Troubleshooting Shareaholic

Love it, but it started to put loads of share button repeats at the bottom of the posts. I deactivated, deleted, reinstalled and changed the position to the top of the post. Seems to work properly now.

Google Adsense Meets WordPress With A Plugin

Reading their Google Adsense Newsletter, I saw the wordpress plugin that was added to the WP repository. Added it today on the only site that makes me any money ( though it has dropped to very low amount). I’m giving it two weeks to see if there is any...

Gimp Tips

Since I use my Mac laptop for most of my work, I switched from my old Photoshop program to Gimp. Needing to make a graphic for one of my posts, here, I wanted some free brushes to use for the illustration. But how to insert Photoshop brushes into the Gimp program? It...

Instagram and Vine

Linkpost Review of Instagram video versus Vine Instagram photo sharing compared to the new photo app Vine Techcrunch