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In Review

Last year I had no significant focus word, even though I sought one. Instead there were practical directions, some from many years in the past that molded the decisions and directions.

I decluttered to organize and simplify my life, (and get rid of the guilt and insecurity that a cluttered and dirty environment produces).

My entire year geared towards the plans of my family to rendezvous for Christmas at home in Ohio.

There were some large detours along the way, and the timetables took several rewinds and delays. Still, as I write this at the end of 2014, the progress and accomplishment was quite amazing (considering we are twelve very independent minded people with equally independent minded spouses and busy lives). It turns out I did not need guiding words or specific resolutions.

I look at this past year, and it was full of answered prayers of the past.

Unsought, But Welcome Word

I have a faithful prayer partner, who I have met with every month for the past five to six years. During December, while praying, the word “Alignment” came alive and stood out as the keynote of what God would be doing with us this coming year.

So often we pray for God to come into our plans, hear our desires, and cooperate with our hopes.

But the idea contained in the giving of this living word of direction was an inner desire (that almost seemed to be born at that moment, although it wasn’t new):

to become aligned with what God wanted, be in on His plans and cooperate more fully with Him.

I wasn’t seeking direction, it was premature in the expected timing of a New Year’s set of resolutions- I was still in the midst of working on the present!

But almost as a gift, the word of Alignment took form

It has the feeling for me of adjusting and fine tuning, although I am aware that large portions of my habits and actions should make drastic change.

Some things which come to mind are:

  • Returning to remembering grateful prayer, from grace said before meals to “giving thanks in all things”. I’ve gotten very sloppy, neglectful, unmindful.
  • Being more regular in church. I miss having this in my life, and the feeling of obligation has practically disappeared. I just want to connect more in corporate worship and service.
  • Returning to a regular daily prayer time. Time when I can meet with God, not just flyby prayers as I hurry on my work schedule.

Those are a few things this word is inspiring for me at the moment.

I want to explore what it means for my blogging, my goals in gardening and the home, the trips I travel, my steps to better physical health.

How may I align with God’s revelation to me, with His purposes?