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Although I liked the Twenty Eleven theme for WordPress, I changed the Advent Blog to the newer version theme. One of the reasons was that I found the header was too large for my blog post style, and the Twenty Twelve had more features that I liked.

Of course the drawback was that I lost a few features, like the asides posts. For some reason WordPress developers didn’t feel it was important, although I could still add them in with an extra plugin. Another drawback to going with the latest and greatest default theme is the lack of child themes. Twenty Ten had lots, …T.Eleven, not so many, and T.Twelve had almost nil free child themes made for it. Its font sizes were way too small, too.

What did I most like about it? The newest themes, including Twenty twelve are “responsive” themes to show up well on mobile phones,etc. And that is where the internet is going…. mobile. It doesn’t make sense to have themes that look wonky on a phone, anymore.

I suppose those are things that will be ironed out in the future. For now, I am happy using the Twenty Twelve theme for my Advent Devotionals, which now have monthly devotionals throughout the year. I wish I could settle on just a few ideal themes for my wordpress blogs, but I seem to have a problem being truly satisfied, even with premium themes that I pay for each year.