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What Are People Buying from this Web Entrepreneur?

(Written in 2017)

Sometimes it is helpful to see what’s happening in someone else’s business. Like many other online writers, I saw a shakeup in income during the past year (2016), so I am trying to see where “the cheese” has relocated.

I know a little of where the bloggers are going… they are giving webinars and making ebooks to sell, making paid membership sites and information to some extent. The content farm writers are trying their hand at their own blogs, and others are networking, speaking, and writing books.

It is quite the fruit salad of alternatives, but back to the point of this post, I am looking at what on sells Amazon for my sites, which designs at Zazzle are purchased, and other pertinent bits of information.


Web Entrepreneurs Affiliated with Amazon

(As of 2024, my Amazon income and orders has drastically dropped and stayed depressed. After Hubpages and their partners took over almost all Amazon affiliate links were removed or penalized, but you can view the former information recorded here)

After the initial drop from the closing of Squidoo, I usually see between 7 and 20 orders which qualify for affiliate referral.

This quarter some of the items were books (mainly from my garden site), but also:

  1. JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen – Medium
  2. Sorbus® Wine Rack Stand
  3. A few hair product orders for Gray hair, including One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Gel.
  4. Lillian Rose Regal Elegance Jeweled Bouquet Holder
  5. A few garden journals, including  The Gardener’s Journal – Kraft Hard Cover

Since Hubpages has radically reduced the number of Amazon products (to zero in some cases) allowed on my pages, I may well see less of  the hair care all orders in the future.

Hubpages was taken over by another company and has dwindled down to almost no income for me, and for most web entrepreneurs like me, now. For years the forums on Hubpages had complaints about effects of Google updates. In 2024, this has benefitted my own hosted websites, but the content farms continue to struggle for small-scale writers who are not employed directly.

Zazzle Web Entrepreneur

In 2024 I have to update my findings on this web entrepreneur avenue. My stores there have become one of my main sources of online income.

Everyone at Zazzle forums complains of changes leading to less income, but I don’t know the overview. For me, last year was a struggle, and this year is variable. While it seems that I am making progress at times, the orders are often small and for products that have little commission. I don’t make consequential referral income.

As I have worked harder in this sector of web entrepreneurship, I have seen much more success in my Zazzle efforts.

The sectors that are known to sell, for web entrepreneurs on Zazzle, have been the invitation areas of Wedding, Shower, and Birthday. let it be known that these are so highly competitive and saturated that it pays to find your own niche within those areas.

A more complete picture of what sells on this POD, for me, can be seen from postings on my art Facebook page.


For an event:

— As of 2024 —

Omissions in Online Income

When I began monetizing, in the early 2000’s, Google ads,  affiliate advertising -including Amazon- were the main sources of income. These were incorporated into blogging for web entrepreneurs. Then came the rise and changes inside Social Media platforms, i.e. Facebook/Instagram, Twitter/Now X, et al.

I did not ever enter the Etsy platform as a store, and from Youtube tutorials this has changed and become much more challenging. I have not attempted to create my own stores with Shopify or WooCommerce. Facebook has wasted restricted its platform for commerce, etc.  So, I don’t have anything helpful to say about these resources.

Youtube long ago changed so that I had no income from that platform, either.