I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, and might have turned it down… but after seeing it on other friends pages, came to appreciate it.

The Timeline feature basically sets up your Facebook page like a news website, and makes the older posts accessible without tedious clicking back through every single set of posts. Now you simply select the year, and go from there. Improved. Success.

I like the large header, too.

Once I made up my powerful mind to change…oops I couldn’t find how. My kids told me “go to someone’s page who has it and get it from there.” I did, but no button was apparent to me. Finally I found the link.

Get Facebook Timeline

This article tells you how to revert if you find yourself unhappy with the new Timeline style.

Experiment with things and see if you like the new look and feel of the Timeline…

I read that Facebook will make everyone adopt the change anyway ( which is typical FB policy).

Advice on the new Timeline:

Think carefully about what you want to highlight when people scroll through your past. Facebook has a secret formula for determining which items are included in your highlights, using such factors as how many friends commented on a post. That may not necessarily be what you want to showcase.

Read more tips and instructions

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