When the ugliness of the world events threatens to overwhelm we need to take serious action and turn our eyes towards what is good and beautiful. We need the calm and quiet of the forest, the reminder of the eternal given in the view of the Mountains, the awe of the Almighty as we gaze out to the vastness of the sea.

Nature speaks of that which humans often obliterate with their greed, warring, and tumults. Spend some time, even if to look up into the sky from a window, to get perspective and to remember that there is much that is beautiful and worthwhile and that there is a higher plane. Let’s concentrate on that higher plane and let it lift us. Let God lift you. Allow Him to settle you within His Good, and give you inner resource. Become a wellspring, a reservoir, a garden. Let God tend you, fill you, inspire you…. take yourself to the place where you see His hand, and meditate on the grandeur, or the fineness, or the beauty.

Be restored.

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