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Here’s How To Make A Beautiful, Welcome, Gift Basket


A gift basket really wows the recipient. You can purchase ready-made assortments, but if you put together a unique themed gift it might well be the best, most memorable gift, ever.

Find out how to put together a wonderful gift basket, choose one of the themes here, or let them spark your creative imagination to make a crafted, unique goodie basket like no one else’s.

There are professional wrapping instructions (in video to make it super easy to follow), and pro ideas on how to put together the contents.

You can save money and make sure that the gifts are all their favorites.

homemade gift basket

photo by Candy N of a gift basket she received.

Impressive Gift Baskets That Show You Care

Gift baskets overflow with goodies that show you have taken time to introduce a little love and luxury for someone special. There are so many types of baskets put together for every taste and the possibilities are endless when you seek to put together your own. That means that a highly personal gift is possible, one that sets it apart to convey your special message.

One of the things that makes a basket of goodies so much fun is the variety of gifts included – the surprise element adds to the excitement, too. Little candies tucked in, smalls jars, things that create layers of discovery. As much fun for the giver as for the receiver is the way a gift basket can be expression of a theme. Tea lovers, coffee lovers, pet lovers, golf enthusiasts, artists, you name a persons taste or interest and you can put together a gift that they will cherish in their memory… long after the cookies were eaten or the golf balls were lost.

A favorite gift in my own memory was when my sister put together an Italian foodie “basket”. I still use the giant pasta bowl that all the ingredients for a great Italian meal came packaged in. A happy memory that has lasted for many, many long years now, with reminders during many family meals.

You can see why I am a fan of the gift basket as a way to give a special and meaningful gift.


Colavita Garden Delights Gift Basket
Colavita Garden Delights Gift Basket
Garden delights of antipasto, sauce, pasta, fine olive oil, and more all wrapped up in a rustic red and white cloth in a rattan basket. Feast for the eyes and the palate.

Mama Mia! That’s A Delectable Gift of Goodies – Italian themed gourmet foods

Take your time

Consider the person you are shopping for, and find out what really is special to them. That is the secret of great gift giving, much more than the money spent. Do you have a journal or notepad where you can brainstorm the ingredients for a really great gift basket? Maybe use pinterest or a similar bookmark to gather ideas. It will be easy to put together the basket when the time comes.

Food Gifts with a Theme

International cuisine, chocolate, creative coffee gift baskets that you put together yourself

Italian Night Gift Basket

  • Special pasta noodles
  • gourmet pasta sauce
  • jars of antipasto goodies
  • pasta serving utensil
  • tea towel in Italian colors
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pesto sauce
  • dipping spices
  • Italian herbs
  • pasta bowl
  • bottle of sturdy red Italian wine

Hungarian Kitchen Gift Basket

Csiga Noodles (Kelemen or Bende) 200g
Csiga Noodles (Kelemen or Bende) 200g




  • Hungarian specialty cookbook
  • Hungarian paprika selections(hot, sweet, etc)
  • Hungarian egg noodles
  • jar of sauerkraut
  • Hungarian tea towel
  • decorative Hungarian pottery
  • Hungarian Tokay Wine
  • Kifli cookies
  • Hungarian pastry or strudel
(Hungarian:1846-1910) - Girl With Basket

(Hungarian:1846-1910) – Girl With Basket

Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket

  • Gourmet Chocolate, of course
  • chocolate covered cookies
  • gourmet fudge
  • fudge sauce
  • chocolate truffles
  • lace trimmed doily

Java Fantasy Gift Basket

  • Packets of gourmet coffees
  • sugar swizzle sticks
  • selection of biscotti cookies
  • latte cups
  • gourmet cookies
  • chocolate covered coffee beans
  • coffee drink coasters

Gourmet with a Twist


  • The twist for some lovely gift baskets can be their emphasis on low calories or health. Here is one example of a healthy basket of goodies.
  • …and one emphasizing snacks. You can make up your own combination of this type of basket very easily, too.
  • Consider putting together Chex mix, Ritz crackers, V8 juice, pretzels, popcorn, sunflower seeds, Cheerios, instant soup, bottled water. or brainstorm your own favorite combination of snacking goodies.

Gluten Free Gift Basket

  • Here’s a special idea that can really be a thoughtful consideration for those who are in need of special diets.
  • Go to your neighborhood Whole Foods Market, or anywhere there is a wide selection of gluten-free products. Put your gifts together with a tea towel and use a special basket.


Hungarian Gift Basket Ideas – Include these “Must-Haves”

Noodles and sweet Hungarian paprika are two necessities for a gift basket based on Hungarian cuisine. Consider some Hungarian design drink coasters from Zazzle, too. Tea towels with a Hungarian color or design are always welcome and line any basket with panache.

SCI Scandicrafts Stainless Steel Spaetzle Noodle Maker
SCI Scandicrafts Stainless Steel Spaetzle Noodle Maker
Notice the clever containers!


Gift Baskets for Children

Easter Baskets and Birthday Surprise Baskets

Children love the surprise and the abundance of a gift basket chock full of an assortment of gifts. Cute additions such as stuffed toys, individually packed candies, the type of small gizmos that are offered as stocking stuffers at Christmas time… all these make a gift basket that will be loved and remembered.

Don’t forget fun things like novelty drinking straws, or a set of plastic dishes for the occasion can be long lasting gifts, even if they play second fiddle to candy and cookies when the basket is first opened.

Even little musical instruments, like harmonicas or wooden flutes, can play a part in the basket of fun that you put together for a child’s birthday or holiday.

Just as with adult gifts, a child’s interests can form the theme of your gifts to include in a container that speaks volumes of how important they are to you. Ballet and baseball, collectors or comic book character fascination… anything that interests the child can be the start of a fun set of gifts to include in your basket.
Darice It's A Girl Pink 3 Ribbon Pack, 9-Yards
Darice It’s A Girl Pink 3 Ribbon Pack, 9-Yards

Gifts With Themes

Candies shaped into roses, golfballs, wrapped up in special motifs can be included in special themed baskets. They add a fun note that sets the basket apart from the “usual”.

Holiday Hospitality

Thanksgiving holiday basket

Thanksgiving Abundance

Plentiful Gourmet Wishes: Gourmet Thanksgiving Gift BasketA basket generously filled with delicious treats. Chocolates, Harvest Coffee tea, Spiced Cider Drink Mix, Cookies, Crackers, Honey, Cheese Spread, and MORE…

When invited to someone’s home, the hospitality is appreciated by the guest and a supply of special treats is appreciated by the host. Favorite flavors of the season: pumpkin and spices for Thanksgiving.


Hobby Baskets

…Put together a themed basket that someone will love

Seamstress and Craftperson

One of the most fun of all baskets to assemble has to be for the person who sews and crafts. There are so many beautiful and economical sewing baskets, cute sewing accessories, scrapbooking and crafting things that can create a truly memorable gift. Don’t overlook some that might come already created for you to give.



Golfers love their sport and golf balls and tees are always welcome, but what about golf themed figurines or Christmas ornaments? Golf hats, club covers, the list is long and the fun is finding all these nifty golf lovers accessories. You can even find golf ball chocolates!

Try golf ball chocolates to get a golf themed basket started.

California Delicious Golf Gourmet Gift Basket
California Delicious Golf Gourmet Gift Basket
[Footballs Solid Milk Chocolate - (1 Lb - 63 Pcs)easyazon_link asin=”B006VYHRE6″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”ilonasreflect-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Footballs Solid Milk Chocolate – (1 Lb – 63 Pcs)[/easyazon_link]

Gardener Gifting – A tote bag for garden worthy gifts


Gardeners love seeds, a really good quality tool, garden books, journals, good garden gloves, gift certificates to their fav plant store, and oodles of other thoughtful additions. Don’t forget hand lotions or balms, and garden related jewelry. I think the one caveat is that there are cheap hand tools out there and I wouldn’t waste money on those. If you get tools, get less in number, but higher quality. Candles are beautiful and often come in garden themes to add just the right touch to a gardener’s gift basket.

Classic Gardening Gift Basketâ„¢
Classic Gardening Gift Basketâ„¢

Gourmet food and some extra tools tucked into the tote. People love this one for good reason. Having a tote for your tools is a real time and energy saver when working in the garden – a thoughtful gift long after the treats are gone.


Wrappin’ It All Up

Craft stores, like Michaels, have lots of gift basket wrapping supplies, from the cellophane wraps to tags and containers, not to mention the varied supply of baskets to choose from. How To Wrap

Luxurious Rosebud Wired Edge Designer Ribbon, 4" Wide, 8 Yards, Red
Luxurious Rosebud Wired Edge Designer Ribbon, 4″ Wide, 8 Yards, Red

Clever Containers

For a baby shower fill the bassinet basket with little goodies- like baby bath products and with a selection of “firsts”, first bank, picture frame and toy lamb.

Place assorted teabags, a journal, a special pen, and some wrapped candies inside a special antique looking box… the possibilities are unlimited and really start to flow once you begin using your imagination.

Romantic Trunk Tulip Flower Wood Polish Jewelry Keepsake Chest
Romantic Trunk Tulip Flower Wood Polish Jewelry Keepsake Chest


Vintiquewise(TM) Decorative Storage Box, 9 by 6 by 4-Inch

Brand Names

Fine Taste Collections

Your Good Taste, and Theirs!

Using well known brand names, or high quality products that we don’t necessarily treat ourselves to everyday, is one sure way to create a welcome gift basket. Do you recognize the name of Godiva chocolates? It makes you feel pampered, and this is the idea behind a luxury brand. If not wishing to do an entire basket, just tuck in one or two items for an instant feel of indulgent celebration.

When you put together your own gift baskets, use a dressy look container. One thing I love to use is a re-usable box. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and patterns, available at a Tuesday’s Mornings store if one is in your area, but they aren’t difficult to find.

Special-TEA basket

Watching the way a tea blossom opens inside an included glass teapot would make teatime a special treat. Putting it inside a lovely wooden box container means that the memory of your thoughtfulness lasts after the tea has been enjoyed.

The Home Baked Gift Basket

If you have time to bake, this could be the gift that gets all the raves.

Bucket of Brownies

This could be anyone’s favorite gift -just fill with homebaked brownies

Bake your own famous brownies, fancy cookies, best banana, date, and nut breads. Make mini-pies, or cheese straws and savory goodies… the list is really endless.

You can even include your own homemade candies, or cocoa mixes. Pack with a cute decorative kitchen towel, some yummy additions like candied nuts or whatever you make like no one else can.

Wrap it up festively and see how eagerly this one is opened.

Baskets of…

Videos, along a theme: adventure, comedy, kids movies, cartoons. Anything!

Include popcorn and snacks.

How The Pros Package

Wrap Your Gift Basket – Instructions on making a professional look wrap

All the important tips to create the most beautiful gifts all wrapped up and ready to give with pride.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Gift basket cello bags in 20x 24 size.
  • Cello wrap roll

Don’t Forget The Ribbon – Tying up the gift with a theme

Women love details, don’t they? Taking notice of a pretty ribbon or tags that echo the event remembered or the special theme of the gift adds to the uniqueness of the gift basket is part of the whole package.

Beautiful ribbons can be found in craft stores, online and at places like Sam’s Club.


May Arts 1-1/2-Inch Wide Ribbon, Yellow Sheer Sunflowers
May Arts 1-1/2-Inch Wide Ribbon, Yellow Sheer Sunflowers

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