloring my hair, and not satisfied with mere experiments of dark browns, caramel browns, or golden browns, I added highlights on top of the brown, because time was marching on and my skin was fading from the color that used to match the glossy brunette hair color of my youth. I wanted it to look as becoming and natural as possible. And the hair stylists did make me look good. For awhile.

But oh, those roots.

Closer hair appointments, more complex color services, added hair products to preserve those effects, and additional conditioning treatments, oh dear, this was all getting very expensive for my middle class budget. but, I was willing to pay it, and my husband complimented the results, so on with the carousel ride I went.

But I kept considering how women older than me were adjusting to their aging physical appearance and admired the ones who were comfortable in their skins, and noticed the gap between the look of the hair color and the look of the skin. It was apparent that at a certain point the hair and skin did not match up.

The Fifties

As I approached my mid-fifties, the decision was made. At some point I would go “cold turkey”, it would be time to tough out the dreaded “growing out” period, the half color/half natural stage that must be endured.

It wasn’t really so hard when the time came. I had gradually become almost “blonde”. ( Which is another hair color story almost in itself- do you know people treat blondes differently?) The gray transition was a bit tacky, but I didn’t have to cut all my hair off (I wear it mid-length,usually). It went gray, and has stayed that way ever since. I turned sixty this year.

Yes, a woman who will tell you her age will tell you anything. It’s true.

The Reaction To Shades Of Gray

I have a nice silver gray, it’s true, but I was not prepared for how (most of the time) the reactions of people to my gray hair is quite complimentary and positive.

Of course there was that shock when transitioning to the natural shade of color, when someone in the grocery line behind me telephoned their mom “Im in line behind the old lady”. Well, I am older, and not everyone is going to say “the nice looking old lady”! But that is okay, because it is very freeing to become comfortable in ones own skin… and hair.

Comfy, Yet? Easy Gray Hair Care


Take Care Of Your Hair, Maintain Shine And Health

When hair loses its pigment, it also often changes in texture. Like many women who go gray, my hair became more coarse and curly.

I have learned since allowing my natural hair color to reign that shine and a smooth look are more becoming, especially when I want to look my best. Certain hair products are essential for this. I like shampoos formulated for silver hair, and smoothing serum to tame the frizzies. If I really want to look my best I run a flatiron over my hair to style it.

Are You Comfortable With Your Graying Color Yet?

Give Your Silver Some Shine Image courtesy of Ambro Give Your Silver Some Shine Image courtesy of Ambro

One of the ways that gray hair grows on you (a little pun, there!) is by seeing other women who have changed to their gray and look beautiful. Think about famous actresses like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep.. and models like Maye Musk, Cindy Joseph, and Yasmina Rossi. They are all examples of just how gorgeous a gray haired woman can be.

One thing they all have in common is that their hair has a healthy look, and taking care of hair inside and outside has always been a secret of women with beautiful hair.

Improving the Outside?

  • Yellow cancelling shampoo
  • Serum for smooth shine
  • Gentle shampoos, moisturizing conditioners
  • Protection from sun and wind

Improving the Inside?

  • Good health habits in general
  • Vitamins A, B Complex ( that means all of them together), D and E are all of vital importance to hair health.
  • Eat more eggs, walnuts, lentils… even oysters! All have nutrients that are great for hair health.

Going Gray

Spring in her step, stylishly coiffed
Spring in her step, stylishly coiffed Source: mvplante on Flickr

What Causes Hair To Go Gray?

It wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered the role that hydrogen peroxide played in the loss of melanin in the hair. The hydrogen peroxide that is produced by the body interferes with the production of melanin which is the pigment for hair color. As we age the enzyme that breaks this chemical down into harmless water and oxygen is no longer produced so well.

Does this mean you can prevent your hair from turning gray? No, not yet. Scientists don’t quite know what to do with their new findings, but they are working on it.

Can stress turn your hair gray?

Scientists don’t think so. It seems to be more a product of your genes. Your genes and the decrease of certain metabolic enzymes like catalase.

Can I reverse the gray through supplements?

No, it doesn’t work that way. The enzyme, that your body is producing less of, is unstable and it isn’t possible to direct it to the hair follicles where it would make a difference in the production of melanin.

How Do I Make My Hair Look Amazing?

Pravana Pure Light Sulfate-free Brightening Shampoo for Blonde Silver or Highlighted Hair 10.1oz(300ml)

Pravana Pure Light Sulfate-free Brightening Shampoo for Blonde Silver or Highlighted Hair 10.1oz(300ml)

This is one of the most popular shampoos for cancelling out yellow. It has color properties that highlight the silver hair, but one of the big reasons users like it is because of the fact it is paraben-free. Best results are for well conditioned hair, so be sure to use a conditioner, as well.

A Great Silver Hair Product, Reviewed

Gray Hair Truth Or Dare

What do you really think of gray hair?

Silver is the new blonde! Make your declaration, Silver Fox.
Silver is the new blonde! Make your declaration, Silver Fox.

Go For The Silver

  • Helen Mirren’s Style
    We live in a forever young society and no one mirrors that more than our celebrities, but for aging well, Helen Mirren is the perfect role model.
  • The Silver Fox, Stunning Gray Hair Styles
    What are the best products to keep silver hair in top condition? Which celebrities have gone gray and flaunt it? Find out and get style ideas, too. Beautiful up-to-date hairstyles.

Growing Out Silver Gray Hair

Books That Encourage

Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45
Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45

Your own guided makeover to stage your best look, Refresh, revive, and revamp.

Every Once In Awhile I Find Something I Love

I’ve gotten pretty good at feeling that I have most everything I need or want. And most of the time I do, I am very blessed in that sense. But sometimes I look through items that I don’t need, but they have some intrinsic quality or could bring some beauty into my life, and that causes me to long a little. Or at least mentally put them on a wish list.

I was looking through a catalog of Rodale products, and they appeal to all my sensibilities: natural materials, beautiful design, unusual and original looking.

I thought I would have some post here or there that compile some in related themes. I know I have Pinterest board, but this is a little more refined and thought out. I tend to pin less mindfully than I ought to- just so I don’t lose some idea or pretty picture. This is more for me to consider, and for you to see what I really, really like.

Yes, I am an affiliate- that needs to be said at the outset. Now let’s enjoy some pretty things…

I am a sucker for real leaf earrings. When in Colorado I went to a Souvenir shop in Georgetown and bought some silver plated Aspen leaves. I love them! And I love these Eucalyptus leaves for the same reason. They remind me of Northern California.

Love The Clogs

Slip-ons that are so cute. This is my ideal house slipper. This is the last one, so I just want you to see them, they aren’t in my size and will be gone soon. They are Geisswein boiled wool, which is available on Amazon if you don’t mind a different type. I have them on my list for this year, but I do love that little fox.


Organic Tunic

I would love this for this year. I don’t have any tunics this long and would like something with leggings. Not sure if it is still in style, but it would be comfortable and I would like the way it would look on me.

Keeping this short, to three items. I will create one for either beauty products or garden lusts another time.

Beauty Haul

GraceAnne made a terrific beauty tips video, and stuffed it full of great makeup advice for any age group. I’ve worn makeup all my life and I learned some things!

I’ve always loved this type of mini review of products, partly because I like to find great products, but also because there is such a huge amount offered that it is hard to sort through them all. A shortcut to recommended brands which create a great look is a money and time saver.

I’m going to post the video here, but please consider going to Youtube to follow GraceAnne and give her thumbs up. Following the video I’ll post some links to the recommended products (the only thing missing from a perfect beauty haul review).

Tarte Maracuja Oil

This is the one I really want to try. I started using face oil a few years ago, but not this particular brand and I really like the sound of how this one works.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Using foundation since I was thirteen and now I’m in my sixties. I think it gives a finished look, protects skin, and today’s formulations can actually be really good for your skin. MAC is one of the best names in makeup- but the price has always stopped me from trying this brand. Now that I know the qualities that make it worthwhile, I think I will try it next time I run out of foundation.

Kat Von D Blush in ‘Love Song’
Have to agree that this color is fresh and pretty and looks like it gives a very soft, natural look.

Tarte Maracuja Lip Scrub

Totally new product for me- I just used whatever facial scrub, but the fact that this one has the facial oil in it sounds ideal. I’ll consider this one, even though a lip scrub is not high on my personal list.

Fresh Sugar Lip Tint

I already have used this for years- love it! It has a very pleasant fragrance and feel, goes on smoothly without the sticky feel that other similar products often have. The color is perfect for more mature women who want light youthful color.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow
Intriguing. I wonder if this tip will work for aging eyelids- I am definitely going to try it. Maybelline is a very economical and easy to find brand, so it is a cinch to experiment with.

Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner

I use pencil eyeliner and prefer cake when I can find it. So I’ll leave this type of liner for the younger set. I revisited liquid liner, but my eyes are already sensitive and I didn’t like the heavy look. Personally, I will pass on this, but GraceAnne’s eyes look great with it- so for the economical price- go ahead and give it a try to see if it works for you.

Nars Lip Liner

I used lip pencils and it is great for making lasting color- especially if you like the “stained” look with gloss on top. Older lips need the defining line … and I love this color- would most definitely buy it! On my list, now.

By the way, about “Rikugien”: The name Rikugi-en means Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry, read more? Nars borrows the name for its muted pink satin pencil.

MAC lipstick

Plumful is really a pretty color! I have never tried MAC lipsticks, but just love lipsticks, so another one has made my list. I may skip eye makeup, and often just use BB cream instead of foundation now, but I always carry and use lip color.

Urban Decay shadows

This is one eye shadow collection that is truly worth it. The neutral colors will give you a look that can be subtle or dramatic and not look garish.

Over Fifty? Start The New Year With A Beauty Toolkit

Aging Gracefully

I’m Older, Saggier, Gone Gray – Now What?

You wanted a prettier picture, didn’t you? But prettier pictures aren’t true reflections of reality, and we are just going to feel, and look, more frumpy until we take that reality and turn it to our advantage.

OK, that sounds pretty dismal, doesn’t it? The reality is that though aging isn’t what it used to be, it still presents challenges. (Let’s be honest here).

If you are like me, and find that aging is sometimes much more awkward than graceful, but you are ready to tune things up and refurbish your chassis a bit…. this is the toolkit for you.

Aging Gracefully

While some of the most helpful tools and tips for anti-aging are included here, reader tips are quite welcome (actually if you could see me I am begging with pleading eyes). Please share any tips that you have found to help the rest of us maintain health, preserve beauty, reconstitute our dreams, or whatever is in YOUR toolkit…

helen mirren
Stylishly Dressing The Part
Helen Mirren’s Style Helen Mirren elicits admiration from many, including me, for her her mature beauty and elegant style. I’ve looked to her for clues in how I might gain this look for myself.

I am no longer young and slim, so what do I wear now?

older woman of the past
Aging has never been easy

It doesn’t matter if the only part of that statement is that you are no longer young. No, I take that back… you are actually a step ahead if you had to deal with a curvier, heavier body to clothe, because you know that there are clothes that make you look better and feel more comfortable and those that are a crime to wear. You know the clothes I’m talking about, the ones they sell to us, every season, which some of us ( not naming names) buy …every season… because we haven’t learned our lesson yet.

But like some other parts of the toolkit, this one has a few universals, too. Like posture. Good posture gets rid of lots of rolls that you thought you had, but were just re-situated flesh. More flesh just makes that more obvious. Besides, you feel better and your frame operates better when you have good posture.

Good posture is one of those things that depends on the strength of your muscles, especially your abdominal muscles. Yes, those. Whoa, Nelly, why are we talking about good posture when this was supposed to be about the fun stuff, like buying clothes? Well, hold your horses, there, friend… you have heard of a clothes horse, haven’t you? ( yes, I’m having too much fun with this).

A woman who has good posture has an air of confidence, and her clothes just look better on her. As older women we need that. Put that in your toolbox.

Changes in Clothes

I had to change the types of clothes I buy. I now appreciate stretchy waists ( I know: the abdominal exercises, etc… but I am not totally there yet). Looser flowy ( but not too flowy) tops are my friends. Tight Tshirts and low waisted jeans are my enemies until I lose alot of weight, which is not happening soon, but hopefully at some point. That admitted, my body has rearranged and I am not sure what exercise and weight loss is able to do about that.

Better to have shirts and jackets that skim the waist, don’t tuck things in or cinch them if your waist and surrounding areas are a little bulgy.

Clothing tool #1: refuse to wear something too tight

As always, I LOVE white cotton, buttoned shirts. LOVE them. They are my best friends.

Clothing tool #2: wear good shoes that are comfortable for you

Clothing tool #3: get a good quality, well cut coat.

Another tool in my personal toolkit is to take my tasteful, honest daughter shopping with me. I made my better choices on a coat and purse that way. My look tends to stay in a rut, otherwise.

Clothing tool #4: find brand names that work for your body.-buy those brands.

Don’t buy your ‘age’, buy your ‘style’.

I almost wish girdles were back in style, though. Never mind, pretend I didn’t say that.

Even if you color your hair, but especially if you have gone gray, your skin fades, and that needs an adjustment in the hues you buy for your wardrobe.

I’ll tell you a personal story. I colored my hair for a number of years, I chose a warm brown with caramel highlights mostly ( the stylist did the work, but I chose the general color I wanted). Warm colors and I went with an Autumn wardrobe palette, even though I’m one of those hard to pin point seasonal colors (“Winter? Autumn. Autumn? Winter… um I don’t’ know ..OK Autumn“) Anyways, once my hair turned steely gray with a winter white shock of it near my face, the oranges and mustards didn’t look so good on me anymore. Corals were a bit iffy, too. Yellows were downright bad. So I had to rearrange the color scheme of my wardrobe.

Unfamiliar with the “color seasons” wardrobe concept? Read about it here.

The one color I know I look good in is Charcoal. Still in the learning curve.

stylish coat
Fashion Coat

Clothing That Fits
Your middle is thicker, you may have changed dress sizes, and your bra may not fit right. Adjust your self image with your reality. That doesn’t mean old fashioned style! Keep open minded about incorporating new style into your look. Quality construction and fabric count. Smooth, well fitting clothes shaves off the years.

Get a Good Looking Jacket

Mac and Jac Is One Designer with Class

Find a Brand that Fits YOU!
Certain brands are kinder to the mature figure

Look for stretch fabrics, good cut, forgiving waistlines, tummy minimizing panels.

Gloria Vanderbilt pants and jeans always fit me well. I now stay with brands that cater to women who have my shape- older women, that is. A slimming pair of pants are ones that fit well, and are comfortable at the same time. This is one of those brands that fit.

The little extra bit of stretch and the cut are what set these jeans apart.


Have a Favorite Handbag?


Does Its Style Flatter You? – Carry it fashionably


A bulky, out of date handbag can date you. Take cues from fashion and the younger generation on this accessory.

My daughter-in-law picked out my all time favorite handbag as a gift for me. It holds everything, but has a very slim outline and not too heavy. When I go on vacation I like something bigger to carry more with me. For most occasions, too big a bag weighs me down with everything I am tempted to carry around in it, so a smaller bag with lots of organized pocket space helps save my energy.

Look in a mirror when choosing a handbag to see the overall silhouette. Better quality materials, as in clothing, makes accessories to contribute to an overall svelte or youthful look.


As you can tell by now, I let brand names guide me when it comes to fashion, style, and fit. Fossil is my fav name in purses.

Tools For Health

Keep Active, Eat Right, Use Effective Products

Jamie Lee Curtis is a good role model

Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis,Good Looks At Any Age

I think Jamie Curtis is absolutely gorgeous. She has a look that is healthy, natural, and which any woman might want to emulate. Jamie Lee Curtis and I share something in common: we have some Hungarian ancestry. With her athletic, yet feminine style, she has a youthful look to emulate

read more.

Advice and confessions

First a confession. I stopped coloring my hair and went naturally gray a few years ago, and I am radically happy about it. That doesn’t mean I am going to evangelize the rest of the women in the world to do the same. I am going to celebrate my choice. That said, the tools we are going to use for maintaining our beautiful (think positively, now) mane of hair are applicable across the spectrum of no color, highlighted, full-on colored treatments. In fact, most of the tools are things we should do no matter what our age.

Cross-Generational and Cross-Color Tools:

  • Vitamins
  • Good nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Keeping the scalp clean
  • Gentle Handling
  • Conditioning
  • Right Products for the (our) Hair

Actually what you will notice is that many of our tools are going to be multitasking to improve our skin, our energy levels, and our moods. That is because the foundation that ought to have been drummed into us when we were younger was that the the basis for beauty is good health. In fact, good health is the basis for a lot of the better things in life.

So we might as well make up our minds right now that we are going to learn how to use these tools properly and work with them every day. It is our job. Our job is to learn how to live our lives to their fullest. Sure, aging and all sorts of things get in the way, that is the backbeat of life, but our job is to maintain ourselves to the utmost of our ability. Why? Do I need a reason why? Of course I do, because like most everyone else I tend to forget: I cannot trade myself in or get replacement parts when somethings starts giving out.

We need to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

That ought to be listed in the tools: a right attitude towards ourselves and our health.

Once Your Hair Is Healthy

Once your heir is healthy, keep it shined with a serum. Use a straightening iron to keep it smooth and bring out even more shine.

Older women need a bit of color, but nothing garish. Compliment dark clothes, and silvery hair with soft roses in your cheeks and on your lips.

Similar to losing color from lips, our eyebrows sometimes thin and need some accenting. I use eyebrow powder and like it much better than pencils. When I was young I had quite think dark brows, so this is another side effect of the growing older.

Getting Fit

My favorite exercise is yoga stretching and gardening activities. Taking walks has become a commitment my husband and I have made to each other.

Improve Your Brain

Feel Younger, Keep Sharp

More than Skin Deep!

Not just what goes on cosmetically, when we utilize the tools of nutrition plus other activities to keep the brain healthy we are preserving our health, beauty, and life.

I was introduced to Dr. Amen through PBS and what he has to say makes great sense. A better brain and keeping your weight down? I’m sold on that.

Brain Matters
Buy This
Dr. Amen’s Books

Vitamin Supplements

Improve your nutrition

There are sooo many supplements and companies that produce them that it might make your head spin. Generally I like to stay within certain brand names that I trust, but if you look at features such as “standardized” ingredients, you are likely to find good quality products.

I’ve used “New Chapter” for years, ever since my health-conscious daughter recommended them.

Although there are quite a few special formulations, I like to use a multi-vitamin as a basic start for good nutrition.

I know there are lots of arguments (still!) about whether we should use vitamin pills, but I think that with modern farming methods that often strip away nutrients it is important to take supplements.

I notice a difference in my health between times I am diligent in taking my vitamins and when I get lax.

Healthy Skin For Naturally Aging Better

A Good Skin Cream – For night repair

Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep, as well. “Beauty sleep” is more than a blithe cliche. Try out RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, 1 Ounce. I use it.

Anti-Aging Beauty Advice

Keep these tips in your toolkit of daily habits:

*You use sunscreen, don’t you? AND get plenty of time outdoors to get the vitamin D from the sun? It sounds contradictory, but you need to protect your skin from sun damage, getting sunburned, but good health requires some outdoor time, since the skin makes important vitamin D.

A Good Skin Care Regimen

I love Shiseido! I’ve tried many brands, but this has to be my all time favorite for great products with fantastic results.

Take Care of Your Aging Hair

Gray hair can stay- looking healthy

Lovely gray hair

One of the most helpful tips I learned about my hair which seemed to be thinning out was to keep the scalp clean. I thought too many shampoos would make my hair too dry, but actually it is important for the health of the hair follicles to keep the scalp clean. Check out the Silver Fox gray hair lens for great hair products.

Got Gray Hair? – Leave a note about your favorite aging gracefully tip