Quick Summary Of What’s Happening Now On Social Sharing Platforms

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I came across a video that was posted to Facebook, but from the style of it seems like it might have been filmed on Periscope (that was my guess from the numerous “shoutouts” to viewers).

Anyway, it is a quick and easy way to assess whether the time you are spending on your fav social media platform is helping your online goals or not.

BTW, I came across Britt Seva through watching a James Wedmore video. He is the youtube guru who is branching out into business entrepreneurial training.

The Video


Understanding the difference between FB, IG, YouTube, Periscope and Snapchat as a hairstylist and where to spend your time

Posted by Britt Seva-Social Media & Marketing Strategist For Hairstylists on Friday, August 5, 2016

She talks fast, so be ready to pick up the tidbits of tips that you need.

I spent some time on Periscope, but dropped it after awhile… in fact I completely re-calibrated what I wanted to do with video and haven’t made any new ones since last year. I cocooned so I could emerge as a better creator.

In the meantime I invested time in tutorials and bought some new equipment.

One tip that I had read elsewhere,but that she underlined quite well is that you should spend time where your readers and target audience spend their time. It underlines that I should use instagram far, far more than I do and update what I’m doing on youtube.

Which social media efforts does this video address for you?

Where Did I Go On Periscope?

After an initial blitz of Periscope videotaping, I left it except for a few scattered attempts that didn’t last very long. Will I return? Maybe. Here is what happened; what I think of Periscope, then and now; and whether and when I will return.

First, watch this, a Periscope, WordPress, related review that I posted on Youtube:

That was one of my last major “broadcasts”.

I got a bit bored with Periscope, and found it less useful for Youtube than I’d hoped. To be fair, I haven’t done any Youtube uploads for a long time either.

Here are some quick downsides which lead to my hiatus:


  • I just didn’t know what to do with it. Tried thinking about making a loose script, topics, times to broadcast, and making graphics for the background ( when using for Youtube). It all seemed too hard, complex, and I went on to other stuff in life.
  • This reason will arise in the Youtube video, too: I feel self-conscious about how I look on tape. The work involved in makeup, hairstyling, lighting, and clothes just is more than I can manage much of the time.
  • Lest you think that is vain of me, it also has to do with the fact that I am a low energy person and feel I should be “up” and energetic to make the best video for my audience. I think you deserve my best and when I can’t give it I stop writing, making video or broadcasting. Who wants to see someone depressed or complaining? I don’t, and I don’t want to dump that on the public. This is different than being real. Real is good, but just being blah and bummed, uh, no.
  • I get bored with Periscope. And sometimes annoyed.
  • Still on the upward trek of the learning curve makes it a lot of effort for me and I wanted to write and garden more, and get my life a little more together.

OK- that was all the downside… I am going to write an upside later, after I rework my plan for how I want to divide my time making content. I also have considered podcasting which would take a couple of my barriers out of the way. Undecided at this point.


Yes. I basically really love Youtube. I want to do more and have unedited video in the wings. Here are the reasons I haven’t put anything new on my channels:

  • Getting ready for a video: hair, makeup, energy, mood, script ( which I have avoided thus far, but feel is needed)
  • Editing and learning new software. I have some super duper things to work with but I am UNLEARN-ED. My learning curve is presently tripping me up. I hope the new year allows me to master my video making skills.
  • Garden video requires the above plus the outdoors. I had some problems with the fact that I bought things with WIRES. Why? I need wireless mics etc for outdoors.
  • And I am lazy. I am lazy with cameras. I like to think about a picture or video, but not actually go and get a camera. I like to live my life and not record it. That prevents me from making Youtube uploads.
  • I have little confidence in this medium. I feel like an idiot. Most of the time I manage to overcome this when making something to post, but it hits harder in video.

These weren’t excuses, though it might come off that way. These are the reasons I have been slow to produce new stuff. But I wanted to give something of a review/ slash explanation that I fully intend to come back strong this year. Unless I die or something like that.

Predicted dates for new content:

I will make several Youtube videos over the next couple months, for both my channels. February for sure, later this month is a maybe.

I may return before then, but I like to Periscope outdoors, and that means I won’t resume until spring unless I change my mind. If you follow me on social media channels, a real return to Periscope, with intention, will be trumpeted before I broadcast next time.

That is what is happening in the filming side of my creative endeavors… what’s new with you?

The New Era Of Youtube

Video is replacing reading in many instances of tutorials, how-to, and as a branding mechanism. Right now, being on youtube is more important than trying to juggle the proliferation of other types of social sites.  And I have jumped on the bandwagon.

Coming rather late to the party, it is better than than not showing up at all. At least, guru James Wedmore has managed to convince me of this idea and I am going with it; despite the reservations that so far had prevented me.

After all, I told myself, I don’t photograph very well, I am way past the age that most people feel comfortable starting a youtube “career” (is it destined to be a career?), and I had no knowledge of how to get a professional result.

All that resistance has been overcome and I now have two youtube channels!

I wanted to introduce the newest one, Ilona’s Chalkboard, in this post.

The topics are those which arise from the focus of this particular blog, personal insights or opinions, reviews of things that make our lives better…. or my latest interest (in this case, making video).

Youtube Video Equipment

Usually very slow to acquire equipment that requires an output of money, I have invested right away in a number of items. The main ones were on the advice of Wedmore, whose guidance in creating video is engaging and full of real information. He personally sets the bar for how I’d like my video channel to ultimately operate.

Here’s the rundown on my startup gadgets and software.

  • My iPhone… which I recently upgraded
    Apple iPhone 6, Silver, 64 GB (Unlocked)
  • A tripod: the Joby Gorillapod
  • Lavalier microphone by Audio Technica. I went with the Pro 70 which also required a Hosa pre-mike connector to hook into the iPhone.
  • Upgraded iMovie to edit and produce the videos.

I bought this lavalier microphone, but I may want to upgrade in a fairly short period of time to a “wireless” one.

So far, I am just beginning with this as my setup and use daylight through a bright window for lighting.

The Challenges

There are a number of challenges.

Learning new software and how to use the new equipment. I have never been adept at mechanical things, and am notorious for being something of a dummy when it came to my smartphone.

My Appearance. I must needs use a complete makeover of my usual appearance. I put on plenty of makeup, style my hair, look for clothing that will give a good film appearance.

I learned to improve this after I made a few films for the gardening channel I started last year. It is amazing what you learn about yourself after making a few videos. How you sound to others, what frumpy clothes look like on tape, and other such revelations.

The Art Of Editing

There is a great deal to learn about what to cut out, how to pace, and create an interesting film. I am not a precise person for the most part, and the editing on my raw footage is more than a bit rough.

The nice thing about Youtube is that it is forgiving  of newcomers.

Mastering the iMovie software isn’t hard but it is a steep bit of a curve for me since I am in totally unfamiliar territory.

Why Bother

I am serious about creating the message of the blogs and setting it apart from the millions of others out there. I believe that I have something valuable to share.

Plus, it is fun and I like a new challenge. What about you? Have you thought about creating a channel and sharing your talent and know-how in this way? Let me know in the comments.  like to know any tips you may have for a newbie like me, too.

It’s A New Era

…For blogging. To write is not enough, to photograph is not enough, the thirst for information is reducing the acquisition time spent. Most of us learn how to do something with a combination of written instruction and visual illustration, with the emphasis on seeing how something is done.

For a non-fiction writer like me, video makes much more sense.

I found myself personally using Youtube more and more for my own searches and online time. Maybe Facebook trained me to do that? I don’t know.

With the ease of Youtube, and the iPhone, old school vlogging is coming into its own. This is one time I decided to join the crowd.

7 Good Reasons To Start A Youtube Channel

Podcasting Or Making Youtube Videos?

I started making garden video, even though this is probably a harder learning curve for me than taking photos has been. Both endeavors require some investment in equipment and both seem to be important additions to your blog writing.

This post is to share some of my research.

First of all, even though I tried out podcasting briefly some years ago, but didn’t pursue it. The thing is, if you make video you can also convert that to a podcast, so the sound equipment you buy is important for both.

My First Efforts

Right now, all my videos are either iPhone videos that are imported and edited in iMovie (yes, I work on a Mac), or camera videos which are edited and converted in the same software. Oh yes, some of the first ones were recorded directly from the laptop. Lugging the laptop out to the garden, either walking around with it or setting it on an out door table.

What was the drawback of those early videos? That should be plural: there were many drawbacks, primarily in sound, but also in video quality.

I started looking online for help to improve my video results. Plus I need to move and speak more quickly or smoothly


There are scads of “How to make Video” videos! But I quickly latched onto some tutorials that I liked much better than others.

One person I learned from is James Wedmore. When I say that- I don’t  mean I’ve had time to implement what he teaches, but that he packs so much information inside his tutorials that I have many leads on what to change and how to change it for better videos.

If you would like to see my garden videos or simply track my progress in making video, subscribe to my youtube channel.

Making Video

Get a plugin that plugs you in

As always- slow to jump on bandwagon, but I made my first videos for my youtube channel. I’m a total amateur, I admit.

There are probably lots of ways to produce a video, but I utilized the Mac laptop programs, Photobooth and then edited in iMovie. It was fun, but obviously experimental. My daughter liked the videos, and told me they were informative. That was music to my ears since informative is just what I was aiming at in a gardening tutorial.

Take a look, I have three in a series on planting spring bulbs:

New Distractions

I recently was looking at some Vine videos which, like Instagram, is mainly accessed as a smart phone app. Right now, I am not sure what the purpose for these might be. I was the same way about Twitter and Instagram (especially) in the initial stages. but I don’t get what these short videos actually DO.  but I am sort of pedantic that way.

Anyway, I like the tutorial video making process enough that I think I will continue. My goal is to refine the flow and improve my speaking, as well as condense the amount of time it takes to convey the information.