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I have been producing daily posts for my Advent blog. Everything was working well, until recently (the past couple days). Suddenly, I found most of the post missing, which was supposed to be ready to publish. Strangely, I also had trouble getting some of the admin areas to work, especially Tags.

This problem only seemed to be inside the main editing page, and did not affect the Quick edit. I couldn’t seem to eradicate the problem with turning off plugins, or even deleting them. I did, however, find that the Chrome browser functioned just fine. I rewrote the post, added new illustrations, and published.

It appears to be a problem with my bloated Firefox browser. The Firefox has been touchy for awhile, requiring me to completely close out -which is often forced to quit- and then restarting my machine to get it to work.

I think I need to use Chrome for further editing and writing my posts from now on.

Troubleshooting Changes

The entire problem in my WordPress blog while using Firefox looked like this:

  • Tags were locked and wouldn’t open in the “choose from most used” link. Also new ones wouldn’t save.
  • Posts didn’t save
  • Trouble getting images to save
  • Generally java scripts weren’t working
  • Visual editor stopped working ( couldn’t switch from text to visual, though I could the previous day)
  • Revisions were lost

I have many add-ons that I love in Firefox, but this could be causing problems.  All this post consists of is conjecture since I am not a programmer.  What I do know is that I lost a days work to Firefox and WordPress somehow not functioning properly, and that today Chrome came to the rescue.


Depending on autosaves causes one to grow lazy about manually doing saves and backup of posts.

I have always written my posts online in the software editor, even though I have offline programs… they just don’t get use.

But when the autosave runs into a problem, there is lost work and lots of regret.


But Maybe It Isn’t Firefox

I also strangely noticed that much of the updating that I had done on my sites ( several!) went missing. The theme for this site had been changed, but now reverted to the old theme. So maybe a hosting failure with a backup replacement that predated my changes?

That also may have been the explanation.

-But I am not quick to lay blame. I have everything compounded by the fact that my internet provider sometimes experiences difficulties which wrecks havoc on the saving process, and the browser functions, etc.


So for now, my most reasonable idea is that it was Firefox which cause my problems with WordPress, or maybe it had been the perfect storm of factors mentioned here. However it worked, so far Chrome worked. But if it happens again- I’ll be looking at the site hosting as the next most likely suspect.