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I’ve been saving up thoughts and things I want to write about, simply because I want to use them in the truegrit blog but I think that it should be moved to its own place. Right now it is on a free site. 

My reticence in moving it is due to its size. TrueGrit is my oldest blog, and I used to write a lot of posts. Now I have plenty of ideas,but I don’t want to write them in any of the blogs like this one. Perhaps I just need to think outside the box more than I am right now.

In the meantime there are lots of family relationship, Christian, and philosophical “blog stubs” that are treasured up, or even lost. Lost or buried treasure, which is not doing anyone any good. I guess we can allow things to simmer awhile longer. At times writing benefits from allowing the ideas to develop internally.

On Pinterest I continue to use the board “Reflecting Pool” to collect the kind of good thoughts, uplifting quotes, and other types of inspirations that originally filled my old site. I still feel this one is not quite setup to continue in that stream. I started to work here in earnest, but got caught up in making some new creations on Zazzle, opening new stores there, etc.


Here are some samples:


Custom Stamp for a Couple:

Purple Collage Business Card Holder: