What about Supplements, Herbs, and Vitamins?

Herbs & Vitamins

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. All information is offered from my own personal opinions and experience for you to use for informational purposes only. We are responsible for our own health decisions and that includes consulting medical professionals for advice and care.

Why use them? I run across opinions from the medical sector and “experts” who dismiss the use of supplements, normally with the statement that they’re unnecessary when a balanced diet is consumed. I suppose that those ideas come from insufficient knowledge of agricultural practices.

So where are my degrees? My clinical experience? Nonexistent. I’m a gardener, I’m a mom. But, think about this: Our bodies are composed of what we eat, our nutrients.

In the same way a plant or animal food is composed of its nutrients. If foods are grown on selenium deficient soils, will they have enough selenium in them? Iodine deficient soils are known to cause problems, thus iodized salt.

Modern farming uses depleted soils to grow crops, sometimes repeatedly the same ones, with the chemical additions of the “big three” – nitrogen, potassium, and potash. Additionally, many modern hybrids are raised for disease resistance or ease of handling. This doesn’t translate into better nutrition.

Herbal and vitamin supplementation of the best diet we can avail ourselves of just makes sense.

Fresh herbs and tea count, too

My Routine

Because there have been many challenges to deal with in the last decade, there have been a number of supplements I have been trying to add into my daily diet. The most outstanding problem has been hypertension, which I will tell you about first.  Besides that, I have routine vitamins, (those taken regularly) :

Admittedly, I sometimes feel like I’ve amassed a small pharmacy worth of vitamins and herbs; but this has been helping me.

Dealing With High Blood Pressure

In working on the pressures- a doctor suggested having a glucose tolerance test. If blood sugar imbalances are damaging tissues then many of the things which help a diabetic condition would also aid the eye and blood pressure to normalize. This is a confirmation to me to exercise, add supplemental selenium, and antioxidants.

What Am I Doing Now? What Works.

I have been on blood pressure medication for a number of years now. I am trying to cut it back with the goal of no longer needing it. I have had trouble from the beginning with sometimes wild fluctuations, and developed a way to manage this. First I will list what I use, and then explain why.

  • I eat beets and drink beet juice supplements
  • I take Cinnamon and alpha-lipoic acid capsules
  • Fish oil or Krill oil for healthy Omega fats
  • Vitamin D3
  • Magnesium drink (Calm)
  • Probiotics

Beet consumption has been shown to lower blood pressure; it works in that way for me. Fish oil is often prescribed for heart health and has blood thinning properties.(1)

Magnesium is a mineral that many Americans are deficient in, and it is needed for blood pressure and glucose regulation. (2)

Ginko Biloba and Some Words on Balancing One’s Life

More on Gingko biloba: this definitely is a helpful herb and its effects ought to be considered. First, I understand it acts as a blood thinner- which might explain some of its helpfulness in the peripheral circulatory system.

Beware of Combinations

be careful
be careful

You should be aware of other blood thinning products you might be using (like aspirin). Another, subjective, observation is that it has stimulant properties. So, I personally don’t like to take it in the evening – sort of behaves like caffeine in my system.

We are often advised to be careful how foods or others things interact when prescribed medications.

Herbs and even vitamins can interact both with each other, with foods or with medications we are taking, in the same way. Blood thinning factors are one thing to be aware of, but some foods, like grapefruit juice can either magnify, cancel or otherwise change effectiveness or safety of what we ingest.

When devising our own health plan, we should research or ask advisce about possible interactions.

Natural Means Are Not A Quick Fix, But Take Time

My weight is moderate at 125 lbs. and I really don’t want to drop weight, but if you carry extra pounds, the additional exercise and some chromium picolinate can only help. People who need to lose weight should do it for themselves-your health is worth it!

UPDATED: I originally wrote this article in 1999-2001 time period. Today, in 2018 my body and health requisites have changed. I have learned a lot in the meantime, but I have also battled serious issues that include weight gain. I have learned how difficult it is to lose weight when your metabolism has changed, when medications taken have side effects on your appetite and weight gain. I will keep the pertinent original info, but this page must reflect my new status of fighting to keep down blood pressure and weight gain.

Herbs and supplements are not a ‘quick fix’, so moderation and patience (the same qualities needed for all permanent life changes) will be necessary. The concept of homeostasis, picture a balance or stacking building blocks , means we adjust our system gradually. Here is as good a place as any to compare and contrast health philosophies.

This Is Not A Diatribe Against Doctors

There is a place for the medical establishment and for self-help; the two have always coexisted along with the third, the spiritual factor. I have to believe doctors have always found it frustrating to shoulder the responsibility of prevention. It is up to an individual to do the actual exercise and common sense activities of eating, sleeping, etc.

Doctors and hospitals seem best suited for emergency intervention – I definitely want them for injuries or a heart attack! But in daily situations , they are like very expensive personal trainers, if you have the money and the need, avail yourself.

The rest of us are being priced out of the market; besides, it is very pleasant to experience a healthy lifestyle. That’s the reason to use nutrition, herb, and fitness information.

Spiritual Factors

I really have to throw one caveat in here: we cannot guarantee our own health and well-being. No doctor can, either. That’s why there has always been the spiritual factor.

You know the saying “Life happens” (and the variants thereof), well, despite our best laid plans the principle of entropy can manifest. .or lightning can strike…or…or..And in the meantime we can do what we can.

For me, the spiritual factor is Jesus Christ, and I really don’t want to hem and haw around yours if its different. I have a page on why I believe in Him, but, for now, allow me to share one amazing fact. When I exercise for a couple of days, I easily lower my blood pressure points about five-ten; when I pray for maybe ten minutes the same effect occurs. Just thought I’d throw that in since it shows that dealing with the whole person (not just the body) is important.

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Exercise Your Way

yes or no choice

Exercise and the Christian Woman

Follow your heart

If you are like many Christians, it is a temptation to make such a division between the spiritual and the physical that the two realms almost seem mutually exclusive. Or you may not have a spiritual emphasis, but an intellectual one. It is as if to be truly spiritual or intelligent, we must almost deny we have bodies.

This is a grave mistake and not what scripture refers to when we are told to deny the flesh. Since that statement demands some exegesis (or whatever you call bible study), it will have to wait for an addition in the bible section of my page. For now, let’s just look at the matter practically and ask these questions:

Things To Ask Ourselves

* Do I need good health to carry out my responsibilities to my family?
* If I have physical strength, can I work more effectively taking care of the elderly, the needy, or others who have need of my services?
* If I have more energy, could I additionally serve the Lord? In other words, will it prepare me for future ministry?

If You Answered Yes

Now, perhaps you feel more virtuous praying “God, help me lose weight, help me overcome fatigue, or this besetting illness” and then sitting back in faith. Or in your intellectual quest, you are willing to read book after book of self-help or the latest diet.

Now it is time to add works to your faith. Add action to your knowledge.

That is not to say those spiritual things (looking to God for help or asking to be healed) aren’t necessary, they are, but we need to add a little balance . Try to eat right, exercise, rest properly…all those things that are the attributes of moderation. And if you carefully read much of the scientific findings on good health you will see it all boils down to being moderate.

“Let your moderation be known to all men”.

Philippians 4:5

A word here on what exercise won’t do. There is a scripture ( I Timothy 4:8) that states “bodily exercise profiteth little”. And that is absolutely true: it profits something, but doesn’t take the place of character and spiritual building. One look at the number of athletes with moral problems ought to illustrate that point most eloquently.

Let’s say you’re ready, convinced that exercise is going to be part of your life, what choices are out there and how will you fit them into your life? What are some choices and what considerations are there for Christian women?

  1. Weight training is important when you live a Western lifestyle (when was the last time you hauled water from a well?). For healthy bones and maintaining muscle strength some form of weights should be used. If you have a body type that bulks up easily, a program like The Firms cross training should work fine since it combines aerobics and light weights.
  2. Martial arts and workouts such as the Tae-bo type should fulfill your aerobic needs, as long as you skip some of the Oriental Philosophy involved. Actually, many forms of exercise have philosophies and sometimes religious beliefs included; if you have qualms about this just avoid that type and make your own program.
  3. Yoga was one form I avoided for awhile since it comes from an Eastern religion, but I found myself doing many of the exercises in my tapes. The stretches are wonderful and you may find the ones you need in one of the Wharton’s books, or in a Pilates program, as well as in many videotapes available. The flexibility that stretching gives your body is necessary, the yoga program is not. Choose according to your conscience.
  4. Dance gives gracefulness along with flexibility and aerobics in a fun format. Again, though, some people have reservations and should follow their choice to other forms. But for those who like this way of getting a workout, there are so many types of dance- each with its own feeling and demands. Ballet is athletic, jazzercise is fun way to get fit, bellydance is feminine and sensual, etc.
  5. Take yourself outdoors to witness the glory of God’s creation. Begin walking or gardening and if the nasty little creatures are bothering you find some Avon “Skin So Soft” and learn to praise the Lord for the day when there won’t be such curses!

What I’m not trying to do is make judgment calls on the forms of exercise and whether you should engage in them.

The Biblical hierarchy is always spiritual first, soul second, body third. One does not nix another, as in forgetting about the body or soul in pursuit of spiritual growth. It might help to remember how interdependent the heart, soul, and body are. How many times is physical health undermined through the damage done to a person’s heart and mind? Or vice versa? 

The Bible addresses “wholeness”, and others may use the term “holistic”, but the idea is that we are not compartmentalized beings, and fragmenting our view of ourselves leads to poor health. 

Exercising the body is one part of the wholeness. Not more than building good character or growing spiritually, but alongside these important goals.

There are so many ways to get the bodily exercise you need that there is no reason to wound your conscience by engaging in a type that you are disturbed about.

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Making The Time For Exercise

finding time

How can I find the time to exercise? This can be tough when your schedule is already full or you have small children at home (duh, same difference). It is terrific to know that small bites of exercise throughout your day are an accomplishment that can give you results.

points to Keep in Mind

  • Move exercise time to the top of your priority list.
  • Strategize the best times of day to develop a habit.
  • Determine that your health is important enough to not tolerate competition from other demands.
  • Vary your exercise efforts and incorporate an element of fun and enjoyment.
  • Consider using a fitness app or watch to spur you on to exercise regularly throughout the day and week.

Aim for the three to five full workouts, but understand that you will, many times, have to skip some of them. Just be prepared with exercises you can do in the car and at your desk, free weights in the bedroom for some back and arm exercises for five minutes between coffee and the rest of your day or at night while you watch that video or wait for SOME peoples pages to load. We’ve all been there…

I joined Curves to provide a consistency to my efforts; I found that exercising together with other women in a positive environment is very helpful. We all talk about how it is time that we take for ourselves, because we need it. We are the better for taking the time and those around us are better for it, too!

After Curves, our family signed up for a membership at our local YMCA. I haven’t taken classes there, but used the equipment, including treadmills and ellipticals. My grown kids have joined gyms, and these are all helpful ways to stay motivated and put in the time for fitness.

Exercise Will Do You Good

You know it is sort of an overused joke that people who go to fitness clubs jockey for the closest parking spaces. Make up your mind to do a little extra walking, stair climbing (in real life), etc. during your day. This is a great stress reliever, as well; instead of fuming about that creep taking the spot you were waiting for, you are actually thinking Pollyanna thoughts of how good the exercise is since you won’t have time for the regular workout this day. REALLY.

me in the garden

This is a totally new way of thinking and very freeing. The workouts you do ought to pay off in more strength for those everyday chores. All work is some sort of exercise! The reason for structured workouts is so that you are building muscles that are somewhat neglected in your daily activities, compensating for the fact that you overwork some muscle groups while underusing others.

Stretching exercises can be squeezed in almost anytime. Stretches, once learned, can be worked into the day to increase flexibility – you won’t believe how much better you function after working on lengthening some of your poor contracted muscles!

My favorite way to learn stretch exercises is through (have you guessed?) – a video. Although I did find books from the library and magazine articles which illustrate a regimen to try.  However, it is  just that I love someone else thinking up the sequences and moves, while I just follow along with music and timing all worked out for me.

How I’ve been making time for exercise lately

You know how we waste time on Facebook? Frittering away more time than is reasonably rational. Well, we can turn at least some of that into a creative way to get a bit more exercise. All we have to do is use some of the posted videos to turn some of that time into a fitness routine.

I love this! My new preferred way to exercise is available in streaming or with dvds.
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Creating A Fitness Plan

Exercise: Where to Start?

I thought about starting here because exercise is so foundational to good health. My equation is HEALTHY=BEAUTIFUL as well as its reverse (I knew it, algebra was worth something!).

In the last few years, I’ve been regularly exercising-originally to combat back spasms, rising blood pressure and eye pressure. My pressures are down, back spasms no more, and I have some other truly valuable benefits besides. I’ve shaped up (my husband is so appreciative), I have more energy (needed that!), and (what I most appreciate) I’m stronger. Much stronger. Human beings, being compound organisms require compound components, so exercise is only part of what’s needed, but that’s the part addressed right here.

Betty Boop

Key to consistent effort in exercise is finding something you like, so you keep working with it. In my twenties, running was really popular and my husband was interested in it, so I thought I’d try that. I did, once. It was so boring for me.

What I find I really like, many women I talk with find boring: exercise videos. I love exercise videos. My “Jane Fonda Complete” started me out in weight training. I’m so grateful, Jane! This was when I began to notice my strength improvement – and have found many references in medical articles on the necessity of this type of exercise.

Fitness On Video

Susan Powter is great in this respect, too. Her videos are a great workout with “real people” partners. Kathy Smith has the best pregnancy workout, and her “Body Basics” was the first video I purchased.

There are so many fitness types and stars of every type to lead us in routines that cater to every level of ability that there is really no excuse to delay creating your plan. Stretching, yoga, Latin dance, even chair exercises to deliver personal training right in your living room

I always rent or borrow videos to work with before I buy and it gives variety to my routine. So this is my main form of aerobic exercise, which I supplement with free weights.

Since I first wrote these tips, so much has changed on the video fitness front. Now, you can choose from DVDs to Youtube, and I notice that Amazon Prime offers a wide range, as well. 

One of my favorites, for the thoughts, the music, and the movement

One that I have fun with lately is “Body Groove” – check it out! I like its loose, fun style that fits the fact that I need movement and don’t have lots of ability right now.

Tactics to Tackle Exercise


I keep some dumbbells in my bedroom so that I can fit in exercise easily. Please, no jokes about that last sentence. I know none of this is new, mostly it’s just a pep talk – you have to “just do it”.

The observation I have at this point is that so many times we limit ourselves to activities which don’t fulfill our needs: team sports, good weather activities, gardening. These activities are exercise, but usually they’re marathon efforts with long absences between sessions.

Find something to fill in the spaces of everyday activities.

I would compile it this way:

  • stretching exercises
  • aerobic of your choice
  • recreational events(hiking,skiing,double digging a rose bed)
  • weight training

Women, particularly, need to take responsibility for their wellbeing. We’ll be more purposeful in our lives, feel better, prevent diseases, alot of things because we add exercise. It’s not the answer to all of life’s problems – I believe only Christ is-but bodily exercise is a key to bodily wellbeing.
You already know I like exercise videos, but thought I’d list the ones I like best:

jumping rope is good exercise

Oldie but Goodies

  • The Firm series: these are tough and effective; be sure to pace yourself and add the weights in carefully.
  • Jane Fonda series: I like the dance moves, variety of weights and spot exercises.
  • Kathy Smith Body Basics: This is the best warmup, and best ab and leg work in my opinion.
  • Marilu Henner Dance Aerobics: fun dancing
  • Susan Powter: no nonsense strength training and shaping. Great attitude!
  • Various Pilates-type videos: Kathi Smith, Denise Austin, and many more to try. Concentrated.

There are so many more to choose from now than when I started. I have especially liked the wide range of Yoga workouts.

yoga time
yoga time

Many of the stretches and strength exercises were given to me when I had to have some physical therapy in recent years. I believe we lose fitness without being completely aware of what’s happening.

This is all the more reason to create a deliberate plan and stick to it. It is the habit that is important, the challenge level or even the forms ( dance, aerobics, yoga) may well change to adjust to our interests and needs, but the fact that we need to keep using all our muscle groups remains the main goal.

A fun way to get aerobic exercise is in a dance class. There are many forms of dance, jazzercise, ballet, modern, but an unusual type I tried was bellydance

I have some pages on the many aspects of belly dance, including the costuming part of it.  They will soon be posted here.

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3-Step Motivation For Fitness

Get Motivated!

do it today, not tomorrow

Greetings! I’d like to write a few words on motivation before I add new pages to this section. I’m sure it is different for everyone, but sooner or later something trips up our regimen.

My Story

Some years ago, for me, it was some family/emotional crisis I went through. I just did not have the motivation to continue regular (oh, let’s be truthful: any) exercise for weeks. When I could make myself care about it I put in an hour or so once a week. I knew for the sake of my health and energy, that this situation couldn’t go on.

As time as gone on, I have found that motivation has been an increasingly important factor.

At one time I joined Curves to provide that extra impetus to remain focused on exercising for health. It was motivating for a time, but I still needed to follow the following steps to “get back on the bandwagon”.

…And here is the method I follow to get back on track.

Keep It Simple

woman walking
Keeping it simple

1 First, dispose of all guilt. It simply is counter-productive and exercise is not one of the ten commandments. Yes, you are healthier and you feel stronger; you get those endomorphins surging, but that is something you do because you want to, and you are not a bad person if you haven’t worked out lately.

2 Next, start back slowly, realizing you won’t be doing as much, at the pace before your layoff. The good news, of course, is that because you were exercising, it will not be as long to regain stamina, strength, and shape, as when you first began.

Still, you shouldn’t go all out and short-circuit your newfound resolve. Achy or injured muscles tend to dampen enthusiasm for most of us. Build up your mind-set with a little positive thinking…

  • “I’m worth it”…
  • “my family will benefit from it…and they are worth it”
  • “I will feel better, if I do this ” …whatever is your form of affirmation.

3 Finally, recognize that the ebb and flow of life means that you may get the flu, or have family matters that require lion shares of time, or any number of things that interfere with scheduled workouts. The resumption of workouts is part of the flow- you just have to decide that good health is non-negotiable and remember all the benefits of exercise.

The number of diseases exercise staves off or ameliorates is amazing. You will look better and function better, all with a few hours week spent in a simple work-out program. Not because I say so, but reams of medical research has come to this conclusion. (1)

When exercise is made a lifestyle habit, it helps such wide ranging problems as heart health to diabetes management to eye health. 

Starting slow or with enthusiasm?

On to the rest of the fitness pages with determination to make your own life better. You will love the person you become if you take time to meditate on good things.

If you schedule time to enjoy yourself and those around you, and if you build strength. In whatever ways and whatever amounts you are able!

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Over Fifty? Start The New Year With A Beauty Toolkit

Aging Gracefully

I’m Older, Saggier, Gone Gray – Now What?

You wanted a prettier picture, didn’t you? But prettier pictures aren’t true reflections of reality, and we are just going to feel, and look, more frumpy until we take that reality and turn it to our advantage.

OK, that sounds pretty dismal, doesn’t it? The reality is that though aging isn’t what it used to be, it still presents challenges. (Let’s be honest here).

If you are like me, and find that aging is sometimes much more awkward than graceful, but you are ready to tune things up and refurbish your chassis a bit…. this is the toolkit for you.

Aging Gracefully

While some of the most helpful tools and tips for anti-aging are included here, reader tips are quite welcome (actually if you could see me I am begging with pleading eyes). Please share any tips that you have found to help the rest of us maintain health, preserve beauty, reconstitute our dreams, or whatever is in YOUR toolkit…

helen mirren
Stylishly Dressing The Part

Helen Mirren’s Style Helen Mirren elicits admiration from many, including me, for her her mature beauty and elegant style. I’ve looked to her for clues in how I might gain this look for myself.

I am no longer young and slim, so what do I wear now?

older woman of the past
Aging has never been easy

It doesn’t matter if the only part of that statement is that you are no longer young. No, I take that back… you are actually a step ahead if you had to deal with a curvier, heavier body to clothe, because you know that there are clothes that make you look better and feel more comfortable and those that are a crime to wear. You know the clothes I’m talking about, the ones they sell to us, every season, which some of us ( not naming names) buy …every season… because we haven’t learned our lesson yet.

But like some other parts of the toolkit, this one has a few universals, too. Like posture. Good posture gets rid of lots of rolls that you thought you had, but were just re-situated flesh. More flesh just makes that more obvious. Besides, you feel better and your frame operates better when you have good posture.

Good posture is one of those things that depends on the strength of your muscles, especially your abdominal muscles. Yes, those. Whoa, Nelly, why are we talking about good posture when this was supposed to be about the fun stuff, like buying clothes? Well, hold your horses, there, friend… you have heard of a clothes horse, haven’t you? ( yes, I’m having too much fun with this).

A woman who has good posture has an air of confidence, and her clothes just look better on her. As older women we need that. Put that in your toolbox.

Changes in Clothes

I had to change the types of clothes I buy. I now appreciate stretchy waists ( I know: the abdominal exercises, etc… but I am not totally there yet). Looser flowy ( but not too flowy) tops are my friends. Tight Tshirts and low waisted jeans are my enemies until I lose alot of weight, which is not happening soon, but hopefully at some point. That admitted, my body has rearranged and I am not sure what exercise and weight loss is able to do about that.

Better to have shirts and jackets that skim the waist, don’t tuck things in or cinch them if your waist and surrounding areas are a little bulgy.

Clothing tool #1: refuse to wear something too tight

As always, I LOVE white cotton, buttoned shirts. LOVE them. They are my best friends.

Clothing tool #2: wear good shoes that are comfortable for you

Clothing tool #3: get a good quality, well cut coat.

Another tool in my personal toolkit is to take my tasteful, honest daughter shopping with me. I made my better choices on a coat and purse that way. My look tends to stay in a rut, otherwise.

Clothing tool #4: find brand names that work for your body.-buy those brands.

Don’t buy your ‘age’, buy your ‘style’.

I almost wish girdles were back in style, though. Never mind, pretend I didn’t say that.

Even if you color your hair, but especially if you have gone gray, your skin fades, and that needs an adjustment in the hues you buy for your wardrobe.

I’ll tell you a personal story. I colored my hair for a number of years, I chose a warm brown with caramel highlights mostly ( the stylist did the work, but I chose the general color I wanted). Warm colors and I went with an Autumn wardrobe palette, even though I’m one of those hard to pin point seasonal colors (“Winter? Autumn. Autumn? Winter… um I don’t’ know ..OK Autumn“) Anyways, once my hair turned steely gray with a winter white shock of it near my face, the oranges and mustards didn’t look so good on me anymore. Corals were a bit iffy, too. Yellows were downright bad. So I had to rearrange the color scheme of my wardrobe.

Unfamiliar with the “color seasons” wardrobe concept? Read about it here.

The one color I know I look good in is Charcoal. Still in the learning curve.

stylish coat
Fashion Coat

Clothing That Fits
Your middle is thicker, you may have changed dress sizes, and your bra may not fit right. Adjust your self image with your reality. That doesn’t mean old fashioned style! Keep open minded about incorporating new style into your look. Quality construction and fabric count. Smooth, well fitting clothes shaves off the years.

Get a Good Looking Jacket

Mac and Jac Is One Designer with Class

Find a Brand that Fits YOU!
Certain brands are kinder to the mature figure

Look for stretch fabrics, good cut, forgiving waistlines, tummy minimizing panels.

Gloria Vanderbilt pants and jeans always fit me well. I now stay with brands that cater to women who have my shape- older women, that is. A slimming pair of pants are ones that fit well, and are comfortable at the same time. This is one of those brands that fit.

The little extra bit of stretch and the cut are what set these jeans apart.


Have a Favorite Handbag?


Does Its Style Flatter You? – Carry it fashionably


A bulky, out of date handbag can date you. Take cues from fashion and the younger generation on this accessory.

My daughter-in-law picked out my all time favorite handbag as a gift for me. It holds everything, but has a very slim outline and not too heavy. When I go on vacation I like something bigger to carry more with me. For most occasions, too big a bag weighs me down with everything I am tempted to carry around in it, so a smaller bag with lots of organized pocket space helps save my energy.

Look in a mirror when choosing a handbag to see the overall silhouette. Better quality materials, as in clothing, makes accessories to contribute to an overall svelte or youthful look.


As you can tell by now, I let brand names guide me when it comes to fashion, style, and fit. Fossil is my fav name in purses.

Tools For Health

Keep Active, Eat Right, Use Effective Products

Jamie Lee Curtis is a good role model

Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis,Good Looks At Any Age

I think Jamie Curtis is absolutely gorgeous. She has a look that is healthy, natural, and which any woman might want to emulate. Jamie Lee Curtis and I share something in common: we have some Hungarian ancestry. With her athletic, yet feminine style, she has a youthful look to emulate

read more.

Advice and confessions

First a confession. I stopped coloring my hair and went naturally gray a few years ago, and I am radically happy about it. That doesn’t mean I am going to evangelize the rest of the women in the world to do the same. I am going to celebrate my choice. That said, the tools we are going to use for maintaining our beautiful (think positively, now) mane of hair are applicable across the spectrum of no color, highlighted, full-on colored treatments. In fact, most of the tools are things we should do no matter what our age.

Cross-Generational and Cross-Color Tools:

  • Vitamins
  • Good nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Keeping the scalp clean
  • Gentle Handling
  • Conditioning
  • Right Products for the (our) Hair

Actually what you will notice is that many of our tools are going to be multitasking to improve our skin, our energy levels, and our moods. That is because the foundation that ought to have been drummed into us when we were younger was that the the basis for beauty is good health. In fact, good health is the basis for a lot of the better things in life.

So we might as well make up our minds right now that we are going to learn how to use these tools properly and work with them every day. It is our job. Our job is to learn how to live our lives to their fullest. Sure, aging and all sorts of things get in the way, that is the backbeat of life, but our job is to maintain ourselves to the utmost of our ability. Why? Do I need a reason why? Of course I do, because like most everyone else I tend to forget: I cannot trade myself in or get replacement parts when somethings starts giving out.

We need to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

That ought to be listed in the tools: a right attitude towards ourselves and our health.

Once Your Hair Is Healthy

Once your heir is healthy, keep it shined with a serum. Use a straightening iron to keep it smooth and bring out even more shine.

Older women need a bit of color, but nothing garish. Compliment dark clothes, and silvery hair with soft roses in your cheeks and on your lips.

Similar to losing color from lips, our eyebrows sometimes thin and need some accenting. I use eyebrow powder and like it much better than pencils. When I was young I had quite think dark brows, so this is another side effect of the growing older.

Getting Fit

My favorite exercise is yoga stretching and gardening activities. Taking walks has become a commitment my husband and I have made to each other.

Improve Your Brain

Feel Younger, Keep Sharp

More than Skin Deep!

Not just what goes on cosmetically, when we utilize the tools of nutrition plus other activities to keep the brain healthy we are preserving our health, beauty, and life.

I was introduced to Dr. Amen through PBS and what he has to say makes great sense. A better brain and keeping your weight down? I’m sold on that.

Brain Matters
Buy This Allposters.com
Dr. Amen’s Books

Vitamin Supplements

Improve your nutrition

There are sooo many supplements and companies that produce them that it might make your head spin. Generally I like to stay within certain brand names that I trust, but if you look at features such as “standardized” ingredients, you are likely to find good quality products.

I’ve used “New Chapter” for years, ever since my health-conscious daughter recommended them.

Although there are quite a few special formulations, I like to use a multi-vitamin as a basic start for good nutrition.

I know there are lots of arguments (still!) about whether we should use vitamin pills, but I think that with modern farming methods that often strip away nutrients it is important to take supplements.

I notice a difference in my health between times I am diligent in taking my vitamins and when I get lax.

Healthy Skin For Naturally Aging Better

A Good Skin Cream – For night repair

Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep, as well. “Beauty sleep” is more than a blithe cliche. Try out RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, 1 Ounce. I use it.

Anti-Aging Beauty Advice

Keep these tips in your toolkit of daily habits:

*You use sunscreen, don’t you? AND get plenty of time outdoors to get the vitamin D from the sun? It sounds contradictory, but you need to protect your skin from sun damage, getting sunburned, but good health requires some outdoor time, since the skin makes important vitamin D.

A Good Skin Care Regimen

I love Shiseido! I’ve tried many brands, but this has to be my all time favorite for great products with fantastic results.

Take Care of Your Aging Hair

Gray hair can stay- looking healthy

Lovely gray hair

One of the most helpful tips I learned about my hair which seemed to be thinning out was to keep the scalp clean. I thought too many shampoos would make my hair too dry, but actually it is important for the health of the hair follicles to keep the scalp clean. Check out the Silver Fox gray hair lens for great hair products.

Got Gray Hair? – Leave a note about your favorite aging gracefully tip