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If you are having a winter wedding, these are some of the best picks for invitations, along with seasonal tips and trends. Although highlighting many of my own, I like to curate some of the best from other designers. Winter weddings benefit from some of the beautiful holiday decor and traditional family visiting times.

As a designer on Zazzle, I do a lot of research into the trends in wedding styles, and have always been interested in event themes.Themes are so much fun to explore because of the creativity that so many women express through their event planning choices!

So, along with a small showcase of actual invitations, tips and info on favorite themes and trends are on the menu of this post, as well.

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A Few Examples of My Own Design

Two of the new, trending Boho style designs and a popular Holiday influenced Wedding Invitation.

rustic wedding invitation

A Rustic invitation style that combines warm elements of wood and a floral decorated lantern

Snowy Lantern Invitation

Rose Gold foil Wedding Invitation

Simple Arch design with rich rose gold foil. A subtle Boho floral adds an elegant touch. This is a luxe style.

Real Gold Foil Simple Arch

Christmas Season Wedding Invitation

Bring on all the holiday cheer into your wedding! Pine wreath, snow, and a red, white, and green palette.

Christmas Season Wedding


Winter Wedding Colors

Modern Botanical Wedding Invitation

Subtle colors are used for winter weddings

Modern Botanical Watercolor Flowers

While winter colors are often more subdued, around Christmas or Valentines Day it is just the opposite! Expect lots of red, but many strong bright palettes, as well as a deep, moody trend come to the forefront during the winter season.

Greens of Winter

winter wedding color theme

winter wedding color theme

For 2023 and beyond, Green becomes a top favorite. The theme is usually a natural one that invites nature’s display of plant foliage, evergreens, and the many shades of green to infuse the entire event. For invitations, that means lots of watercolor foliage designs.

I think this Greenery theme is so popular because it is simple and elegant. It is also easy to source the floral materials year round for one of the more costly portions of the wedding budget.

A subset of the greenery theme is the Christmas season theme of evergreens and the traditional “Deck the Halls” foliage, with the additions of Berry Red. Green, red, and white is classic.

rustic wedding invitation

Chic, gold snow, pine green winter wedding invitation

Chic Pine Green Winter Wedding

Greenery Green and Gold Geometric Rustic Wedding Invitation

watercolor airy mixed greenery foliage and branches in various shades of green with printed gold design leaf elements.

Greenery Green and Gold Geometric Rustic

Atmospheric Green Modern Wedding Invitation

Chalky Pine Green background with metallic effect leaf accent in the printing. An overall atmospheric look.

Atmospheric Green Modern Wedding Invitation

Sage Green Combines with Blush Pink

Next for a color combination that marries two of the classic color themes for Brides everywhere: Blush and Sage. Instead of a monotone, these toned down contrasting colors create their own subtle excitement. This could also be considered a subset of the Greenery theme when sage is the pre-dominant tint for the decor. Bring in a “Tapestry Tan” to further blend these two chosen colors.

Because they are pale and reflect the seasonal red and green, this works surprisingly well for a winter wedding. Many floral choices in Blush and herbal Sage is readily available at this time of year. If the fragrance of sage isn’t to your liking, Eucalyptus comes in this soft shade of green as well.


Segue way from the foliage to a field of lavender, and Lavenders and Purples take the winter wedding into a more moody color set. Light purples are usual for spring, but for the mood of the colder months, a rich Plum purple and a gray lavender with a desaturated green create a dramatic backdrop.

Sunflower Yellow and Dusk Blue

Turn your head to something completely different: bring in the sunshine, with a nod to the Nordic countries. Blue and yellow have always been a Swedish favorite (the colors of their flag). This combo is perfect for a bright note in an otherwise overcast time of year.

Sunflowers are a favorite in all seasons, and a fun decor and invitation theme.


Go Burgundy

Transitioning the time of fall to winter is the time to go all out for color, especially the Burgundy/Marsala and Burnt Orange shades. Try the two together for a late fall theme, or lean into a strong red color like Marsala for further into the winter calendar.

rustic wedding invitation

A Rustic invitation style that combines warm elements of wood and a floral decorated lantern

Snowy Lantern Invitation

Rose Gold foil Wedding Invitation

Just one simple stem of a deep red and burgundy Chrysanthemum blossom. Reverse is deep marsala shade. Watercolor floral that is modern and striking.

Red and Burgundy Chrysanthemum Invitation

Classic Jewel Tones

Notice the trend towards the Classic in these choices of colors. The winter months lend themselves to feeling of elegance and timelessness, even a minimalism that just doesn’t seem right in the warmer seasons of Spring or Summer. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose something different, it just is what fits with what Modern Brides sensibilities respond to most during these times, and this season.

[su_box title=”Add Sparkle” style=”glass” box_color=”#d0f7fc” title_color=”#0a4c5e”]
Sparkle brings alive so many of these themes. Trendy additions like metallics in copper, silver, or rose gold. Facets of crystal, snowflakes, icy surfaces like glass and mirror. For invitations, don’t forget foil effects.[/su_box]

A Boho Wedding Theme

This has proven extremely popular for both Weddings and Bridal Showers, with neutral colors and soft natural textures of burlap, pampas grass, dried Palm leaves and pretty orchids. Usually ivory, champagne, and dusty rose, but clay colors such as terra-cotta and rusty reds for contrast are part of the mix.

Earthy feeling, watercolor invitations and luxurious papers are part of the invitation choices that highlight this casual style choice.

Flesh Pink, beige, and soft white, paired with darker rust and olive green accents are peaceful hues for beach or garden environments- or decor that evokes those beautiful venues.

Boho doesn’t have to have those color themes, it really harks to a collection of playful and unexpected elements which give a casual, laid back atmosphere, often with a 60’s Hippy vibe.

Boho Tropical White Orchid Invitation

Boho Tropical White Orchid Invitation

Whimsical Boho Meadow Floral Invitation

Whimsical Boho Meadow Floral Invitation

A reason that Boho style invitations work well for winter is in the use of dried floral elements or florals that are available during this time of year; such as orchids.

Celestial Dark Blue Theme

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This look combines the deep sapphire blue of a jewel tone with the yellow and blue combo. Its variations involve deepening the blue and having a very pale yellow for the stars and moon decor. It is a very dramatic look, yet the moon and night sky lends feelings of romance.

It is a look that has been trending for wedding stationary for the past few years.

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