Spring Haiku

looking backat the fullest moona round-faced frog~White Crow HaikuPicture courtesy of Jusben through Morguefile

September Poem

September~Brierly Ashour~When the goldenrod is yellow,And leaves are turning brown -Reluctantly the summer goesIn a cloud of thistledown.When squirrels are harvestingAnd birds in flight appear -By these autumn signs we knowSeptember days are here.

Summer Days

Summer Days -Wathen Marks Wilks Call (1817–90) IN summer, when the days were long, We walk’d, two friends, in field and wood; Our heart was light, our step was strong, And life lay round us, fair as good, In summer, when the days were long. We stray’d from morn...

When you hear the splash Of the water drops that fall Into the stone bowl You will feel that all the dust Of your mind is washed away. -Sen-No-RikyuShare This: Post to Netscape| Post to Digg |Add to Del.icio.us

A Gift From The Heart

It Comes To MeIt comes to me not as a crashing wavethat claims my breath, nor with the rocket-flareof fireworks or the force of a zephyr’s wind….It comes not in heart-stopping momentsof revelation, nor in the ‘life flashing before me’tradition...

A Bowl of Fruit

Grandma’s HouseSheets snapping in the windThe smell of the gardenA wheelbarrow and rakeApple pies in open windowsA board game set up on the kitchen tableA fresh bowl of fruitThe aroma of a home-cooked mealMade with grace and loveWarm hugs, teary-eyed smilesA...