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The reigning advice about success with Zazzle is to have lots of products, the second bit is to work hard, and along in the mix is the idea to open many stores, with focused purpose, design, and/or products. I have done that, although reluctantly. Reluctant because it is becoming quite a complex job balancing all the many hats expected online, along with multiple projects.

That said, Zazzle multiplied stores are not so hard to keep track of, it is only the populating with designs and products along with the challenge to be seen that is the complication.

I opened Ilona Vintage (which is called conversely “Vintage Ilona”) because I found I liked the Vintage look graphics and art pictures, and they looked a little out of place in the main store, which has a Garden theme. Even though I have divided the theming, the original store “Ilona’s Garden” will still carry the designs already produced.

The jury is still out on whether more stores makes you more successful, but it is easier to organize, and theoretically should be mroe user friendly when it comes to navigating the designs that a customer is looking for.

It does follow that when I publish new designs I make sales (though not actually the new designs); if I neglect to work on new products then I don’t have any visitors or sales in my stores. I think it might be a search engine thing.