Garnier BB Cream Review

 Why I Use It On My Sixty+Plus Year Skin

I Give This Cream Top Marks

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, Light and medium, 2.5 Fluid Ounce (Packaging May Vary)
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, Light and medium, 2.5 Fluid Ounce (Packaging May Vary)
This is the exact product I buy -repeatedly. It comes in shades that match Caucasian skin well, and if you have another type of skin, experiment because the product is not expensive.

Makeup Or BB Cream?

I actually became aware of BB creams by reading a review about them, and since then have tried a few brands. I have been purchasing the Garnier brand, despite a few detours trying out other brands, because of its skin enhancing qualities.

What Do I Like About This BB Cream?

  • Garnier makes theirs with a smooth application, it glides on.
  • I like the smell of the product
  • It is something between a cream and a makeup giving decent coverage to my aging skin
  • Sun protection!

I think it improves my skin. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is “not to like“, although my daughter considers it a little too “heavy”. I don’t agree, but thought it might help someone who is looking for the lightest possible feel. She likes Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer instead.

I’ve also used “CC” creams (Read on for comparison of the two types).

But again, I like this brand of tinted cream better for everyday wear.

I feel it protects my skin when I go outdoors (which is often, given that I’m an avid gardener), and it is moisturizing. It has a sunscreen level of 15, which is enough for most of the year in my Northern climate.

I use separate sunscreen to boost the protection in summer and when I go to sunnier climes.

More To Like

Easily available, and it is economical. I think the price point is important. Why spend more for products when Garnier has created a BB cream that works, feels good on your skin, improves it, and smells nice? I spend more on a full coverage makeup, but this is the tube I grab on most days, and sometimes use it as a prep for other liquid makeup.

A comparable product, L’Oreal brand is one I have also used and I didn’t like it nearly as well. Compared to Garnier it felt dry and powdery on my skin, with its medium shade too light. So I went back to using that bright gold tube with the grass green logo which I started out with.

How To Describe it?

Remember those sheer makeups that came out years ago? I always liked them and this product looks very much the same. They even out my tone, which in aging skin like mine has sun damage, gets dry easily, and needs some under-eye lightening. When I use this cream it smooths out that unevenness.

It goes on quickly and doesn’t look streaky . Yes, some products with pigments look a bit streaky when not taking time to blend in, but this one doesn’t need that extra step, which makes it great for busy mornings.

BB cream And Little Else

My skin with Garnier BB cream
A daytime application for “out and about” in a botanical garden. I no longer wear much makeup in my daily routine: the cream and a swipe of lipstick is about it!

A daytime application for “out and about” in a botanical garden.

I no longer wear much makeup in my daily routine: the cream and a swipe of lipstick is about it!

A Few Tips For Getting a Great Look

  • Apply in layers until you get the coverage wanted
  • Apply with your fingers, it goes on easily
  • Blend, if desired, with cosmetic sponge or Kabuki makeup brush
  • I also use it to cover imperfections elsewhere on the body (mosquito bites, etc!)

*I noticed that the demonstrations in the videos on this page often use blender brushes.

I have made the Garnier B.B. one of the first choice products for my makeup bag and to take traveling.

BB stands for “Beauty Balm”

BB vs CC Cream

What is the difference between these two types of products?

  • BB creams are lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers
  • CC cream has a fluffier feel, while BB feels more like a moisturizer
  • CC stands for “color correction” and theoretically provides more coverage

The OPINION Report

Have you tried this cream? Do you like it?

Have you tried this cream? Do you like it?

I do recommend this one. Try it out for little cost. You might stick with this choice like I have, or move on to more expensive brands, but I think you will like BB creams.

How to Apply BB Cream

Basically, smooth on the first coat just like tinted moisturizer. Then add additional thin layers to areas where more coverage is needed. For spots or blemishes, dab on extra coats with the tip of your finger and feather it invisibly into the surrounding skin.

This video illustrates the technique:

When you want something for those undereye circles

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Sheer Tinted Eye Roller, Light/Medium 0.5 oz
Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Sheer Tinted Eye Roller, Light/Medium 0.5 oz
If you like the idea of BB cream with its light feel, but great coverage and the added benefits of skin nurturing ingredients… you might find yourself in the market for something formulated especially for the eye area.

I have some circles (who doesn’t?) and the roller ball is pure genius.

This cosmetic brand has been creating a line of truly beneficial products and the price is economical.

If you have dark circles under your eyes and want a quick fix, put this into your makeup bag arsenal.

BB Creams I Didn’t Like

For comparison sake: from L’Oreal

I also tried L’Oreal’s, and did not like it very well. Although the white color from the tube turned to the proper shade on my face, it felt all chalky and unpleasant. It went on more heavy, too. In comparison, the Garnier brand felt more like a tinted moisturizer.

I also did not care for the smell of this product.

From Hydroxatone

I also tried this brand, which I purchased at Costco ( also available online). It had a dry application that felt and smelled a little like something “plastic”. The color was dark and not completely natural for me.

On the plus side it has a stronger sun protection, which is why I purchased it. I still chose the Garnier brand!

Love Your Gray Hair: Silver Is the New Blonde

Ilona Erwin

If you decided to go silver, winter is time to love your gray hair and take care of it. That includes protection from the elements, using the right hair care products, and styling.

Now that I have spent a number of years allowing my hair to grow into its natural silver and white, it is time to spill the beans on the realities of keeping my mane looking its best.

Problems and solutions follow, along with some hairstyle looks for inspiration.

As Years Go By

Do I still love it? Yes, going gray was one of the best beauty decisions of my fifties. Has it rendered my haircare totally carefree? No.

I should get my haircut refreshed far more often than I do. What a difference a professional cut can make- giving shape and movement to create a more lively look.

I have also learned the hard way that a pennies amount of protection and prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to maintaining the good looks of gray.

I continue to seek the perfect style. (I am starting to believe this dissatisfaction has more to do with losing bodyweight than fixing my hair.) I did want to update a few of the tips which have stood me in good stead for that past few years.

When Gray Isn’t at Its Best

I have had some challenges as a Silver Fox that I never had when I was a Brunette.

The most irksome:

  • Yellowing. This is the worst problem and the one which has been hardest to deal with.
  • Flyaways and thinning, related to aging, rather than the color; but requiring care and products to manage.
  • Challenges of growing it long and keeping it looking good.

Those have to be the top three problems for most gray locks ( except for the last one, not everyone wants to have long hair!).

Silver Styling

bob hairstyle
This is the default long bob hairstyle, that I will ask my hairdresser to use if the longer lengths do not work out.

Short Gray Hair

Not everyone needs or wants to chop the length, but it is one way to deal with the above named topknot troubles. It was easiest for me to maintain shine and silveriness when I had a mid-length bob.

Cutting off hair that has been damaged by the elements or heat styling is a tried and true way to control the dryness and discoloration.

It also gives a fresh new look that is instantly rejuvenating.

Love Really Short?

pixie for over 60
pixie for over 60

Growing It Long

long gray hair

I know there are many women, like me, that see those gorgeous long locks of shining gray hair. It is so tempting to desire those below the shoulder lengths.

So I gave in, after two or three false starts, and began to grow out the length of my hair. I must be honest and say that the results are mixed. I haven’t given up yet, but if I remain ambivalent about this look, I will go back to the smooth, mid-length pageboy.

long grey hair style
I like this loose, slightly wavy style.

What Is My Beef with Body?

Thinning means less hair to give “body” to a style, and I have had layers put in to keep the style from going flat. Layers, however,  can be more prone to flyaways when the weather turns cold (a trial for all types of hair).


Tame Flyaways
Serums are still the best bet for taming flyaway hair, although hair pomade like Alberto VO5 works, too. Beware of too much which can weigh down and flatten your style.
GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Serum, 4 fl. oz.
List Price:$49.00
Price Disclaimer

Have you tried to grow out your silver locks? What were your hurdles?

Stop Turning Yellow!

salt and pepper hair

I admit it, I didn’t use the color correcting products as often in the past year. The shampoo and conditioner formulated for gray hair make a huge difference under most circumstances.

I had an  experience with battling a bout of yellowing after a beach vacation two years ago. I am convinced that using sun protection would have prevented it. I even went to my stylist and had a “Malibu Treatment” at the time, but I felt the results were negligible. Perhaps it will work better for you?

I’ve written about fav hair products, here.

So far, the best antidote has been Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde line. In the future I will make a review comparing and contrasting several product lines, but this is my top tip so far.

Natural Tip
Try rinsing with the juice of a lemon added to two cups of water. It will help clarify and brighten.

I have to contend with hard water,  exposure to the elements ( LOVE being outdoors), what are your bug-a-boos? City pollution? Certain hair products? Chlorine?

UhOh Argan Oil

Maybe this personal anecdote is silly, but every time I used Argan oil, which makes hair very soft and pretty and is good for skin, I noticed a yellow cast to my hair. Hard water is also an issue in my area, but I believe the Argan oil was yellowing. Coconut oil is a better solution when moisturizing hair.

Alberto VO5 for gray hair has been my go-to for smoothing when styled, but I like natural oils for occasional replenishing.

The New Blonde

The longevity of the gray Celebrity fashion has been a happy circumstance. More and more models and actors display silvery manes. It is no longer remarkable when seeing women “of a certain age” with natural looking hairdos.  The beauty of maturity is accepted and even celebrated, though I believe we have a ways to go in appreciating the middle-aged and aged.

A few highlights for a vibrant look in maturity:

  • Keep the style “young”, but not faddish.
  • Keep hair healthy, whether short or long.
  • Good grooming is always in style, don’t go for frumpish.
  • Shampoo often
  • Protect from too much sun and heat.
  • Take vitamins- good looks are from the inside out!
  • Find the products that work best for you- experiment.

I hope these tips, styles, and reminders are helping you keep up appearances in the best possible way.  I love my gray hair and would never go back to the artificial coloring regimen. I think it has the lighthearted feel of a Blonde, with the intelligence attributed to the Brunette, and an attitude of confidence all its own.


Beauty Appliances for Aging Gracefully

Facial Steamers

When I was a young woman I regularly used a facial steamer. It lasted me for many years… Until one of my teenagers rendered it unusable (don’t ask me how! I have no idea).

I recently decided it was time to begin facial steaming again.

Years ago, it was a Conair brand that served me well. Now I wished for some updated features.

In my research into reviews, the “KINGDOMCARES NanoSteamer” came up regularly. I like the features, although it came with a few negatives. Comments such as ” water reservoir was too small”, or complaints about plastic odor were offputting.

Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer

It was a close runner up to the one I have decided to purchase which is the “Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer“. Two features tipped the balance:

  1. Long running time (up to 30 minutes)
  2. Towel warming feature

This steamer comes with a bonus (extraction tools), but that did not weigh into my decision. It was named in the short lists for a number of recommended steamers, although never as #1 choice; Panasonic brand rated more highly, but was twice the price.

This appliance’s moderate price was a factor for me.

I would have liked the addition of aromatherapy features, but decided the quality of the steam, reliability of machine outweighs that addition of having essential oils at this time.

Most all of the steamers recommend using distilled water to reduce calcium buildup. Many customers of different brands reported problems if they used oils or tap water water. For aromatherapy, it seems best to use an appliance specifically for that purpose.

Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

My mother always had magnifying mirrors, so this was not new for me. What was new is the revelation of how important a lighted mirror with good magnification would be for aging eyes.

In a guest bathroom, a whole new view was revealed when I saw myself in a lighted 10X Vanity mirror. Hairs to pluck! Skin texture to exfoliate!

I knew it was time to order a mirror, and I knew which features I wanted:

  • high magnification
  • lighting
  • with a cord
  • one with good reviews

I ended up with two mirrors, one ordered from Amazon, and one my husband picked up at Costco. Read my comparisons here.

Conair Oval Vanity Mirror

After much research I bought a Conair brand mirror that had less magnification, but better looks. Initially, I wasn’t as happy with my choice, but after use it has proved its assets.



This is the exact one I bought. I love the Satin Nickel finish. It is a very good looking mirror, and the lighting is pleasing. At first I felt the 7X was not strong enough magnification, but I believe this is one of the best mirrors to buy after a couple months of actually using it.

The Costco Mirror

I am less happy with this one. It was very economical ( which is why my husband bought it), but it has a buzz that is unpleasant when the light is on. The lighting is also very harsh and bothers my eyes. The 10X is useful, and I do use the mirror, but the glass quality seems lacking.

It is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for”.

Why Have Beauty Appliances?

In this time of life when my major goal is “divesting”, it is fair to ask why I am buying more appliances. I’ve done fine without them for so long…. why now?

For the mirrors, my aging eyes have had increasing trouble seeing my face for beauty regimens, including putting on makeup. The magnifying mirror with good light is a necessity. More important than a hairdryer, for me.

The steamers serve more than one purpose, and these things have to do with luxury and comfort. In a way, it is also more economical to give myself a facial than to spend extra on spa services.  The steamers are good for home health, since they moisturize the air and skin.

So what appliances do you now feel are necessities for you? One of these or something else? Leave a comment to tell me about your favorites.

The Prettiest Nail Polish Trends

Who doesn’t like pretty nails?

A woman’s love for shoes is well known, but what about the beauty of those feet inside the shoes? The finishing touch for a pedicure, the toes peeking out from sandals, and otherwise unadorned feet on the beach all deserve a little attention that comes from pretty polish.

Top Trends for Spring

In spring and summer those sandals shod or otherwise bare feet are on full display.

FOR fall/winter 2017

During the winter season, hands take center stage with bling, deep color, contrasts, and matte looks..

What colors are trendy? Which ones are classic? Nothing is easier to change and experiment with than nail polish.

So I thought I’d gather together a few of the thousands of choices available.

Whether you give yourself a home pedicure, or book a professional salon, these are the colors and looks to get for this year.


My Favorite Nail Polish Color

What is your favorite manicure style?

photo by lloria
photo by lloria

Trendy Colors

What’s The Newest Fashion?

For 2016, gray and metal have gone to chrome. Ombre is taking the Pantone duo of Serenity blue and Rose quartz and mixed them one into the other. Yellow appears for spring.

Going into fall, matte looks and geometrics with bling are on trend. Take the ombre idea and make it matte with your fav wardrobe colors.



There are always seasonal changes, deeper colors for fall/winter and lighter ones for spring/summer, but what about fashion forward trends?

The buzz: BLUES are big. For 2015, it was cobalt, specifically. Freshen up your blues with this strong color that fairly sings (like a bluebird?). It will make you feel happy.

Autumnal shades are also a beautiful look. Try them in sheers or marbled looks.

Then there is the true gray color that has the same effect as the Gothic black (which is still popular), but looking newer.

For Spring?

Look for pinks, gray and neutrals, pastels on a sheer base for an almost nude look.

found on
found on

Lots Of Matte Look

Some say adding eye shadow or cornstarch to polish gives you the effect. For 2016, it is back to black


These were the Top Ten looks for 2016:

  1. Navy with sparkles
  2. Milky white, Creamy Beige opaques
  3. Unusual French Nail Colors
  4. Nail art.
  5. Silver Metallics
  6. Apple Red
  7. Seafoam Green
  8. Glitter
  9. Gloss finishes
  10. Geometric and Abstract designs

For 2017: Keep the Navy, Get Edgier With the Art

Found on this deep blue was popular for 2015. Update the design with vintage or geometric asymmetry.
Found on this deep blue was popular for 2015. Update the design with vintage or geometric asymmetry.

Past Looks, Which Will Stay?

How it looks in 2016:

Gorgeous Red takes on a pure red apple look.

Nail Art goes to the art museums for abstracts, 3D, and geometrics.

Nudes with flat beige.

Marbled went to “Oil Slick”.

Compare this years spring looks with the slightly weird stuff of 2014

For 2015: Gorgeous Red…. Dreamy Creamsicle Orange…. Super Natural…. Ballet Pink….

Get the picture? Classic reds, chic corals, soft pastels, and nudes are 2012’s colors. For 2013, the reds are tempered with art effects: half moon, racing stripes, and blood dripping art.

Get with 2015 and use sheer colors, tribal or marbled painted look. Or sophisticated gold stripe across every nail.

Nudes which are strongly blush pink and milk white, nail art.

Black is still strong …Pearl effects …Skin matching …Racing Stripes … the verdict is IN.

New Looks

Pantone’s color of the year: Rose Quartz

Blues are navy.

Grays are charcoal.

Greens are seafoam.

Reds are apple.

Matte is Strong for 2016/17

DKNY matte nails
DKNY matte nails

Green Tips

green nail tips
Monique Lhuillier, IMAXTREE

French Manicure – Is Back! But Different

The look of a French Manicure is classic and elegant. A natural colored nail with a white tip that is given a satin glaze.

The History of the French Manicure

Some stories tell it that Max Factor invented today’s “French Manicure” in the 1930s for Hollywood stars. It is one of the most requested nail designs.

This polish style had fallen out of favor with fashionistas, and the natural nail or black nail replaced it. The variation of the “American nail” with an off-white tip is considered more fashionable than stark white tips, today. And this is the basic way it has re-emerged.

For some, it was always be the favorite choice, and they will be happy this year.

The newest way to use a French nail look is with the edge stripe in pastels of green, blue, or pink. Fantastic art effects can also be found.

In 2016

It takes a new tack: tips are done in color. Emerald green made an appearance…

Give yourself a manicure?

The Frugal Way To Be Fashionable

Gather together:

  • Pack of cotton balls
  • Paper towels / Makeup removal pads
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail polish
  • Emery board
  • Nail trimmer
  • Cuticle remover

LUSH has some of the most delicious products that are good for you and smell heavenly.

  1. Soak hands in warm soapy water
  2. Remove Nail Polish
  3. Trim your nails
  4. File your Nails
  5. Remove Cuticles
  6. Apply 2 Coats Nail Polish
  7. Apply Lotion

A paraben-free formula with 14 natural oils including Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Evening Primrose oil and now Argan oil and Borage oil. Zeva creates this luxurious emollient in a convenient pen applicator.

Keep your cuticles cared for – These are the best beauty buys for nails

Reading the advice of top manicure experts, you will no doubt come across recommendations for the best nail care products. The implements and time saving ways to keep your nails in top form. Take some time to look over these selected nail care products for gift ideas or to give your own nails the care they deserve.

Best way to Accessorize?

Cute manicures and pedicures!

Sanitation Is Important

At home, but especially when using a salon, remember to keep implements clean and sanitized for good foot health.

When was the last time you had your nails done?

Maybe its time to get a pretty pedicure

Maybe you are like me and tend to forget about your nails until there is a special event… like a wedding or a vacation where you will wear sandals, and you think, “Oh no, I need to do something for my nails!” Now, with all the pretty nail polish colors available, and the relaxing experience of a pedicure or a manicure, maybe it is time to put an appointment with a salon on your schedule a little more often. It isn’t a big thing, or an expensive thing, but the time spent grooming and painting your nails can add a little good feeling into your day.

photo by Multiple fragments of tissue
photo by “Multiple fragments of tissue”

More than just a chance to pamper yourself, it can be a part of your health regimen. Cleaning with proper cutting and clipping of the nails can prevent ingrown toenails and infections. This is doubly important if you suffer from a condition like diabetes. If you opt for the professional pedicure or manicure, a massage is often included which improves the blood circulation.

Probably the most important concern is not the choice of a pretty polish color, but of the sanitation practices of the salon. You can always bring your own polish color, but the conditions of the facility is far more important for the health of your feet.

Body Toolz Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure Kit

Blue – Can still be found, but the newest trend is Navy

Pretty Colors From OPI

Love their colors, their quality, but admitting that their whimsical color names have something to do with it,too!

Look for blushy pinks, matte neutrals, and bold metallics

Try their “local” color collections: Hawaii, San francisco, New Orleans…

Best Colors in a Mini Collection

No need for a big bite out of your budget when you want to experiment with the trends in nail color.

Small sizes of polish give clear opportunity to try out a look before spending money.

Prettiest summer colors including trends of the right red and the new green.

Vintage Trends through the Years

Polished with Color or Natural? – Which manicure would you opt for?

Which do you think is better? Polished or natural nails?

How to Manicure Your Nails

When Only Sexy Deep Red Will Do – A dark red nail may be the classic sultry look

Oxblood is still IN. You might want to step up the brightness to an Apple red for summer and in keeping with the latest fashion looks.

What if you want to go lighter, but still give your nails a rich color? The color of the year is “Rose Quartz”, which is a dusty pink. Consider giving it some glitter or opal effect.

A color that will take you far this summer is the new beige or a charcoal gray.

Take a look at your wardrobe colors and pick a trend that is a versatile harmony with the colors you will be wearing this summer.

Magnetic Arabic Eyes, The Kim Kardashian Look

Wonder how to get those amazing eye looks for your night out on the town? Here are some tips and tutorials to make up your eyes like an Arabic Odalisque.

eyes have it
Arabic Eye Makeup

Kohl Outlined Eyes for Feminine Mystery

Middle Eastern style of makeup is very precise, with well groomed brows and strongly lined and shadowed eyes. Every part of the face is paid attention.

Think ‘Kim Kardashian’, and you get a picture of how this eye makeup technique looks: strong, smokey, magnetic. Her look is ideal for times when you want to have a smokey eye, but not the powerful impact of the stage makeup. (Which really belongs to the stage!)

Scotch tape (yes, the type you use for taping gift wrap!) is used to give the sharp color definitions. So grab a roll of scotch tape before you begin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kim Kardashian Look – American Version of Arabic Eye Makeup

Kim Kardashian does the smokey eye like no one else. Enjoy the tutorial.

Mac Eye Kohl Eyeliner-smolder
Mac Eye Kohl Eyeliner-smolder Kohl eyeliner gives the smoldering look of the Arabian eye makeup.

Kohl Eyeliner is a Key Product – for the Middle Eastern eye – Many tutorials recommend this brand eyeliner

Makeup artists who know often use and recommend MAC products for the best results.

Natural Kohl is a plant derivative (sometimes it was made from charred Frankincense).

Kohl Eyeliner was used as an anti-microbial and reduced glare from the sun, but today is made from other ingredients and used mainly as a cosmetic enhancer for the eyes..

Smokey Eye

The Overall Middle Eastern Look

More Middle Eastern eye makeup tips from Internet Bellydance sites.

A smooth chignon, a matte look for the skin, polished nails, it all adds up to a sultry look. While it is an everyday makeup to have heavily Kohled eyes in the Middle East, here in the West the look is more for evening wear.

Still, toning down the application of the shadow and the liner could transfer the look to our own social setting. The look is probably best when the smokey eye is combined with a nude or light pink lipstick.

Gallery of Arabian Makeup Looks

The Whole Enchilada

There is a whole look to the ideal of Middle Eastern beauty. Shiny, conditioned hair, carefully made up eyes, full lips that are lined and lipsticked. The eyes are given the most attention, and that accentuation makes them magnetic. (but don’t forget the rest of the package).

Powdered, perfumed, polished, and glossed.

Arabic Makeup Style – Is it a style for you?

Would you wear the Middle Eastern look?

Sulty and Smokey Eyes Makeup

MAC Eye Shadows – Beautiful, Professional Look

MAC Eye Shadow Velvet Black Tied

Fantastic Kohl Product – Get this eyeliner NOW!

Don’t wait to obtain the most beautiful, sultry, eyes you have ever had… this is affordable and gives a great effect if you love a dark smokey eye.

Mac Eye Makeup Products – Recommended by almost all these tutorials

Old vintage photo
Portrait of a Turkish Woman in a Harem, in Cairo. Old vintage photo

Mac is the brand most professionals recommend. There is a real difference between quality makeup products and the cheaper ones, You really do get what you pay for… in ingredients and pigments.

L'Oreal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner, Black, 0.159 Ounce

Excellent very dark shade, long lasting, and waterproof. Comes with the eye brush applicator which creates a perfect line.

Secret: Shhh, Makeup Brushes – Blend, blend, blend -brushes create the look

Here is a list of some of the most helpful, recommended brushes for professional application of this complex eye makeup.

  • MAC 275 brush (angled blending brush)
  • MAC 194 brush (small concealer brush)
  • MAC 168 brush (angled contouring brush)
  • Make Up Store’s flat shader brush
  • No Brand Blush brush (bristles are of a great quality)

Using brushes to blend is the main secret for the beauty of this look.

This is a high drama look that works best for theatrical uses and performances, or high fashion gala events. Modify it for a more ordinary event or venue.

Putting The Shine On Silver Hair

There are some fabulous products that really rev up the shine that is so vital for great looking silver hair.

Having gray hair was once, and for many still is, a dreaded sign of age. This was a change to be denied with frequent trips to the Salon or Drug store so that  “only her hairdresser” knew for sure whether there were streaks of gray growing in that crown of glory.

Times have changed and with many women accepting,  even reveling, in their gray tresses, lots of beauty products have come on to the market to make the best of the silver color.

Silky Gray HairThere are three main things for great looking hair that has lost its pigments (the things that make strands black to blonde and everything in between)

  1. Healthy habits that give strength and vitality ( the hair has to start out in good condition)
  2. Keeping the hair clean and moisturized, which removes dulling buildup and prevents dry frizzies)
  3. Using hair products that cancel yellowing, product to give shine and polish, gentle care when styling.

Let’s Look At Shampoo And Conditioner

Look for something gentle:

Keeping hair moisturized and healthy-looking is a matter of being gentle with it: no harsh products that strip away the oils and out er layer of the hair shaft. No overuse of heat from dryers and flatirons, or chemical treatments (permanents or straighteners).

Personally I have been using Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde, which tones and shines up my silvery hair.

If you’d like to try an intro pack of full size bottles in a case, I think you might be pleased with this combo sold on Amazon. The formuas are sulfate-free, gentle and moisturizing , and I love the toning color effect on my hair.

What about parabens?

Parabens are preservatives. The worry was that, as xenoestrogens, they would contribute to cancers- especially breast cancer.Commonly used in shampoos and other cosmetic formulations, if you have concerns seek out a Paraben-free product.

What about sulfates?

Sulfates are more potentially dangerous, and connected with a number of health issues, including hair loss.

The most popular of all the shampoos/conditioners that are used by women who frequent my pages on Silver hair is Pravana. It is free of the offending additives,

Full length review is found here

These two choices are the top two brands I would personally recommend, on all counts.

Styling And Shine

Finally we come to the main topic, which is how to add some real wattage to your hair, bringing out all the beauty of silvery hair. (And that includes, the salt and pepper and steel variety of grays, too),

I Love Serums

The first must have is serum. There is more than one, but again I am partial to Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil. No, I’m not paid to recommend these products. This brand has just worked out very well for me.

I love this stuff and not just for the gorgeous scent (which is one of the selling points that I would certainly gush on about).

Most any serum is going to give you the sleek look you are looking for, and I have used many types, Garnier, L’Oreal, John Frieda-and more. But the Wild Ginger Treatment Oil  has natural extracts along with the silicone that produces the shininess. It is very lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Apply it right after washing your hair, while it is still quite damp.

Buy Two, because you will love the way it makes your hair feel, small, and look. Actually I use this entire line of products. From the shampp through the sea-spray, to the hair styling mousse and more. What can I say? I fell in love with the fragrance and the way my hair looked.

(For shampoo and conditioner I switch off between the Forever Blonde and the Wild Ginger…with occasional use of Bumble and Bumble) I happen to be a big believer in rotating through different formulations for hair products.


The Gray Hair Pep Talk

For More Information

I started out writing about gray hair after deciding to grow it out, and doing some research and experimentation with what products worked best for me. Getting older meant lots of beauty choices changes and this was one of them. I collected lots of info and hairstyles which I included in an article posted on Squidoo.

Then I included an article showcasing hairstyles just for my type of hair: gray, medium texture, wavy, and shoulder length.

If you haven’t seen this yet, or trying to decide whether to grow out your gray hair, listen to my opinion on the topic.

Rose Water

Flower waters can be so refreshing especially on a hot summer day. I love to use them as skin toners, or as a light perfume, when summer heat means many perfumes are too heavy. Rose water is one of my favorites, and the most all-around useful.

Types and uses of rose water:
Since rosewater can lend a subtle flavor to foods, there is a culinary type, but the most popular use for it is as a beauty aid. Bulgarian Rose Water is some of the most famous that is commercially available, and it can be used for a hydrating skin toner straight from the bottle on a cotton ball.

“The different species used for oil production yield different compositions of oils and thus different scents. Moroccan Rose Oil (Rosa centifolia) is rich in Phenylethanol (63%), but contains less Citronellol (10-15%), Geraniol and Nerol (8%). The Bulgarian type (Rosa damascena) is naturally rich in Citronellol (35-55%), Geraniol and Nerol (40%) but only 2% Phenylethanol. Although traditionally Rosa gallica supplied the demand for Rose petals used for medicinal purposes, it is no longer possible to ascertain the exact species of red roses in circulation in the trade today. Rose petals used medicinally should be of a healthy, deep crimson colour and have a strongly aromatic scent.” –about rose water

I recently bought a spray on from the Wild Oats store and that has been an easy way to spritz a little on when the day is hot and I want something cool on my face and neck. Redolent of the beautiful Eastern custom of sprinkling rosewater on the hands and faces of guests.

Physically, rose water applied to the skin is supposed to not only hydrate but be anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat acne and skin irritation, and calm sunburn. Rose petals have tannin, which is an astringent. The 30-petal damask rose (Rosa x Damascena trigintipetala) has been cultivated since ancient times for the precious attar (rose oil) and rose water. Its aromatherapy reputation is that it aids strength and vitality while enhancing harmony and balance.

rose water skin care recipe
make your own floral water
Rose water is used a great deal in the Middle East, used for anything from adding flavor to their cooking to freshening bedroom linens and, of course, in perfumes.