Evernote Helps Organize

I’ve been organizing my life. It is a twofold process, one with decluttering and getting rid of distractions; and two, organizing resources to best access what I need to keep and use.

In my online/computer work, Evernote is proving invaluable.

I started using it ever so slowly, but now that I realize how important it is to seamlessly go from the iPhone to desktop to iPad and back, this is proving such a mind and time saver!

I am using it for blogging ideas, random notes, saved links, and clips of information. I also created a file to keep track of my blog business expenses, which are piling up as I buy hosting, domain names, graphic files, premium themes, premium access to Picmonkey and apps like that.

Evernote organizes me. I am always losing paper scraps and making notes in whatever notebook was at hand was a losing proposition! This way I put everything in one place and can find it by just logging in, or through the program on my computer. It is super easy.

Some useful ways to people use this program/app:

  1. Cooks use it for recipes, making their shopping lists, and clipping directly from a cooking webpage.
  2. Homeschoolers could gather unit study materials, teaching tips, fieldtrip ideas, lists of curriculum or materials, science experiment info, just about anything! List of addresses and phone numbers, useful videos, urls of best resources, special graphics… I wish I had this in the years I was schooling my kids. I would have made a separate notebook for each subject, and one for each child. Keeping track of goals I had set would be smooth sailing with the many ways to search and access notes.
  3. Bloggers and writers can have a field day collecting and recalling all the places they find their research. The spurts of inspiration jotted down, the bits of finely tuned prose that swirls in our heads ; all now have a safe place where we can find them .


What are the features?

  • I use it on my PC, my iPad, iPhone, and Mac Laptop. I understand it can be used also on the Blackberry and other devices.
  • Most used? Type a note, clip from webpages (or the whole thing), screenshots, photos… lots of ways to gather info and data.
  • Everything can be searched. That is a huge help when you have collated lots of things that you want to use for a topic, especially over time.
  • Making a swipe file for things you need often: blog descriptions, social urls, etc. and it become so easy to find, on any of your devices that has the app.

Need more ideas?



Almost forgot! a new feature lately is the Workchat. You can share with team members or whoever you wish, the notes and the what you are working on. Cool. You just click the button and a window pops up for collaboration.

And that graphic? I made it with Skitch which can be synced to share directly into your Evernote file.

Using Evernote

How Evernote clipper looks in the sidebar

Since discovering this app ( it isn’t new, just to me), I installed it on my phone, and in the browsers on both the laptop and desktop. I hope that this, plus dropbox, will get me up to speed  in my endeavor to become serious in writing and blogging.

It isn’t that I am not serious about writing, just that it had to take a back seat to homeschool and my duties at home. At age 61 I am just now over the the hurdle of the homeschooling demands and while I’m much slower than I used to be, the raising of a family is no longer as effort and time intensive.

I really like the Evernote Clipper that is ready to use in the browser.

I am starting to “get it”.

  1. Download Evernote into your computer
  2. Practice using it- they make it easy with video and prompts.
  3. Get  the app for your phone
  4. Get the extension for your browser(s)
  5. Start clipping.
  6. I also downloaded Skitch which is integrated into Evernote now.

There could be 7.  or more steps but this is as far as I’ve come on this portion of organizing and blogging efficiency, Have more tips that I can use? Leave me a comment please.