I changed my theme on Ilonasgarden.com, my garden site, again. Elegant themes created one that was far superior to the others that I had used previously. The others were clunky and slow loading, this one is much faster; it also has all the slots for a garden site: lots of images to draw interest and videos along with widget spaces, etc.

Still if I was going to go back to one of the previous ones I would choose the Studiopress type based on Genesis. I was always happy with that, but I had used an early free one and they no longer supported the free themes, so I stopped using it.

These are the companies I would most recommend, although I know Thesis get a lot of love from many people. For a free theme I like this one, ‘Swift’. I wanted to learn how it worked and that is why I keep it. It has lots of power and customization for a free theme.

I highly recommend a couple premium theme sites for those who use WordPress:

Genesis Framework for WordPress

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