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You know the woman loves plants when this is her wedding dress. Made me smile when I saw it.

-clipped from

-clipped from

More imaginative than practical, but it represents the allure of natural elements in wedding decor. Planning an outdoor wedding, or simply bringing the elements of nature indoors is in tune with the  fashion trends for today’s bride.

First, there is the serene green and white palette, touched with birch and vine.

Then there is the simplicity and minimalism at its most basic, but with the ability to invite layering: of color, of florals, of detail.

Finally, the flexibility of venue… in a church, in a conservatory, in a park, a resort, or out in the wild. The decorations and colors are at home anywhere the event takes place.
Pale Quetzal Leafy Green Modern Wedding Invitation

Pale Quetzal Leafy Green Modern Wedding Invitation

by ilonagarden

The Feeling

The feeling of natural decorations is one of peace, but lends itself to whimsy and delight. It can be a part of a wide range of “wedding themes”.

Add almost any color to green and white for a complete change of mood. Pink for softness, orange for conviviality, silver for sparkle… it is really up to the bride.

Budget and Bling

conservatory wedding

Conservatory wedding is garden themed.

Because the elements of nature are so easily obtained, and have a simple grace, there is no need for a big budget to achieve an elegant effect.  My daughter had her wedding in a Botanical garden conservatory- and the need for flowers was minimal. The surroundings of lush plants was the perfect backdrop for her color theme of rose red and rose pink.

Garden Weddings Can Be Formal Or Boho

Invite trends into your own personal style with a Garden themed wedding. They can be floral and colorful, but don’t have to be.  Formal weddings are as delightful with birch branches and evergreen trimmings as with expensive flower blooms, and Boho type decor seems the perfect style for feathers, foliage, and a few well-placed blooms.

Flowers are usually one of the big budget expenditures, but with some planning, those costs can be cut to better use elsewhere in the wedding.  The feeling of a garden whether one is outdoors or not, consists of lots of foliage, with as many or few flowers as desired. Either way, it is a perfect backdrop to both formal and casual wedding styles.

Each month has a special flower associated with it

Are You Ready To Think Green?

Has this whimsical, garden-infused, wedding dress inspired you to think outside the conventional box for your own special day?