I added Points of Light to the side bar, it has the most uplifting photos and comments. Pictures of trees, of lighthouses, of soul calming scenes of beauty.

I changed my bedroom around on the suggestion from my husband ( and much needed muscle power to mover the furniture -I’m such a wimp anymore, I used to do that all by my lonesome). The bed now faces a different direction and I look into the tree branches through the window, now. It is like a summer afternoon under the trees, when you look up into the reassuring stretch of their arms overhead. The blue and white sky peeks through and you feel the peace of God’s presence in the world. He is there. He is above us, and He keeps the important things of life moving on through each season.

I like to be reminded of that in the morning, and I love to see the seasonal changes in the trees.

We have limbed up that tree, as well, and that makes the whole scene very spacious. Lets in light and air while retaining the laced green canopy of leaves overarching the house. I just have the best time gazing through the dark branches and cheery green leaves.

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