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Video is replacing reading in many instances of tutorials, how-to, and as a branding mechanism. Right now, being on youtube is more important than trying to juggle the proliferation of other types of social sites.  And I have jumped on the bandwagon.

Coming rather late to the party, it is better than than not showing up at all. At least, guru James Wedmore has managed to convince me of this idea and I am going with it; despite the reservations that so far had prevented me.

After all, I told myself, I don’t photograph very well, I am way past the age that most people feel comfortable starting a youtube “career” (is it destined to be a career?), and I had no knowledge of how to get a professional result.

All that resistance has been overcome and I now have two youtube channels!

I wanted to introduce the newest one, Ilona’s Chalkboard, in this post.

The topics are those which arise from the focus of this particular blog, personal insights or opinions, reviews of things that make our lives better…. or my latest interest (in this case, making video).

Youtube Video Equipment

Usually very slow to acquire equipment that requires an output of money, I have invested right away in a number of items. The main ones were on the advice of Wedmore, whose guidance in creating video is engaging and full of real information. He personally sets the bar for how I’d like my video channel to ultimately operate.

Here’s the rundown on my startup gadgets and software.

  • My iPhone… which I recently upgraded
    Apple iPhone 6, Silver, 64 GB (Unlocked)
  • A tripod: the Joby Gorillapod
  • Lavalier microphone by Audio Technica. I went with the Pro 70 which also required a Hosa pre-mike connector to hook into the iPhone.
  • Upgraded iMovie to edit and produce the videos.

I bought this lavalier microphone, but I may want to upgrade in a fairly short period of time to a “wireless” one.

So far, I am just beginning with this as my setup and use daylight through a bright window for lighting.

The Challenges

There are a number of challenges.

Learning new software and how to use the new equipment. I have never been adept at mechanical things, and am notorious for being something of a dummy when it came to my smartphone.

My Appearance. I must needs use a complete makeover of my usual appearance. I put on plenty of makeup, style my hair, look for clothing that will give a good film appearance.

I learned to improve this after I made a few films for the gardening channel I started last year. It is amazing what you learn about yourself after making a few videos. How you sound to others, what frumpy clothes look like on tape, and other such revelations.

The Art Of Editing

There is a great deal to learn about what to cut out, how to pace, and create an interesting film. I am not a precise person for the most part, and the editing on my raw footage is more than a bit rough.

The nice thing about Youtube is that it is forgiving  of newcomers.

Mastering the iMovie software isn’t hard but it is a steep bit of a curve for me since I am in totally unfamiliar territory.

Why Bother

I am serious about creating the message of the blogs and setting it apart from the millions of others out there. I believe that I have something valuable to share.

Plus, it is fun and I like a new challenge. What about you? Have you thought about creating a channel and sharing your talent and know-how in this way? Let me know in the comments.  like to know any tips you may have for a newbie like me, too.

It’s A New Era

…For blogging. To write is not enough, to photograph is not enough, the thirst for information is reducing the acquisition time spent. Most of us learn how to do something with a combination of written instruction and visual illustration, with the emphasis on seeing how something is done.

For a non-fiction writer like me, video makes much more sense.

I found myself personally using Youtube more and more for my own searches and online time. Maybe Facebook trained me to do that? I don’t know.

With the ease of Youtube, and the iPhone, old school vlogging is coming into its own. This is one time I decided to join the crowd.

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