Cherry Pie Day – Hooray!


An Excuse For 3 Fruit-filled Recipes

The Delightful Cherry Pie Is Celebrated

Why do I love February? Is it the cheery Valentines or the fact that winter is almost over? It certainly isn’t the slushy snow and cold rain that often mark this month in the north of the USA. But one thing that you can always count on is the proliferation of plenty of cherry pies in this month. And there is something wonderfully delightful about this red fruit pie that is sweet to the taste, the nose and the eye! No wonder a day is set aside to celebrate the delicious cherry pie.

Always observed on on February 20th, you can have a special celebration of this tasty pie at your house. But why is cherry pie day celebrated in February?

Step By Step Instructions To Bake Your Own

Cherry Pie Recipes to Try

Delectable Lattice Pie Filled with Tart Cherry Filling


Delectable Cherry Pie

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 55 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon soft butter
  • 1/2 cup cherry juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 3 cups drained canned cherries (reserve liquid)
  • Rich Pastry
  • 2 1/4 cups sifted flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2/3 cup shortening
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 egg white


  1. For Filling:
  2. Combine sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Stir in butter. Combine cherry juice, food coloring, almond extract, and lemon juice. Add this mixture to dry ingredients. Add cherries and let stand while preparing pastry.
  3. Line a 9-inch pie plate with pastry; fill with cherry mixture.
  4. Make lattice top; flute edges.
  5. Cut a 3-inch strip of aluminum foil and fold loosely around the edge of the pie.
  6. Bake at 400ºF for 50 to 55 minutes.
  7. For Pastry:
  8. Sift flour with salt and sugar.
  9. Cut in 1/2 shortening until mixture resembles cornmeal. Cut in other 1/2 until mixture resembles large peas.
  10. Beat egg yolk and lemon juice together. Blend in juice and milk. Add to dry ingredients, tossing with a fork into a soft dough.
  11. Form into a ball. Divide ball into halves.
  12. Roll first half to 1/8-inch thickness.
  13. After putting dough into pie pan, brush bottom with egg white.
  14. Roll second half out and cut into strips to make lattice top.

Show off your cherry pies

A cherry red pie plate is up to the task!
Any pie would look lovely served in this pie plate, but can you picture a lattice topped, tart cherry pie filling peeking through deliciously? Display it directly on the table, or let it stand out when serving desserts.

Cherry Red Pie Dish

Emile Henry 9-Inch Pie Dish, Cerise Red
Emile Henry 9-Inch Pie Dish, Cerise Red

This lovely fluted edge pie plate to accentuate the beauty of your cherry pie is in the appropriate color of cerise (cherry) red.

Oregon Fruits Cherry Pie Video

Cherry Pie Recipe – The one from the Oregon Fruits video shown on this lens

A video with plenty of pie making tips and taking you through the steps of how to make a lattice crust and fill it with a delicious cherry pie filling.

So gather all your ingredients and utensils and get ready to bake your own homemade pie!

Beautiful Lattice Cherry Pie
Traditional Cherry Pie
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
8 people 25 minutes
Cook Time
1 1/2 hour
Servings Prep Time
8 people 25 minutes
Cook Time
1 1/2 hour
Beautiful Lattice Cherry Pie
Traditional Cherry Pie
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
8 people 25 minutes
Cook Time
1 1/2 hour
Servings Prep Time
8 people 25 minutes
Cook Time
1 1/2 hour
Servings: people
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Drain the cherries and reserve the juice from only one can.
  2. In a saucepan, stir the cherry juice into the combined mixture of the cornstarch and sugar. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened. Remove from heat. Gently stir in cherries and almond extract.
  3. Pour filling into pastry lined pie pan. Dot with butter or margarine.
  4. Adjust crust, seal and vent. Bake for about 40 minutes. If necessary, cover edges with aluminum foil during last 15 minutes to prevent over-browning.
  5. Cool pie several hours to allow filling to thicken before slicing.
Recipe for the Pie Crust
  1. Mix flour and salt in a large mixing bowl.
  2. With a pastry blender, cut in shortening until it resembles coarse crumbs.
  3. Mix in the ice water, one tablespoon at a time, until dough forms a ball. Do not overmix. Divide dough into two balls.
  4. Using a well-floured surface and rolling pin, roll each pastry ball from the center to the edges with long, even strokes.
  5. Roll each pastry into a circle large enough to fit in a 9-inch pie plate.
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Recipe on Queen of Tarts,

Your Baking Style

How Do You Make Your Cherry Pie?

KitchenAid Double Oven For All Your Baking

Bake to your hearts delight in a dream kitchen oven. I have used both great ovens and had the unfortunate experience of poor ones. a well equipped kitchen helps make baking for special events a joy and success. I’m not just saying that.

I always wanted double ovens because at Thanksgiving and Christmas there is never enough space for the entrees and pies.
KitchenAid Architect Series II KEBS277SSS.27" Double Electric Wall Oven
KitchenAid Architect Series II KEBS277SSS.27″ Double Electric Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection System in Upper Oven & Temperature Probe: Stainless Steel

You need an oven to bake your pies, and this one is one of the best moderately priced for the home cook.

Great cooks use reliable appliances. If you are remodeling your kitchen or looking for an additional or replacement oven, consider the great quality of a KitchenAid.

Tart Cherries for pie

Which is best for cherry pies? Sweet or tart?

I’m sure there are those who have their preference for sweet cherries, but the tang of a tart cherry just seems made for addition to the tender crust and sweetened juices of a fruit pie. There seems to be good reason why sour cherries are also called “pie cherries”.

And while almond flavoring and vanilla extract are often called for to additionally flavor the pie filling, I like a pinch of mace. Try it! Mace is the outer part of the nutmeg and has a somewhat more subtle , but delicious flavor that it adds. Mace particularly complements cherry flavors.

Cherry Slab Pie – Delicious Recipe For A Crowd

This recipe is from Smitten Kitchen who got it from Martha Stewart. I don’t know who Martha Stewart got it from. The variation of making a slab pie is ideal for serving a large group- like at a potluck, etc.

Slab Cherry Pie
Print Recipe
From Smitten Kitchen
Prep Time
1 hour
Cook Time
55 minutes
Prep Time
1 hour
Cook Time
55 minutes
Slab Cherry Pie
Print Recipe
From Smitten Kitchen
Prep Time
1 hour
Cook Time
55 minutes
Prep Time
1 hour
Cook Time
55 minutes
Pie Dough
Servings: crowd
Directions For Pie
  1. Preheat oven to 375°. In a large bowl, combine cherries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, and salt. Stir to combine; set aside.
  2. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the larger piece of dough into an 18-by-12-inch rectangle. Work quickly, keeping the dough as cold as possible (and tossing it in the freezer for a couple minutes if it softens too quickly; it is summer after all) and using enough flour that it doesn't stick to the counter.
  3. Transfer to a 15-by-10-by-1-inch rimmed baking sheet, (pastry will hang over sides of pan). Line with parchment, if you wish (recommended). Pour cherry mixture into lined baking sheet; set aside.
  4. On a lightly floured surface, roll out remaining piece of dough into a 16-by-11-inch rectangle. Drape over filling. Bring bottom pastry up and over top pastry. Pinch edges to seal. Using a fork, prick top crust all over. Brush with heavy cream or egg wash.
  5. Bake until crust is golden and filling is bubbling, 40 to 55 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack until just warm to the touch, about 45 minutes.
  6. In a medium bowl, stir together confectioners' sugar and milk, water or lemon juice (your choice) until desired glaze consistency is achieved. Use a spoon to drizzle over top. Serve warm or room temperature.
For Pastry
  1. Fill a one cup liquid measuring cup with water, and drop in a few ice cubes; set it aside.; whisk together 2 1/2 cups flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Dice two sticks (8 ounces or 1 cup) of very cold unsalted butter into 1/2-inch pieces.
  2. Mix: Sprinkle the butter cubes over the flour and work them in with the pastry blender, blended evenly until the size of petit peas.
  3. Drizzle 1/2 cup of the ice-cold water (but not the cubes, if there are any left!) over the butter and flour mixture. Using a rubber or silicon spatula, gather the dough together. You'll probably need an additional 1/4 cup of cold water to bring it together, but add it a tablespoon as a time. Once you have large clumps with the spatula, mix with your hands . Gather the clumps together, kneading them gently.
  4. Divide the dough in half, and place each half on a large piece of plastic wrap. Shape it into a disk. Let the dough chill in the fridge for one hour, but preferably at least two, before rolling it out.
  5. Dough will keep in the fridge for about a week, and in the freezer longer. If not using it that day, wrap it in additional layers of plastic wrap to protect it from fridge/freezer smells. To defrost your dough, move it to the fridge for one day before using it.
Recipe Notes

Try this at your next buffet or potluck.

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The original recipe is here,

Sweet Little Tarts

Tart Montmorency
Tart Cherries Are Best For Pies

Pie Making Tips

From the American Pie Council

 Pie Making Tips 
  • Read the entire recipe before starting your pie. Make sure you have all of the ingredients and utensils and take time to understand all the directions. Skipping this step is the major cause of mistakes.
  • Cold ingredients are the one most important matter when making a great pie crust Have cold bowls and utensils for an extra measure of success. Be sure to chill the dough for at least an hour before rolling it out. Keep the shortening cold for a deliciously flaky crust.
  • Don’t overwork the dough. Your shortening or butter should be coated with flour mixture, not blended with it. Over handling and mixing causes gluten to form, and this is what toughens the dough. Cool your hands before handling, if possible (run under cold water and then dry thoroughly).
  • Transfer crust dough into the pie pan with care. Fit the dough into the dish while avoiding stretching. Trim the dough to 1″ inch over hang and tuck it under itself to create a thick rim.
  • With the index finger on one hand, press the dough against the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand; continue around the perimeter of the crust and dish, this is called fluting.
  • Bake the pie in the lower third of the oven, which helps bottom crust to finish baking. another tips is to cover the edges with foil or a crust protector so the edges won’t over brown.
  • Use only fresh ingredients. Make seasonally available fruit pies for best flavor. Cherries are in season during the month of June.

Pie Birds!

Spode Christmas Tree Pie Bird
Spode Christmas Tree Pie Bird Use this on your double crust pies to prevent the juices from bubbling out . It helps you attain that crisp, tender crust that sets your pies apart from the rest.
American Pie Council has lots of recipes to try.

Cherries Are Red

Beautiful Lattice Cherry Pie
Beautiful Lattice Cherry Pie

Which make them the perfect fruit filling for a pie that celebrates Valentine’s Day. AND February is National Cherry Month.

What is Cherry Pie Day?

And Why?

When I was a kid Presidents Day was a big deal in school, and along with that was the day to learn about the first U.S. President, George Washington. What does this have to do with cherries? You must have heard the tale of George’s famous ( albeit legendary and maybe imagined ) confession, “I cannot tell a lie, I cut down the cherry tree”. And cherries were linked to George Washington Day in February (his actual birthday is February 11th by the Julian calendar), now called “President’s Day” and used to celebrate Abraham Lincoln and George Washington; and, well, all the presidents, really. Whew, how complicated! That is an example of what happens when the government gets involved with things, isn’t it?

Who Thought Up This Holiday?

Well, this is not about the debate over President’s Day or the telling of myths and legends, but of something that we can all agree upon… a great cherry pie is worth celebrating. The wonderful thing about this fruit filling is that it is a great way to make a delicious pie any time of the year- even in the tail end of winter, during February. If using tart pie cherries, there really isn’t much quality difference between canned and fresh, unlike many of the other fruits, like peach or apple. Cherry pies are fine tasting using cherries you have canned from the cherry season of June last year. Now there is a taste difference in pie fillings, so if you use canned cherries and not the syrupy canned pie filling, it will produce a much better pie.

Where did National Cherry Pie Day originate? No one seems to know. It must have originated somewhere. My guess is that an organization like the Pie Council that claims authorship of National Pie Day, or the National Cherry Growers Association or some similar marketing group, declared it and set the date to fall around the time President’s Day is celebrated. Organizations quite often lobby for their representative food to have a national day. Besides National Cherry Pie Day, there are days for Cherry Cobbler and Cherry popovers. And there is one for moldy cheese, too, but that is somewhat beside the point.

The point is that you have an excuse to bake a perfectly delectable cherry pie and eat it in celebration of the day!

Don’t just bake a pie… play some games, learn about cherries, make it a fun and different day of celebration.

A Game To Play On Cherry Pie Day


~by Kylan from Kansas -5th Grade Teacher

We play a game called Cherry Pie. You stand in a circle and give the first student a word. He or she gives the first letter of the word. You continue going around the circle each person giving one letter. If someone misses they sit down and are out for the game. If the word is spelled correctly the person after the one who said the last letter correctly says, “cherry pie” and they are out for the game. This continues until there is only one person standing. I keep the game moving quickly, and I do no repeats, if they stutter or don’t know where we are they are out. This keeps them listening to every word.

All About Valentine’s Day

What Do You Know About St. Valentine’s Day?

You know how important the day is to ideals of romance and love, and you might love the celebration of the day for that, or you just might hate it for the same reason.

But what do you really know about this day and why red, pink, and white suddenly become the décor everywhere, and satin covered, heart boxes of chocolates appear?

Saint Valentine

February 14 is His Feast Day

For those unfamiliar with “feast days”, these are days set aside in the Church calendar to celebrate specific events and, in this case, a saint of the Catholic church. Because the Catholic (Christian) faith was replacing the pagan beliefs of an area and culture, the days chosen for some feast days of the Church were to supersede those of the local religion . Sometimes the two muddled up and the old traditions continued under the new holiday.

The story of the Saint, himself, is somewhat mysterious. Little account is given of his life and what is told is mainly legend. Valentine, Presbyter of Rome is considered the saint that is commemorated on February 14, and there are stories of his kindness to young people in love.

One source tells it this way:

The Story of St. Valentine

“In 270 A.D., marriage had been outlawed by the emperor of Rome, Claudius II. Claudius issued this decree because he thought that married men made bad soldiers since they were reluctant to be torn away from their families in the case of war. Claudius had also outlawed Christianity in this time period because he wished to be praised as the one supreme god, the Emperor of Rome. Valentine was the bishop of Interamna during this period of oppression. Valentine thought that the decrees of Rome were wrong. He believed that people should be free to love God and to marry. Valentine invited the young couples of the area to come to him. When they came, Valentine secretly performed services of matrimony and united the couples. ” [2*]

He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travelers, young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses.

The time of the feast day coincides with an old pagan celebration. Lupercalia, which falls at the ides of February, or February 15, was a fertility and romantic match ritual which later became replaced with the official feast of St. Valentine.

*2 cite: Lutheran Ministry

Valentine’s Day – What’s on Your Romance List?

Do You Celebrate Saint Valentine?

How do you observe this holiday?

As Shakespeare said:

“Sweets to the sweet.”

Hearts, Flowers, and Chocolate – Valentine’s Day Gift Favorites

Everyone thinks of hearts as the Valentine’s Day symbol, and flowers as the perfect gift especially when partnered with chocolates.

And then, there are flowers made from chocolate.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweetheart Candy Bouquet, 1 Dozen Red Chocolate Roses
Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweetheart Candy Bouquet, 1 Dozen Red Chocolate Roses This is a romantic way to present chocolate candy. Almost too pretty to eat…but it will get eaten!

Delightful Valentine’s Day Chocolates – Heart-shaped and delicious

Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment - 9 Chocolate Truffles for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day
Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment – 9 Chocolate Truffles for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day

For any special day comes this box of special chocolates, crafted in designer looks, and handmade out of premium dark chocolate. Orange, Raspberry, Chocolate and Espresso centers.

Kate Greenaway Valentine

Kate Greenaway Valentine

The Valentine Card

Have you heard of Esther Howland? If you love sending and receiving Valentine’s cards in the United States, she is partly responsible. She helped to pioneer the Valentine greeting industry.

It probably helped that her family owned the largest book and stationery store in the town of Worcester, Massachusetts, but it was the charming Valentine sent from England by one of her father’s associates that sparked her love affair with Valentines and her career of making beautiful Valentines that popularized them throughout the United States.

Esther Howland was not the first to make or send Valentines, but she created lovely ones that captured the imagination and heart of the American public. Today examples of her New England Valentine Company are highly collectible- if you can find them. They may be exhibited in museum collections. These were not ordinary cards, but artistic flights of fancy and imagination, some with many layers, customizable with labels and mottoes to express the desired intent; constructed with paper lace, die cut graphics, and luxurious embellishments.

How do you observe this holiday?

Red Roses – Valentine’s Day Tradition

Red roses always say romance and passion.
1-800-Flowers - Rose Elegance Premium Long Stem Red Roses - 12 Stem Red Roses
1-800-Flowers – Rose Elegance Premium Long Stem Red Roses – 12 Stem Red Roses If ever there were a classic Valentine’s Day gift, it must be a dozen red roses.

For those who wish to send something pretty – Flowers are one of the most welcome Valentine gifts

S.W.A.K. Valentine Red Lipstick Sticker

Old Fashioned Flowers

Victorian Romance Roses
Victorian Romance Roses

Fresh flowers are welcome for every occasion. Romantic Victorian roses max the message.

Valentine Candy – Conversation Hearts say it all

candy conversation hearts
candy conversation hearts

The makers of NECCO Sweethearts Conversation Hearts have stolen the hearts of many people who love to send their little messages. They have become iconic of Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite conversation heart message? Classics are “Kiss Me,” “Sweet Talk,” and “Be Mine.”, but every year a new batch of mottoes to their mix.

A Valentine Haiku

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts

Sugary and sweet,

Holding your heart in my hand

Thank you for the treat!


~~~~~~Valentine Statistics~~~~~~

Half of all celebrants said they will buy candy, 36 percent will buy flowers and 35.6 percent will treat someone to a nice evening out.

~NRF 2012 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey

~~~~~~Favorite Conversation Heart Sayings~~~~~~







Romantic Valentine Ideas – Here are some suggestions to make your day special

  1. Plan a Valentine Picnic – this one is easy, and fun!
  2. Handmade gifts if you have time. Are you crafty? Use your talents to make something from the heart.
  3. Valentine breakfast, like the picnic, but you get to make those fabulous waffles you always planned on trying.
  4. No time for breakfast, and the weather just doesn’t feel like picnic time? Cook up a romantic valentine dinner.
  5. Visit someplace that you both found romantic, or watch a romantic movie together.
  6. Write an Old Fashioned love letter. Tie it with a satin ribbon.
  7. Rose Petals- buy them, and strew them around the tables, the floor, the counters.
roses say I love you
Include flower meanings in a note

Florists Send Your Message in Flowers

You can add the flower meanings

This is a busy day for florists. Flowers are one of the number one gifts to give for Valentine’s day, often in tandem with chocolate candy. Besides the iconic one dozen red roses, there are many types and style of flower bouquets and one very romantic floral arrangement would have to be the Victorian Tussy Mussy. Using the language of flowers, a secret and romantic message may be sent, and decoded by your own special Valentine.

The nosegay is small, but very fragrant, and just the right touch for a Valentine Day gift of flowers.

Red roses stand for passion and love, but what do other flowers represent?

  • Carnation, red — “Alas for my poor heart”
  • China Pink rose — Beauty always new
  • Chrysanthemum — Love
  • Clover, four leaved — “Be mine”
  • Coreopsis — Love at first sight
  • Daisy — Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”
  • Fern — Sincerity
  • Forget-Me-Not — True love
  • Gardenia — Ecstasy
  • Pansy — “I am always thinking of you”
  • Heather — Admiration
  • Ivy — Fidelity, friendship, marriage
  • Jasmine — Grace
  • White Lily — Purity, modesty

Find more on the Tussy Mussy hub, or in the books available on the topic.

You May Learn More About Love Letter Valentines

Godiva Chocolate for Your Valentine – Smooth High Quality Chocolate

There is a difference, and better chocolate is worth the price difference. You can read about Chocolate history on the Godiva website. Did you know Spain kept the discovery of chocolate a secret from the rest of Europe for more than a century?

Godiva, Gourmet Chocolate, Unique Multi Tier, Four Level Gift Box Filled with 36 Premium Assorted Godiva Truffles
Godiva, Gourmet Chocolate, Unique Multi Tier, Four Level Gift Box Filled with 36 Premium Assorted Godiva Truffles

Godiva- smooth, fine chocolate that is always welcome.

What says "romance" to you?

Traditions of St. Valentine’s Day – How we commonly celebrate the holiday

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Cartoon is Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

It is considered a day for lovers, so every February 14th flowers are given, sweets and candies presented, and greeting cards, which are called “Valentines” , are sent with romantic greetings. A romantic meal with a special dessert , often made with chocolate, is part and parcel of the day.

But not only lovers celebrate the day. In schools, children often send valentines to every one in the class, and I have old memories of making “Valentine boxes”. Old shoe boxes with a letter sized hole cut into the lid, and covered with all sorts of gaudy Valentine decorations. These were to be the receptacle for the many little valentines that were customarily given. Cupcakes were often served to everyone.

Most Valentine greetings are now printed commercial cards, but in times past the tradition making homemade Valentines out of red paper and white paper doilies was common. These were decorated with bits and bobs of decorative paper ephemera, usually of birds, flowers, and cupids, and sometimes with pictures of young children or pets.

There also was the tradition of the “Vinegar Valentines” which we might deem “anti Valentine” cards. I always knew them as “Penny Dreadfuls”, but that is the term given a type of Victorian thriller fiction.

Indiana University has a collection of Valentine cards and history.

Some People Hate Valentine’s Day

Does that describe you? There are many reasons to hate a holiday. Sometimes the associations of disappointed hopes, or heightened expectations ruin the holiday for you. There are probably many reasons for antipathy towards Valentine’s Day.
Some people deal with that feeling of pain or dislike with Anti-valentines, even anti -Valentine activities.

If you are curious about those who decide to poke fun at this holiday, ‘Be My Anti-Valentine’ once provided some insights, maybe some laughs depending on your idea of humor. It is a site that seems to have closed, now, but there are plenty of people who wrote about those black-humored digital cards.


Geoffrey Chaucer

recorded the first Valentine connection with romance:

For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.

February 14 – is also known for some wacky holidays

  1. Ferris Wheel Day
  2. Library Lovers Day
  3. National Have a Heart Day
  4. Quirky Alone Day
  5. World Marriage Day

Originally published by Ilona Erwin on Squidoo .com @ 01/03/12

Ways To Be Romantic

What a Woman Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

What To Give Your Own True Love

In a nutshell, what a woman really wants on a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day is to feel special. She also would like a little romance. So, what is the problem with figuring out what to give the special woman in your life, if every woman wants the same thing?

Each woman is unique, and while each and every one would love to feel special, that might take a very different than the usual to achieve.

Luckily, this is a list of possibilities to choose from, although some are just what you would expect. There is nothing wrong with giving red roses or a box of candy, because it is the way a gift makes the special woman in your life feel that is important.

Do you really know her and her interests? Find the romantic form of that and go with it. Try to stay away from what says you like what she does, and choose something that says you love who she is.

Ideas for celebration, for that one special gift, and some illuminating videos to spark ideas and bring a little romance in that one day of the year set aside just for romance: Valentine’s Day. Some of the ideas are tried and true, some have a little twist, and others you may not have thought of before.

Here is your guide to making this day memorable. Mix and Match ideas to come up with a celebration that is uniquely the two of you.

Loved Specially

A few words on what is most important.

What Was Your BEST Valentine’s Day Gift Ever?

Choose from the list, or tell us your unique best Valentine gift

What was the best thing you ever received for Valentines Day?

What says "romance" to you?

Your Relationship

Being together is one of the most important things for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to involve lots of money spent.

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Show You In These Ways

Dress up the Occasion

You could choose one, you could choose several of these suggestions, or take off with an inspiration all your own. The important thing is to understand that your desire to make her feel special is the important ingredient for the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Notes Are Romantic

Even little sticky notes that relay your love- just make them count with what bonds you together- romantic thoughts, cute little sayings, reminders of what you love about her (or him!),

…use your imagination

Romantic And Easy

Ideas To Make The Time Special

  1. A special dinner at home. You can cook or bring home “take-out”, but be sure it shows you care about this being a special event. Include candles, serve it to her, put a bouquet of flowers on the table, add whatever special touches you know she loves.And of course, clean up, afterwards.
  2. A special dinner out. Lots of people do this one, and the restaurants are crowded. Think ahead and make sure you have reservations, choose a place that is one of the more quiet restaurants, with great food. Women like conversation, make the effort to talk about her interests and make an effort to communicate about what you love about her.
  3. Flowers. Do this the easy way, or the way that requires you to be a little more innovative. Red Roses, a dozen, will be the easy answer. If she loves the romantic message of a dozen red roses, go for it.If she loves other flowers, make the extra effort of ordering something that includes those. Or get an unusual bouquet of Hawaiian flowers, because you know she appreciates the unique or loves everything Asian, or you had a vacation to Maui together… details like that say “love”.
  4. A little gem of an idea. An engagement ring? Or are you married to your one true love? What gems does she favor? Are earrings or bracelets the one piece of jewelry she loves to wear when she dresses up? Haven’t noticed? Then get her something you would love to see her wear.
  5. The romance of scent. Perfume, the very word breathes romance, but which one to choose from the vast array? Find what she loves or give her the gift of scented candles, an aromatherapy session at the local spa, anything that smells wonderful.Let her have the luxury of the most wonderful bubble bath she ever had… try some bath bombs and gifts from LUSH.

Something Out Of The Ordinary

Your Photos on the Cover


Love Is …

Love is when I looked in your eyes

And I knew that I finally had realized

I want you, forever

~Liz B. Bridge

Free iPhone App to make your own magazine cover.

Ways To Give This Unique Gift

  • Personalized Magazine Covers
    A personalized magazine cover is a unique gift that your friends and family members will love! You can make these covers online and post them on social media sites like Facebook or MySpace. You can also have these magazines printed.
  • Free People magazine cover maker – put your photo on a dream mag cover!
    People magazine cover generator will make you the star of the next issue of famous magazine about celebrities. Create your fake magazine cover online!

Frame It

MCS Magazine Display Float Frame 11 x14 (40946)
MCS Magazine Display Float Frame 11 x14



A Book Of Poems – Romance Her

Love in Verse: Classic Poems of the Heart
Love in Verse: Classic Poems of the Heart

Speak to her heart in a way only poetry may … classic romantic poem collection.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Set the scene... rose petals, some candles, and your favorite, but simple, menu...
Set the scene… rose petals, some candles, and your favorite, but simple, menu…

Valentine Menu

Whether going out for a dinner date, or making something special at home, food has always held a center stage for romantics. Maybe because of the inclusion of so many of the sense at one time, or perhaps related to that oldtime adage that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, eating together is a traditional part of romance.

  • Valentine’s Day Breakfast Food: Recipe Ideas
    This article details eight different breakfast food ideas for Valentine’s Day. Some of them are very simple ideas while others are multi-step recipes. There’s something here for everyone.

Valentine’s Gifts From The Heart – Out of the ordinary

The Best Valentine’s Dinner Menu

Don’t Cook?

A Better Idea: Jewelry

Jewelry is always a welcomed gift, and classic pearls have the added value of representing perfection, femininity, class. The very name means “unique”.

Give her a special gift of jewelry and then order take-out….

“Girl with a Pearl Earring
“Girl with a Pearl Earring,”

Pearls Are Romantic – Pretty cultured pearl jewelry set

Does extravagance say romance? Not always, sometimes a woman loves the fact that you get her something beautiful that still stays within the budget… after all, you planned that vacation that you dreamed about together, right? Show her you want Valentine’s Day to be more than a date on the calendar, though.

For the Perfect Pearl of a Girl

"MarieAnt<br Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Diamond Accent Jewelry Set Freshwater pearls are lovely and not too expensive if the two of you are on a budget.

Some Ladies Love Sparkle

24k Gold Plated Rose Valentine's Day Gift Expressed Love Lettering
24k Gold Plated Rose Valentine’s Day Gift Expressed Love Lettering

Is Yumminess Important? What is the Cuteness factor?

The Classic Box of Chocolates

Sweets Can Say I Love You

Why does chocolate say I love you?

It is sweet

The sugar in chocolate might be the energy boost needed, it can quickly but safely raise the blood sugar levels (dark chocolate is low on the glycemic index). That relieves the irritability and fatigue of low levels.

It makes her feel good

Why? It boosts those chemicals in the brain that are pleasurable, like serotonin levels.

Send some quality chocolate for a sweet surprise.


Yes, you can.

Check through this list before you send chocolates:

  • Is there an allergy to chocolate? Or nuts?
  • What kind of filling is loved- or hated? Some people really don’t like crisp, or caramels, some don’t like really dark chocolate. Certain types of chocolates may be loved more than any other kind. If you don’t know, play it safe and get the assortment, or…. you could get another type of gift.
  • Is your budget low, and you can only get really inexpensive chocolate? Skip it, and try one of the other gift ideas to make a special and more memorable gift.

Seal It

A Little Bite Of Luxury

There are very good reasons that some gifts, such as flowers and candy, go together are are classic gifts for women. We like them! But what sets a gift apart is how well it conveys the meaning of how important the person is to you, how special, how. The gift is not a quantifier, it can’t say how much, but it is a modifier telling something about “in what way”. The more you can personalize it, the more it conveys the message.

Sometimes a dozen red roses is simply a dozen red roses, and no one needs to elaborate any further to what that gift means, but if you give chocolate… that can say something sweet in hundreds of different ways.

  • The luxury and novelty of form.
  • The excellence of quality.
  • How it is boxed, and whether it is her favorite or not.
  • The most important thing is that you know something about the person you are giving to, the more you know the better.
  • Does she love dark chocolate or milk chocolate better, or does she love all the same? Crunchy with nuts or creamy fillings?
  • Mix of all the above or something different altogether?

It usually isn’t too hard to find out. Just knowing a few details makes all the difference.


The Scent Of A Woman – Perfume

Giving a gift of perfume is one that is both intimate and requires knowledge of the personal preferences a woman has for her choice of perfume. You can personally investigate the ones your woman loves by asking those close to her, or taking a look at her dresser for clues. Best way? Take a shopping trip together and go by the perfume counters.

There are groups of scents and perfumes have dominant notes that clue the scent category they belong to; if you know the category most of her favorite perfumes belong to you might have an idea of which perfume to choose for a gift.

Coming up clueless? Don’t worry. Woman love candles and even if she doesn’t wear that perfume, she might just love a candle in that scent.

Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 fl. oz.
Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 fl. oz.

Watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, tuberose, caramel creme brûlée, vanilla, precious woods, and patchouli meld together to create one of the top ten in women’s fragrances.

This may be the one perfume she will love.

My Love Is

… like the red, red rose.

Romantic Rose Poetry

Fun Date Ideas: Discover Romantic, Inexpensive and Interesting Date Ideas for First Dates, Anniversaries, Valentines and Much More
Fun Date Ideas: Discover Romantic, Inexpensive and Interesting Date Ideas for First Dates, Anniversaries, Valentines and Much More

Sometimes you just need to kickstart your brain into thinking of something new and fun to do- this book is chock full of ideas.

Some Better Ideas

18 Romantic Ideas For Her Most Memorable Valentine's Day
18 Romantic Ideas For Her Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

Haven’t a clue? She will not believe it once you use these ideas to make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Valentine’s Surprise: Rings and Things That Sparkle

Pillow Talk…

BOLDLOFT® "From My Heart to Yours" His & Hers Couple Pillowcases-Matching Couple Gifts,Valentines Gifts for Her,Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend,Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her
BOLDLOFT® “From My Heart to Yours” His & Hers Couple Pillowcases-Matching Couple Gifts,Valentines Gifts for Her,Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend,Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her

Cute romantic pillowcases

Vintage Valentine Love – For an old fashioned girl

365 Days And Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive: Romantic Tips For Married Couples, Romantic Tips For Lovers, Romance Date Night Ideas, To Keep The Romance Alive In A Relationship
365 Days And Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive: Romantic Tips For Married Couples, Romantic Tips For Lovers, Romance Date Night Ideas, To Keep The Romance Alive In A Relationship

Once you have the romance part of your relationship in place- keep it alive and scintillating.

His and Hers

2pcs His and Hers Heart Stainless Steel Pendant Love Necklace Set
2pcs His and Hers Heart Stainless Steel Pendant Love Necklace Set

Joined at the heart…

Valentines Day For Dummies