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How This Site Came About

After the humble pages were initially started on the original Reflecting Pool, they soon grew not only into multiple pages, but into entire sites.

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To learn more about the story of how my online world has grown and multiplied, read the section below by clicking on the tab.

This whole adventure began on Geocities, which then became Yahoo-Geocities, and now that part of the internet is no more, except in the archives of sites which copied all the content. No more free websites on Geocities made the end of an era, you might say. Not that I am complaining because they were very good to me over the years with free and very stable hosting. I made a place for the writing and webmastering I had begun, in this new site.

If you could support my internet activities with Amazon purchases through the access from my pages I would appreciate it -I finally made enough to pay for the domain name here as an affiliate, but this could be supported further with help from visitors to the site. I have handpicked Amazon selections to check out. These are chosen to relate to the topics I center on within these pages.

Visit my garden...

Visit my garden…

The Garden Pages took on their own domain for some time now (since 2006) and are thriving. Most of my writing has been garden writing for a number of years.

The Childbirth pages are being incorporated fully into this site.

More for you, my dear visitors! I feel badly to have so neglected this site, but I am really tired of the annoying ad styles… Not that I am complaining because Geocities was very good to me over the years with free and very stable hosting.

I think it is great to start out on, but my own domain has been long overdue. -in case you forgot the name. Still in the works, but I am steadily improving it. So update your bookmarks, since I will link the garden site from here, but it has its own domain that you can bookmark, and the Christmas sites are on their own domain. It may be a month or two until everything has checked out.


I also moved Loving Christmas totally to its own domain,


I am still changing many things. Ilona’s Garden Journal, the original blog which I started in order to make notes about my garden and to try out the “new” blogging platform. The most direct way to get to the topic you need is to go through the categories that are listed in the sidebar.
General topics on this site

Topic descriptions

The following descriptions are from the way the site took form originally, with “sections” of pages that covered the interests that I had begun with my original site.

  1. Opinions and advice on Childbirth (not published at this time)
  2. Exercise
  3. Snippets of poetry, Quotations and Jokes that I liked
  4. Holidays
  5. Biblestudy
  6. Hungarian
  7. Celtic culture

Some came to their vanishing points, while other branched and grew.

For descriptions of the pages and sites that grew to become this site and the others, Loving Christmas, Ilona’s Garden, etc. click on the tab “Info Pages”.


Happy Thoughts blog became part of this site. It fit well with the intent, here.