Cheerful Strawberry Décor For Any Place In Your House

Cheerful, with the attractive red, white and green palette, strawberries are beloved motifs for fabrics, furnishings and decorative objects. 

Strawberry Fields Forever

Everybody probably has some sort of design motif that is their favorite, whether it derives from its colors, or shape, or other connection to memory or loved object. Maybe a motif is as simple as a pattern that has an unconscious resonance for us with harmonies in nature.

For me, I somehow have always loved strawberry plant designs. I even gravitate toward the red, green and white color combination in home décor choices as a sort of default.

This hub is for all those, who like me, love the humble strawberry… in fruit and in flower.

Kitchen Strawberries

Beautiful interpretations of the brightly colorful strawberry

Strawberries, perhaps because of their cheerful appearance- those bright red berries with golden little polka-dot seeds and beautiful green leaves, are cheerful. Is that why we are drawn to decorate with them in painting them on furnishings or printing them on fabrics?

Equally attractive when framed with black or a white background, they are common in tole painting projects and often are popular with kitchen accessories. After all, what is more at home in the kitchen than a bright luscious strawberry design? The colors the delicious food motif, bring a bright note to many styles of kitchen decor.

Imagine your everyday meals dressed up with this cheerful strawberry decorated dinnerware.

Take a look at just a few of the examples of kitchen products that employ the cheerful strawberry:

Wild Strawberry Special Occasion – Delicate Strawberry Flowers and Runners

The delicate strawberry flowers bring a completely different feeling of pastel prettiness to many famous designs, such as the Wedgwood chinaware.

Wedgwood Wild Strawberry 5 Piece Place Setting

Wedgwood Wild Strawberry 5 Piece Place Setting

One of the prettiest designs possible. A beloved design from the famous Wedgewood pottery.

Would You Like to Learn to Paint Strawberries?

Strawberry Tole Designs – Folk style painting

Toleware – A favorite decorative paint method

As pretty as they are, you know strawberries will show up in decorative painting! One of my favorite forms is the tole painting method. It is a method that can be easily learned and there are many tutorial books and classes available to learn from.

Start with a watercolor tutorial and then experiment with acrylics and oils.

Strawberry painting tutorial

It is traditional to use methods of painting fruits and flowers on wood and tinware, but if the metal work of antique lamps or chairs have lots their color- there are ways to restore the bright berries and leaves. All much simpler than you might have imagined.

Cultures with decorative painting techniques: Norwegian and Swedish Rosemaling, Pennsylvania Dutch Tole, Russion Khokhloma.

Russion Khokhloma

“Khokhloma is an ancient Russian folk handicraft which appeared in the 17th century in Nizhny Novgorod. This is a decorative painting of wooden utensils and furniture in red, black and goldish color. Green and yellow paint is occasionally used. Traditional elements of Khokhloma are red juicy rowan berries and strawberries, flowers and twigs.”
– Wikipedia

Khokhloma History:

“Khokhloma craft is over three hundred years old. It first appeared in the northern part of the Volga region and originated from icon painting. In the 17th century the craft developed near Khokhloma village of Semyonov district. Thus, wooden painted plates and dishes became known as Khokhloma utensils. And the craft itself acquired the name of Khokhloma.”

Norwegian or Swedish Rosemaling

Rosemaling technique of folk painting is better known and centers on the rose as a motif, but there are a wide range of flowers and fruits which are painted into the swirls and scrolls of this exuberant and colorful folk decorating technique.

The the three main styles are Telemark, Hallingdal and Rogaland, named after the regions where they originated. There are five basic brush strokes, the C and reverse C (or parentheses stroke), the S curve, the O (or circle stroke), the straight line and the dot, and from these are built quite intricate designs.

Tole Painting

“Tole painting is the folk art of decorative painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture. Typical metal objects include utensils, coffee pots, and similar household items. Wooden objects include tables, chairs, and chests, including hope chests, toyboxes and jewelry boxes.

The practice began in 18th century New England, and was also extensively carried on among German immigrants in Pennsylvania.” -Wikipedia

Khokhloma – Russian Strawberry Motif Tole Painting

Khokhloma Russian Nesting Doll 5pc./4" by Golden Cockerel
Khokhloma Russian Nesting Doll 5pc./4″ by Golden Cockerel

Strawberry Decor Bits and Bobs

Strawberries Everyday – Happy and bright colors

Red, White, and Green Cheers Up The Room

Strawberry Decor

Strawberry plants and their fruit are most often a theme for country style décor. It is a natural motif for kitchens, whether on wallpaper, as accents in dishware, kitchenware, or towels and table linens.

Joie 3-Piece Strawberry Colander, Huller and Slicer Set A colander like this is fun and decorative- makes time in the kitchen cheerier.

Berries Outside the Kitchen

Strawberry Fabrics – Brightens up everyone’s day

“Strawberry Thief” by William Morris was one of his most popular textile prints. It was also one of the most expensive to produce using the painstaking method that arts and crafts revived. Designed by Morris in May 1883, it is still printed in shades of green, blue and pink on a deep blue ground.

However, when an artist like William Morris created his famous fabric pattern, it was obvious that the humble red berries could be planted as easily on living room or bedroom furnishing to bring a bright note to rooms that were full of flowery chintz.

The bright red color and simple outlines could be with a bit of imagination, utilized in modern, more minimalist environments.

Red is often a popular accent color in modern interior design. So, if you love strawberries, don’t feel that they have to remain in the kitchen!

Strawberry Pink

This pink is warm, with a definite tint of yellow, while still registering as a true pink.

In interiors it is most often seen in little girls rooms, or as an accent with pastel color schemes.

Bursting With Ripe Color

Strawberry Kitchen Accessories

Aprons or bedspreads, towels, or curtains, chair covers … if you have a strawberry fabric design there can be strawberries wherever you like.

Using a fabric ribbon with the design of berries can be applied to curtains, edging shelves, or trim for solid placemats.

I’ve seen ideas that include using decals to create your own strawberry pattern on kitchen appliances, decorative boxes, and even kitchen cupboard doors.

People do such creative things with bits of fabric and a needle and thread.

  • Strawberry Tray
    A very nice tutorial with pattern and illustration for painting a strawberry design

Embroidered Strawberries

Embroidered Strawberries
Embroidered Strawberries

The Meaning and Mystery of Emerald Green

The Emotional Meaning Of Green

Eemerald Green Interior
How does emerald green make you feel?
Revealing the mystery of Emerald, the clear green  jewel hue. Pantone colors track the trends in fashion and interior decor and chose this as one of their colors of the year.

What this Shade Does for Our Psyche

Green has taken on a whole additional layer of meaning as it has become the catchword of all thing environmental and ecology-minded. But that is only natural as it is one of the most common colors of the world of plants. When we see green we think of nature, but is that the main feeling we get from Emerald Green?

The pure vibrant tone of Emerald skips the more negative meanings of a yellowed green, and goes to the heart of prosperity, harmony, and youth.

A feeling of being wealthy and richness is attached to the emerald gem, along with the lush luxury that a deep jewel color conveys.

Green is happy and fresh and clean and classic.

– designer Sally Steponkus

Relax and Keep Calm

All greens tend to be relaxing psychologically and give ideas of peace and calm.

Mid range greens like clear Emerald serve to increase appetite. It can lift one’s spirit and dispel depression.

Personality traits associated with green are understanding, being adaptable, sympathetic and compassionate, generosity, humility, and of a romantic nature.

Green represents safety.

How Do They Choose Color Trends?

At Home: Freshen up your interiors with a touch of green

Bright color of emerald pairs perfectly with black and white.

Trends In Home Furnishings

Chosen For 2013, But Still Going Strong

I am still seeing plenty of Emerald green in home and clothes products as we close the year 2015 and go into 2016. Trends are not “fly by night” fads, rather they are slowly growing movements toward a popular feeling that people have for , say, pastels, or brights, or seasonal colors.

Buying furnishings is a longer term investment, so trendsetters try to alert the buying public to what kind of colors and designs will give them something stylish for their homes.

Entrancing Emerald takes the Lead

Don’t be green with envy, go emerald for a gem of a color trend hue. A deep jewel color, what makes emerald new, starting in 2013, is the way it is used in tandem with other brights, especially yellow gold.

How is this shade described?

  • Lush, taking cue from nature’s growing plants.
  • Brilliant, in homage to its jewel origins.
  • Luxurious, which denotes how it makes us feel, emerald green velvet, anyone?

Follow this yellow brick road to the Emerald City of Pantone’s swatches to learn more of what emerald green could do for you.

Lush… Brilliant… Luxurious

How You Feel When You See This Hue

Those descriptive terms paired with “Emerald” can give you a clue about what styles your home might express with this color, where and how to use it.

There is always a posh element to emeralds, and they are certainly items of luxury. Silks, satins, velvets, upscale furnishings, fine antiques… all those elements certainly go with the emerald green trend. But what if you are more a whimsical, retro, or modern type? What are the ways you can use emerald green for a lighter, brighter feel? Go lush with it.

Inviting Emerald Into Your Home

The use of deep green for home goods might be best in those things that best show off the depth and sparkle that makes this color great for accents.

Think of crystal and glassware highlighted with Emerald, or a table runner for a dining room accent. Cushions or an occasional chair, slipcovered if a permanent change isn’t desired.

This is a color that give formal notes to an interior decor.

Sparkling Glass Crystal From Waterford

Waterford Crystal Snowflake Wishes for Courage Emerald Flute, 2nd Edition
Waterford Crystal Snowflake Wishes for Courage Emerald Flute, 2nd Edition

Waterford is one of the finest names in crystal, and this sparkling gem of a flute can mark a special occasion or commemorate one.

Emerald Green Bedroom – Fit For A Queen

Emerald Green Bedding
Emerald Green Bedding

Keep Calm

Since this hue is calming and tends to lift the spirits it is a good color to wake up to …and go to bed with, so consider giving touches of restful green to your bed furnishings.

Although the Pantone Emerald Green is a more saturated color, home materials might be toned down and desaturated, while taking cue from the tonal green to green-blue hue.

Green Is…

Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest

– Mary Webb.

Lush Emerald Fashion

Blue and Green Are A Classic Combination

Fresh touch of emerald in unexpected places brightens up blue jean fashion uniform.

To get a similar exciting look for summer try out these look-alikes. The combination of cobalt and Emerald is bright and fresh, and it can’t go wrong when matched up with the classic white t-shirt and blue jeans. The pairing of the bag and shoes in unmatched deeply saturated color brings a new look to the outfit which is casual, but eye-catching at the same time, The colors bring zing.

Designers carry the Emerald green banner into their fashions, and created some shining examples of how good this color can look in accessories.

The splash of an emerald colored accessory is probably the most brilliant use of this color for personal fashion.

Add it as a surprise color accent, keeping fashion forward without a big budget investment.

Fashionable Color

Pair the Pantone emerald green “with other bolds, such as royal blue, fuchsia, or purple jewel tones,” says Christina Pierce


The queen of Egypt covered her neck in emeralds. The emerald was her preferred jewel.

Trivial Emerald Green Facts

  • The favorite color of George Washington? You guessed green, you were right.
  • The human eye is most sensitive to and able to discern the most shades of green.
  • A green flag signals the start of a car race.
  • A green light means approval.

Touch of Emerald Links

  • Emerald Green – The New Colour for 2013
    Okay when I read the colour of the year was emerald, I thought , okay, hmmm….. well gardens are green. All things considered I like every colour in the garden and plant whatever I want. Not much of a fad person here. …


Hot Autumn Decor Creates A Cozy Home

Autumn Colors Are Welcome Any Time Of Year

family room walls
Hot orange walls bring vivid warmth and make an inviting statement in rooms where people like to mingle. Consider this color for a family room.

For almost anyone, the autumn season is a time to add pumpkin orange, crimson red, golden yellow, and nut browns to the decor, but for some there is nothing more homey than the harvest colorings of Fall for the entire year round.

No matter which colors you prefer for your home’s rooms, see if there are autumn additions that would lend the season’s richness and warmth to your indoor palette. You may be surprised how a touch of autumn color brightens up otherwise neutral rooms without too much expense or commitment.

Autumn inspired palettes

The Colors of a Golden Afternoon

living room art
Lazy Autumn Afternoon

There is something clear, and yet soft, about the light of autumn days. The combination of yellow, gold, and oak leaf brown can create a most welcome environment that surrounds one in cozy and inviting color. The color yellow has notes of cheer and energy , while brown gives an earthy, grounded look. Deep charcoal accents can bring out the dramatic side of such a color pairing.

Many people like to use a favorite painting to garner their color combination, and the grayed teal that gives the effect of a residual fog might be the perfect foil to the warm hues of yellow,gold, and brown.

Warm the atmosphere even more

When orange is added to yellow the feeling becomes festive.

Consider some of your favorite seasonal foods or harvest decorations: bright orange pumpkins with golden and green bi-colored gourds; the orange and golden yellow of maple leaves; bittersweet berries with their golden caps.

Golden Yellow, Vibrant Orange

Bittersweet Berries Inspire

The colors of bittersweet berries ignite ideas
Oriental Bittersweet postcard on Zazzle

The colors of bittersweet berries ignite ideas…deep red orange with orange-gold and moss greens, a blue gray gives just a bit of contrast and pale yellow ochre makes an ideal background wall color for the bright sparks of color.

Make it rich and earthy

As autumn matures the colors turn earthy. If you like a rich, subdued background for your bedroom, this might be the color harmony that most comforts and nurtures you.

When deep brown is added to oranges and harvest yellow, an inviting and cozy room is easily created. Especially in combining that leather brown color with burnt orange, it becomes a song of Autumn.

It is a color scheme that a man is comfortable with. I like the cheerful creamy yellow on the walls, but Navaho white or picking up that deep orange on just one wall could be as effective.

Toned With Browns

deep rich colors and textures say luxury
Combine deep autumnal color with luxe fabrics and get supreme comfort for body and soul. Silky satins, damasks, and tapestry textures bring out the depth of color .

Traditional Colors and Textural Earthy Materials

Use a mix of textures for these rich colors

Whether it is burlap or velvet, texture highlights the colors of fall, and they look best with something that makes use of the saturated depth of the hues. The harmonies of green, gold, and orange with the addition of browns brings out the autumn feeling of this palette, although you don’t have to stay inside that guideline. Purple is also an autumn color!

Purples and Violets Simmer

Violets are part of the season's color palette
via Pinterest is a reminder that violet shades are part of the Autumn landscape, and in their subtler tones look gorgeous with deep red orange ( purple and orange are secondary harmonies on the color wheel).

Violets are part of the season’s color palette


Autumn Lamp Looks

This color theme lends itself particularly well to the oriental cloisonné look and to leather textures. Lamps that incorporate those elements are often the best accents for a harvest season look.

Warm Wood And Nubby Texture

Autumn Decor Lamp – Beautiful Painted Autumn Scene

An amazing focal point in the room, the attention arresting shape and color harmony of red autumn hues with black frame is warm and sophisticated at the same time. This is no ordinary table lamp, but literally a work of art.

Kichler Lighting 70772 Vivido Autumn 24-Inch Portable Table Lamp, Aged Crackle Decoupage Finish with Linen Oval Hard Back Shade
Kichler Lighting 70772 Vivido Autumn 24-Inch Portable Table Lamp, Aged Crackle Decoupage Finish with Linen Oval Hard Back Shade

It is hard to imagine a more artistically beautiful lamp than this. It is a focal point piece, that has character and elegance. The look of a fine antique.

Creating An Atmosphere

Honey Oak Finish Harmonizes Nicely

Dunhill Bed in Autumn Brown/Honey Oak by Fashion Bed Group
Dunhill Bed in Autumn Brown/Honey Oak by Fashion Bed Group

Honey Oak Queen size bed harmonizes with any of the autumn colors you might choose for your walls and linens. A romantic traditional style with black metal ornament. Old French Quarter feel to the style.

Bedroom Furniture – With a warm brown finish

Imagine this chocolate brown leathered look bedstead with a green coverlet as base for the terrific coordinating accessories that make you feel like you are spending the night in a forest lodge. No crackling fire necessary, but welcome. Warm and homey, but with an understated elegance that you will love all year.

Pumpkin Color Inspiration

pumpkin pie
One of my favorites: the color, aroma, and taste of spice laden pumpkin pie.

Autumn Braided Rug – Warm brown traditional floor covering

As homey as a slice of pumpkin pie.

Homespun and Rustic

Salem Autumn Retreat Rug Rug Size: Runner 2'3" x 9'
Salem Autumn Retreat Rug Rug Size: Runner 2’3″ x 9′ Brown braided rugs hark back to traditional America crafts where woolen dresses and coasts that became to worn for use were frugally cut into strips and braided into very serviceable and good looking rugs. We don’t have to do the work of saving rags and braiding them, but we can have the look of these wonderful area rugs today.

Home Accessories

The Tints and Aroma Of an Autumn Day

Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Crackle Collection Tarts Wax Potpourri Warmer
Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves Crackle Collection Tarts Wax Potpourri Warmer

The Motifs of the Fall Season

Traditional Motifs For This Time Of Year

In Japan, the idea of seasonal words that are identified with seasons are called ‘Kigo‘ (season-related word).

Kigo for Autumn haiku poetry might be dragonflies, full moon, chrysanthemums, colored leaves, fallen leaves, maple, mushrooms, deer, harvest, sunset, .

Harvest, Leaves, Squirrels, Acorns, the list goes on

Every season has its motifs, those objects that we identify in a symbolic or iconic way. Autumn seems to take us back to nature in a way no other season can… we revel in harvest themes and celebrate nature.

My Favorite China – Lenox Autumn

Lenox Autumn Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1
Lenox Autumn Gold-Banded Fine China 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1

This is one of the most exquisite china designs ever designed.

Falling Leaves

The icon of fallen leaves
The icon of fallen leaves




Welcoming Kitchens

Orange brings warmth and conviviality

If you want a welcoming and cheerful kitchen, autumn color might be just what you are looking for to decorate the kitchen. In the sea of white and metal, there are times we are hungry for color, and no colors harmonize quite so well with good eating as orange and yellow. They are colors that invite you to sit down and enjoy the food.

Orange Kitchen Appliances:

Some things like kitchen appliance must have shiny surfaces, but autumn is not usually shiny or metallic in nature.

Still, in those accessories that might be made of metal, a burnished metal would probably match up better than a bright shiny one.

Think of bronze or wrought iron, or the brushed metals instead of bright brass. Again these aren’t “rules”, just suggestions.

Autumnal Candle – Bring seasonal scent and color into your decor

Do you love candles? Especially candles that scent the air with delicious reminders of everything you love about the season? I do, too. Here is one to try…

Wicks With The Sound Of a Crackling Fire

Woodwick Candle Autumn Sunset Large Jar
Woodwick Candle Autumn Sunset Large Jar

Woodwick candles bring a pleasant crackle to the air, besides their seasonal scent.

Not everyone wants to do a complete decor in Autumn colors, although I hope this post gives you plenty of reasons to consider it.

Even so, almost everyone likes to add a little seasonal accent during harvest time. Candles, table decorations, table cloths, and the scents of the season are a few ways to add the warmth and hospitality that seems to infuse the the fall.

Anything that brings some of nature indoors, with a little of those happy memories of, glorious changing leaves, the first fire in the fireplace, and abundant apple harvests can be incorporated into the home decor.

Some DIY Ideas!

Bedroom Oasis With Moroccan Style

Moroccan Bedroom with Comfort and Style

Bedroom with Comfort and Style
Bedroom with Comfort and Style

Exotic Luxury, Exciting Color, Your Own Night In Casablanca

Rich textures and patterns in colorful fabrics, low seating, ornate carving- these are some of the characteristics of furnishings for a bedroom oasis that has a Moroccan flair.


“Classic Mediterranean blue and white, to intense Delacroix red, to monochromatic yet elegant black and white” and more, from cool off whites to deep jewel tones. sparkling interiors with a bit of fantasy woven in. There is an opportunity for some shabby chic and flea market sale shopping when you put together this look, but it is an “antique” not “junk sale” look.. the faded textured pillow and rugs, the softened colors and worn places of the painted furnishing give comfort, not distress.

If you pay special attention to a few details such as side tables, decorative lighting, typically Moroccan patterned fabrics and keep the furniture on a low profile you will create a truly magnetic Marrakesh hideaway.

Everything low and comfortable

Pillows and poufs, carpets and low tables all add to the feeling of comfort.
Pillows and poufs, carpets and low tables all add to the feeling of comfort.

The Beauty of Moroccan Décor

This style is easy to pull together and it has lots of personality. With a few touches in bedding, occasional pieces, and accessories, the look can be attained.

If you want something that is warm and exotic and filled with rich, luxurious comfort, then Moroccan style is for you. It can be simple, or fantastically layered, and really depends on your own decisions while putting together your space.

To simplify the design, constrain the patterns to a color harmony like blue, beige and white, or something similar. To add more complexity, gather together more of the brighter colors, then add more textures and patterns.

With many of the elements removable like pillows, or lanterns and mirrors, it is easy to change the space when wanting more or less pattern and visual interest.

The Souk: Close your eyes and see before you a labyrinth filled to overflowing with

“…pottery, slippers, poufs, spices, lanterns, paintings, baskets, carpets, bags, jewelry…”

  • My Marrakesh

Poof Ottoman – For Your Marrakesh Hideaway

This is going to give an immediate Moroccan feel to your bedroom décor. Comfy and comes in other colors.

These little ottomans give a handy place to sit while dressing. They can double as a small table area and lend lots of impact for their small size. The colors they come in are almost limitless. I’ve seen a number of brands with different materials and colors. Then, to top it off, Zazzle has offered those you can design yourself.

Poufs Are Perfect Low Seating

Casablanca Market Embroidered Starburst Stitched Cotton Stuffed Leather Pouf, Red on White
Casablanca Market Embroidered Starburst Stitched Cotton Stuffed Leather Pouf, Red on White

This pouf has hand embroidered stitches creating a beautiful leather ottoman. Very versatile and comfortable piece.

This is right at home in the Moroccan style, and gives both low seating and serves as a base for a tray. It gives an authentic Middle Eastern flavor to a design.

A Hanging Chest

Create the bedroom look with space to store essentials. Shelves revealed within, when the two front doors open wide.

Ebony finish on wood; a wood frame and glass panels of reverse painted glass in gold, greens, and burnt sienna. Use it for anything- sweaters,baskets with smaller items, extra linens.

Moroccan Chest

Overall dimensions: 36.5″ H x 41″ W x 12.5″ D makes the full size chest a major storage piece.

The subtle grayed color fits into rooms with neutral, green, or blue.

One Really Great Piece: Moroccan Chest – Carolina Accents Moroccan Chest

Carolina Accents Moroccan Chest
Carolina Accents Moroccan Chest

This Decor Can Be Subtle

Moroccan Decor Can Be Subtle
Moroccan Décor Can Be Subtle

Decorate with Texture and Detail – Patterned Curtains,Wall Art

From allposters: With similar patterns and scale, the many decorative elements add together to create a densely detailed group of tiles that typify the way even every day things are full of artistic interest.
With similar patterns and scale, the many decorative elements add together to create a densely detailed group of tiles that typify the way even every day things are full of artistic interest.

Curtain Considerations

Curtains are a the third largest color space with only the walls and the bed having bigger design impact. Make sure yours give the atmosphere and pattern that makes the room.

Details For Your Bedroom Theme – Fabrics and Accents

As you add accents of lanterns, a mix of traditional styled fabrics in the beautiful colors of Moroccan red, blue, and ocher… the room warms and comes alive. The ornate look of filigree stands out against starkly plain walls, sometimes painted in bright colors, or -more often- in a warm off white or creamy beige.

Richly Patterned Bedding

To create a focal point, the bed coverings are an obvious choice. Usually the biggest visual element in the room, the bedding can be layered to produce the patterns and texture that give this style its character.

Traditionally, blue and white or colorful patterns would be used, but more modern tastes veer towards a subdued and sometimes neutral collection of shades. Whatever color scheme you choose be sure to make the bed the center of attraction.

A simple Moroccan bedroom idea

A simple Moroccan bedroom idea

Moroccan End Tables

Wood, metal, or mirrored, Moroccan tables are often ornate and add decorative pattern.

The occasional tables placed bedside or around the room ( next to a comfy reading chair,perhaps?) are the best way to incorporate the feeling of a decorative scheme without a big outlay of your budget. It is also a way to get the feeling without a full commitment to a certain style.

Those with octagonal shapes fit into corners. Make one of the Moroccan end tables your first purchase, then add some accents for a sure way to bring romance to your boudoir.

Side Table With Inlaid Medallian Design

Moroccan Octagonal End Table Silver Metal Camel Bone & Henna Arabic Furniture
Moroccan Octagonal End Table Silver Metal Camel Bone & Henna Arabic Furniture

The distinctive Octagonal shape that is commonly found in these tables, but with an uncommonly fine inlaid and leather accent.

berber table

Moroccan Afro-Berber Table, Rustic
Moroccan Afro-Berber Table, Rustic

The shape, the color, everything says you have entered a Moroccan oasis of comfort.

Filigree brass metal brings pattern and texture to a mantle, or top of a chest of drawers.
Filigree brass metal brings pattern and texture to a mantle, or top of a chest of drawers.


Eye-catching Accents

Bring Moroccan Flavor Into The Room

  • Brass decorative details for an authentic accent.
  • Bring the medallion tile pattern to the floor, with a rug in a light color duo for the bedroom. Many pile rugs have the popular tile patterned design that repeats this familiar Moroccan look.
  • A comfy chair for reading or beside the Moroccan table can make a sitting area for morning tea.

Don’t forget the small details that add up to the feel of a certain place and time in a room.

Even a nightlight and replacement light switch covers add to the decorative theater of your bedroom oasis.

Small touches of pattern, materials, and accents draw the eye and the imagination.

Moroccan Tea Glasses make lovely accessories in any room, but bring special accents of color in a Morocco nuanced bedroom getaway.

Bedroom Accessories – Take me to the Casbah…

Create An Accent

Something as simple as some ornate tea lights can import the feeling of a faraway clime. Added to bedding and bedside tables, a few decorative accessories convincingly convey a Moroccan hideaway.

A veiled bed

Decorative Light Fixtures

Moroccan light fixtures are unique from any other country in the world. Be sure to add some lanterns, and consider ceiling or sconce fixtures. A Tiffany style lamp could also be added for color and pattern.

Gifts & Decor Copper Finish Iron Moroccan Candle Holder
Gifts & Decor Copper Finish Iron Moroccan Candle Holder Metalwork, filigree, soft candle light- this gives all the romantic detail of Tangiers nights.

Light fixtures may be one of the easiest ways to inject both ambiance and the feeling of a look like this one. Why not replace generic fixtures with those that give a room an authentic accent? The metalwork will add texture and pattern which allows for simpler bed coverings and less clutter in accessories.

Outfit Your Bedroom With Things You Will Enjoy

A place for tea things on a small table; Poufs and pillows to sit near low tables or in an alcove- details that make this your refuge from the demands of the day.

The boudoir has always been a place to relax, and a Moroccan habit is to take tea with mint in decorative little glasses. These are ideal for bringing color and charm into the décor, while providing a real invitation to have our own teatime break.

Use a side table to fill a corner, a hexagonal shape table is a very useful and eye pleasing shape that fits in almost anywhere.

Pillows are an easy way to add color and texture in Moroccan style.

Decor Ideas – For your Moroccan Oasis

Inspirations from the Near East

Romantic Marrakesh in Your Own Home

Alberto Pinto has created this exciting purple dream of a room. It is not insipid as most lavender and purple rooms tend to be, but vibrant. It’s richness gives a luxuriant feel to it. another view shows the Moroccan details of screen and mirror surrounded by five decorative plates. So easy to do, but so powerful a visual impact.

Keeping the color range harmonious, there are mixes of pattern. This is the key to mixing patterns, keeping color close and scale of the designs harmonious as well.

He has written a book on how to combine the best of “Orientalism” to create such interiors as this.

Borrow These Colors for Your Bedroom

soft violet, peony pink,, and clear gold combine to make a color scheme that is rich and appealing.
soft violet, peony pink, and clear gold combine to make a color scheme that is rich and appealing.

Unique Cookbook Stands

Something's Cooking

Cookbook Stands Save Hands

Give yourself two hands to work with while checking that recipe book.

Unique styles to give your kitchen counter a practical stand.
Unique styles to give your kitchen counter a practical stand.


Hold Your Cookbook In Style

There are cookbook stands for every taste and interior decorating style. A large number of them are made of wrought iron or metal of some sort and twisted into all sorts of pretty looks. I needed a cookbook holder and that sent me looking at what was available. I love the ingenious designs, but am a bit old fashioned in the styles I like- shabby cottage chic is closest description. But what if you like minimalist or Georgian formal? There are cookbook stands that are a charming addition to your kitchen.

Here is a collection of some of the interesting styles available, perhaps you will find one right for your kitchen.

Ironwork in red color, a French touch

Good color for a kitchen with red appliances, black ironwork hardware, and most country style or rustic decor.

Iron Cookbook Stand ~ Book Holder Adorned with Bird ~ Worn Red Color
Iron Cookbook Stand ~ Book Holder Adorned with Bird ~ Worn Red Color Artful scrolling with a pert bird in the design. Great for French Country or Mediterranean décor or to match with cast iron look pulls and handles.

Hold Everything- Do You Use A Cookbook Stand?

Holding open the cookbook to the page you need without it flopping closed.

Holding open the cookbook to the page you need without it flopping closed.

Many Styles and Types of Unique Stands – Did you realize there was such a variety?

French, Country, Modern, there are unique types and one is just right for you.

French, Country, Modern, there are unique types and one is just right for you.

French style adds the same pizazz to your décor as the French can also add to your cooking. Graceful scrolling makes a beautiful addition in use and simply out on the counter.

Pantryware(the general label for this kind of kitchen accessory) is the ideal way to add a bit of pizzazz to your décor. Kitchens are usually places of efficiency. We want our work surfaces, landing spaces, and appliances to help us produce our culinary masterpieces- or at least the family meal with ease of care and capability. But kitchens have also been a way to add decorating flair to the place in the house that everyone is sure to use daily. Adding style with unique accessories, giving touches of color, this is the job of even small utility pieces like paper towel holders, napkin holders, recipe books and boxes, and cookbook holders

Now you can pick one that makes your counter shine and makes more space for bowls, ingredients, and important stuff of the process.

Today’s Way To Display

Classical Black Metal Bird Design Easel Style Display Stand Cookbook / Photo Album / Tablet Holder - MyGift
Decorative Red Bird Metal Cookbook Stand Book Holder Easel

Tablets are one of the best ways to find new recipes, so a holder for yours might be one of the best kitchen accessories you’ve ever put on your counter.

Basically a practical thing to have, but with the way many are designed they can become art, too. Whimsical or traditional, you can add the type of accent that most appeals to you.

Usually, the more modern kitchens with white cabinets and appliances will provide the best backdrop for colorful and sculpture look stands.

While a country kitchen shows off wood and iron materials as the most natural partners.

A clever use of utensils bent to provide a landing place for holding a book is one design, and there seems to be no shortage of ideas of how to hold your cookbook.

Try A little humor in your kitchen

I’ve always liked the utensil theme in a kitchen, do you like this one, too?

Think about having a little fun when choosing a peripheral gadget like this. Use it not only for practical use ( which it will provide) but for a little bit of whimsy.

What about flimsy magazines with great recipes? Prop it up and hold the pages open to just the right spot. Not everyone likes to tear the pages out. I am one of those people who likes to collect cooking magazines and keep them stored in sturdy files, but when it comes to actually using the recipes you need one of these beauties to hold the place and keep from messing up the pages.

Decorative Scrolls

Iron Leaf Scroll Kitchen Cookbook Stand
Iron Leaf Scroll Kitchen Cookbook Stand

Bring some French style to the kitchen. Put that magazine here to use a recipe, or set up your iPad. However you use this stand, it will give a touch of class to the counter.

Aren’t these original looking? So many styles, one would match up with a kitchen style whether it is modern, minimalist, European, or country. Need to prop a book on your desk while working on your laptop? Match your décor and keep a favorite 8×10 photo or two propped in a place of honor.

Some people cook from their iPads. They love the food bloggers and want to try the recipe without the intermediary of printing out the recipe on paper. The kitchen stands made just for their electronic needs are the answer for them. May you can’t prop an old fashioned hardcover book on it- it safely and conveniently holds your iPad while you refer to which ingredient to add next.

Like this one?

Made of reclaimed wood, which is among the hottest decorating trends, a way to bring warmth and strong design where you want it, plus a sturdy holder for your iPad tablet or book.

There are specially made sleeves like this one, but there isn’t any reason why a regular stand couldn’t safely support your electronic device like a reader or an iPad. Just like having a personalized case, a unique stand gives some sparkle and personality to the kitchen counter while folding away neatly if you are through using it or want more space.

What happens when you open your favorite recipe book to bake up that fabulous chicken for your guest? Or when you’ve found just the right recipe on your tablet? Too often the book won’t lie flat or the it lies too flat. The mixer splatters a bit of batter onto the surface. Many stands have a shield or page holders.

Hold Pictures, Photos, or Recipe Books – Shabby Chic Cottage Look

poster of cookbook

Creative Co-op Green Metal Cookbook Holder

Creative Co-op Metal Cookbook Holder, Aqua Metal faux antique cookbook stand, stylish green measuring 13.5″ wide x 13″ high

Simple and inexpensive, but the scrolled design adds cottage charm to its task of keeping your cookbook upright.

Save Counter Space

This is the top reason to use this pantryware

How many benefits can you think of?

There Are Benefits To A Stand

Not one of the most necessary gadgets for the kitchen, but like a paper towel holder, one that increases the convenience and efficiency of common kitchen tasks.

Most of us use recipes from which to cook up our meals. Cookbooks, printouts from the computer, recipe cards, all of which are usually paper and subject to spill. Anyone who has tried to read the recipe from a cookbook while running the mixer knows what a balancing act that can be!

These stands, which stylishly hold the cookbook, solve the problem.

  • Keep important recipes, books, and electronics out of the way of accidental spills and splatters. At first, it seems that a few splatters just prove how busy you’ve been in the kitchen, but over time those really add up and ruin not just the appearance, but the page integrity of the book.
  • And I just hate bending over the book when I could see it easily, straightaway, on the stand.
  • Make more workspace on the counter
  • Hold the pages open and give support to magazines

It is surprising how many ingenious ideas people have for utilizing a simple kitchen gadget or devices that make life easier or a job more convenient. This is a simple one, for sure but there may be life hacks that you can think of if you just put on your thinking cap (or if you hang around Pinterest long enough!).

For instance, you know those pants or skirt hangers with the clips? Yes! Someone turned one of those into a cookbook holder. Granted it looks a little kitschy, but that might be just the thing for a certain kitchen style. See that idea here.

For me, my tastes run to some of these, presented in this post. I bounce between wanting a sleek one that folds up out of the way and the scrolled ironwork type.

That is my problem: I like too many and can’t seem to make up my mind. If you have a favorite, why not mention it in the comments?

Holders and Stands


Use As A Bookstand

You can use a cookbook stand for other books- even your Bible! Which is why you shouldn’t think of having one of these stands as merely one more gadget for your kitchen counter.

Don’t stop there, as a unique style of easel for a favorite large photograph, or a piece of art.

Undercabinet Hide-Away Cookbook Holder
Undercabinet Hide-Away Cookbook Holder

Space saving convenience, this one folds away out of sight when you aren’t using it.

Protect Your Cookbooks From Splatters and Spills

Make it easy to read while you cook. You can also use the stands for your tablets, etc.

Giving You A Bird’s Eye View

IMAX Audubon Park Book Easel Cookbook Stand
IMAX Audubon Park Book Easel Cookbook Stand Rustic, artsy, this is a cookbook holder with a strong sculptural look. If you love sculptural birds perched on natural looking branch, this is the perfect choice for your counter. It goes with a wide range of cabinet styles: French, contemporary, rustic.
One of the best for matching cabinet pulls made of iron or bronze, and great gift for any bird lover.

Make Your Own? Do It Yourself and Save Money – if you are handy

Sterling Home Embossed Vine Bookholder, 15-Inch Tall
Sterling Home Embossed Vine Bookholder, 15-Inch Tall

Old Cookbooks Are Protected From Spills

I love old cookbooks. Some of mine came from my grandmother- I wish I had more of them now! To protect them from spills just makes sense and is one of the more important reasons to use a stand.

Some come with splatter guards, although an upright position for your recipes books is probably all that is needed.

Lipper International Bamboo and Acrylic Cookbook Holder
Lipper International Bamboo and Acrylic Cookbook Holder

Recipe Card Idea, Too

While you are at it … making the use of recipes more convenient while you cook… why not use something to hold your recipe crds that aren’t in book form?

Here is a cute idea for holding single recipe cards, same idea on a smaller scale. Although drips and spills might show that you like to use that recipe, it is tough on the card. I have a cookbook style holder with plastic sleeves, but much prefer the old fashioned recipe box with individual cards, and this little card holder eliminates the wear and tear on the recipe cards.

One thing I’ve used for recipe cards is a picture holder, one of those little wire ones that you insert a single photo inside the circle of wire. It holds just the recipe card I am using and I can see both sides. The card is held high above the surface of the counter and doesn’t get marred by moisture or a bit of spilled flour or milk.

There are all sorts of these photo holders, too. I have some seasonal ones: seashell summery styles or Christmas snowmen, and they work really well to hold the 3×5 cards that I have a fav recipe written on (some of my 3×5 recipes were my grandmothers!)

What’s Your Kitchen Style?

Which cookbook holder would you spring for?

Cook-books have always intrigued and seduced me. ~The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book