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Over the years plenty has changed at Zazzle. The sizes needed for customizing the stores, the store profile banner and the member profile image are just two to know.

To complete the requirements for 100% profile and store completion includes making “media” as well. I had trouble getting the sizes large enough.

The Store Banner

As of now, in the Forum, the advice is to make the store banner the right size. Here is the official advice:

The important thing to remember is that the image should have an aspect ratio of 76:21

That is 3.8x 1.05 inches.

Official word on this is:
“The main banner to your store should be at least 2280 pixels wide by 380 pixels in height (e.g. 2280 x 380).

Your banner should give some ‘texture’ as to what your store is. A pattern or repeating image works well, as does a photo of objects that you don’t have to see in their entirety to know what they are. The reason for this is because your banner scales depending on the device it’s viewed on.”

Member Profile Pic

Make it square and make it 512 x 512 pixels.
You should have a logo that fits into a square shape and is no less than 512 x 512 pixels.”
Your member page has a profile pic, and your store has a logo. The recommendation presently is to use your personal photo for the member profile instead of a logo or avatar. This helps a customer to connect to you as a person.

Your store logo ought to reflect the brand (look) you wish to incorporate into your products and store.

Category Pics

Without images, the categories will not show up. Make your store category pics are 640 pixels square, minimum.

[su_box title=”A Word about Images” style=”glass” box_color=”#d0f7fc” title_color=”#0a4c5e”]
“Resolution” is very important in making images for both web and print. Generally, as long as the image size is right, the resolution for web can be 72 dpi. When making images for printed products, minimum of 300 dpi is used.[/su_box]

There are also “media pictures” now. For the longest time I just didn’t get what they’re all about , but this is the word from on high on those:

Media Images

“Any photography or images you add to your ‘All Media’ section should be at least 1080 x 1440 pixels.

The image sizes we give above are the minimum of what you need to upload. If you want the best resolution possible, double the pixel size suggested above.”

Many designers are taking photos of products they ordered. I used an online Pinterest oriented generator to make an automatic collage that uses collections to make media worthy graphics.

That generator is no longer online 🙁

Advice for Zazzle Media

However, Zazzle now offers download of your design and the mockup images they make for products. These can be downloaded and worked into backgrounds or ready made mockup images for your media of all types. I was using Photoshop, but now find that Canva Pro makes it much, much easier.

If you are starting out and on a budget, try using Gimp or another inexpensive or free graphics program to make the desired images.

update 2015 2023

I promised I would update this page.

Due to big changes in the format that Zazzle uses, much of the old information on customizing your store has changed and is outdated. In fact, the way you set your store and sell on Zazzle has changed in fundamental ways.

What are the Biggest Changes?

Marketing. Designers on the platform must implement all sorts of marketing efforts. They are encouraged to do the usual online social media, but on the site itself each product is to have its own media.

Canva and Other Apps Help

In creating the necessary media for the products and your store, you can make them with any graphics program from free to the pricey Adobe Photoshop. But the easiest solution for most Designers is to have a subscription to an online app like Canva.

There are many Youtube tutorials on how to use these programs.

Going Advice Changes

The going advice on how to succeed with P.O.D. sites undergoes much change, as well. Branding your store with certain colors and style has been recommended.

Collection Cover images were introduced. These need to be a minimum of 324 x 324 but are displayed at only 272 x 272. (If instead of adding a cover image you just let it show the first item in the collection, it displays at 252 x 252.) I use jpeg files that are 2295px square.

Collection banners are 1140 x 315. The banners are inside the collection page, and look just like the store banner on the screen.

Collections themselves have changed in a huge way. Thankfully, tools to help make the most of them are baked right into their creation. You can create a banner especially for the collection or use a representive one that is used in the product design. Use whatever gives the customer a “feel” for the group of products displayed.

There are topics like wedding, bridal and baby showers, and more. Displays from cross-sell (everything for a baby shower theme, for example) to diverse designs that are tied together with intent (like kids birthday invitations). Experiment with this important part of today’s Zazzle stores.

[su_box title=”Absolutely Brand New” style=”glass” box_color=”#d0f7fc” title_color=”#0a4c5e”] Products can have a “cover image”. These show up in the Zazzle Marketplace to highlight your product. I use a jpeg file that is 2295px square.[/su_box]

For everything you need to know about product cover images and “best practice” guide, check out the offical, and clear, Cover Photo Guide 2022 

Zazzle has optimized for mobile. I think this is smart, since that is the direction the web is taking.

It has also simplified the entire process of installing a header. Like Facebook, you simply upload a large enough photo or graphic for the background.  The store profile picture (logo) is to the left, and a (member) profile pic is in the center on your profile page.

Each category must have a graphic to appear, a product picture or one of your product image could be used.

Topics for Future Tips

The entire process of referrals seems to be shrouded in mystery. I am investigating that for future posts.

Helpful branding advice for setting up your store is another topic to further explore.


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Zazzle completely changed its look and how each of the stores look, as well. I have been having a hard time finding the information needed to customize my store, so I thought I would collate some of the necessary info in a Webhelp post- which is “Web help for baby geeks”.

First, sizes.

  1. The size needed for the Store Icon is 200 X 200 pixels.
  2. The size needed for the Header is 2360 X 400 pixels.
  3. Featured Categories: 648 x 648 pixels, although I downloaded a template gif that measures 500 X 500 pixels.

Zazzle calls the header a “Mantle”.


This page from Zazzle lists some of the issues; in case you are struggling with something, it is good to know when it is them and not something you are doing wrong.

New Site Issues List

Did you wonder what happened to your products and how to figure out “groupings”? There was an illustrated post in the forums that clarified this for many of us:

Forum answer to “Where Are My Products?

I’ll update this post as I find new information.